ENCHANTER by Infocom SOLUTIONS Volume One by James Oppenheim note...you must eat and drink

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========================================================================== ENCHANTER by Infocom ========================================================================== SOLUTIONS -- Volume One by James Oppenheim note...you must eat and drink when urged to do so by the game...but YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO . Fork go NE Outside Shack. Go Inside shack. Open oven . Take bread and jug and lantern then frotz (light spell) the lantern. Go outside shack. Go NE ,SE, NE; at Shady Brook fill jug with water . SW,SE,SW (The evil castle is to your east but you are not yet ready to go there you don't have the key!) SW, S. Outside Hovel read scroll then gnusto rezrov (open locks... your key into the castle!) N, N, S, S, NE, NE, E. At eastern Fork go E then E and you will be... Outside Gate memorize nitfol and rezrov then rezrov gate then E You are in! A good place to save the game! Inside Gate go S,S to Tower . At South Hall go down Dungeon open door then go N Cell read walls then remove block then E Secret Passage take scroll then read stained scroll then gnusto exex (make things go fast) go W then S then U South Hall drop lantern then go E Gallery look behind lighted portrait, take black scroll and candle, read black scroll, gnusto ozmoo, (survive an unnatural death), go W, take lantern, go E, go E South Gate go S then SE to... The Beach nitfol turtle exex turtle, turtle, follow me, NW, N Tower go U Engine Room turtle, go SE, get scroll wave at turtle, take scroll, door;Tower (go W till you get to the south hall then go up to the bedroom get in bed sleep you will have a dream get up examine bedpost, press button, take gold scroll, read gold scroll, gnusto vaxum, memorize vaxum and rezrov and nitfol, go down, go N till you get to the inside gate and drop all Inside gate Go east until you are picked up by the goons and thrown into the cell Cell ozmoo self (don't do this earlier or it'll wear out), wait - you will be taken up to the sacrificial alter and a dagger will go into your heart - have no fear your spell will not only protect you - in addition you get a useful tool...the dagger! go down to the temple, go west until you reach all of your possessions then take all end of volume 1


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