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SKID ROW presents ELVIRA II: THE JAWS OF CERBERUS PICK YOUR OCCUPATION, NOT YOUR NOSE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When the game begins, you'll be asked whether you want to restore a saved game. If you choose not to restore a saved game, then you'll have to pick your occupation (see OCCUPATIONS below). When you restore a saved game, your occupation remains the same as it was when you saved the game. OCCUPATIONS ~~~~~~~~~~~ Your stats are set at the beginning of the adventure, when you select your occupation. Here's what you start with: OCCUPATION WS ACC WP MR PR CON STR INT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stuntman 10 6 10 6 9 8 10 6 Private Eye 9 9 9 8 8 9 8 9 Programmer 6 8 6 10 10 6 6 10 Knife Thrower 8 10 8 8 6 10 9 8 These numbers increase as you gain experience and may change with different circumstances. Naturally, stats increase at different rates depending on your occupation. For your latest health report, click on the body icon on the right side of the screen THE MAIN SCREEN ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Action Window ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you've ever seen a movie, you know what the action window does. (If you've never seen a movie, then you probably aren't from around here, and probably have no business playing with computers, either). This is where the fun happens ... blood, gore, mayhem, death, blood, paranormal phenomena, battle with goons from the great beyond, blood, plunder, carnage ... did I mention that there's blood? Moving Around ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Click on the direction arrows at the lower right of the main screen to move forward, back, left, right, turn around, or climb up or down. * If you want to move toward an object, click directly on the object to move in closer. * To open a closed door, just click on it. Looking at Stuff ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you see something in the action window that you want to know more about, here's what you do: 1 Click on the object, then drag it into your inventory 2 Click on the object again 3 Click directly on the examine box 4 Read all about the object If you're able to do other stuff with the object you've selected these options will appear just below the examine command. For more about this, read the command menu section. Getting to Know the Locals: Conversations ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sometimes you get lucky, and somebody you meet will actually want to talk to you instead of disemboweling you. When the person or thing in the action window is interest in chatting, a mouth icon appears at the right of the screen. Here's what to do: 1 Click on the mouth icon 2 Read the dialog options that appear 3 Click on the desired dialog option 4 Wait for response and more dialog options 5 Repeat this procedure from step 2 until encounter ends Souvenir Collecting ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Click the suitcase icon in the upper right corner to bring up your inventory * To add something to your inventory, simply drag it from the action window down onto the message box, or the suitcase icon * To use an item in your inventory, click on the item, then select the option that appears on the right side of the screen. Some objects can be dragged from your inventory and used on an object in the action window in order to complete an action sequence. You can carry an amazing amount of stuff, so feel free to help yourself to anything that isn't staked down. On the other hand, greed doesn't always pay - in fact, it can cost you plenty in strength. If you're expecting unpleasant company and want to travel light, go ahead and drop some of your goodies, they'll still be there when you get back. Direction Arrows: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Without these arrows, you ain't going nowhere. Wherever you are, look at the highlighted yellow arrows in this area to find out what your movement options are. The Tell-Tale Heart: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That beating heart on the main screen represents the current state of your body. The beating speeds up if you panic, and slows down as you get a grip on yourself. If you get hurt, it slows way down. If it stops, you're dead. The number next to the heart is what you want to keep an eye on. It is a sum of all the individual hit points from the various parts of your body. "The Corpus Delectable" (Health Status Indicator): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The guy in the top left corner of the screen is YOU or at least, a reasonable facsimile. This is your health status indicator. The size of the little lines coming out of him tell you how many hit points each area of the body can take before you die. Here's how you die: * You've been beaten about the head and shoulders so relentlessly that you're down to 0 hit points for the head or chest area. * The skin and muscles and guts are ripped, tendon and sinew, off your fragile mortal frame (arms and legs have been hacked off.) If that wasn't enough for you, here's what happens if you should lose a single limb: * If the hit point total in one of your legs drops to 0, then your movement will become sluggish until you get some healing done. * If you lose an arm, then your carrying capacity drop. Seismic Activity Sensor: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The motion sensor is a little gadget that can help you find unfriendlies before they find you. As you move, the sensor will lose its mind. But as soon as you stop moving, the sensor will scan the area and display any movement in the vicinity. Spellchecker: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This gadget will let you know which spells you've got running at the moment. You can have any number of spells going at one time. Suitcase: ~~~~~~~~~ When you click on the suitcase icon an inventory of everything you're carrying appears. Room Scanner: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Click this icon and all the stuff you've discovered so far in the room appears in a message box. In addition, all items that have been dropped will appear. Spellthrower: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Click on this box to display all your mixed and ready-to-cast spells. Once displayed, simply click on the spell to cast it. Spellbook: ~~~~~~~~~~ Click this box to view the spellbook, which will enable you to mix spells Combat Weapon Box: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Click on this icon anytime to alter your style of fighting. Hit Point Indicator: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Each time you smite your opponent with a weapon, this gauge gives you an indication of the severity of the blow. Damage Indicator: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This gauge gives you an analog indication of how much damage you sustain from each of your opponent's blows. Command Menu: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whenever you click on an item, you will be given a choice of actions to take with that item. These actions will appear to the right of the main viewing area. Click on the desired action to execute the action. The Stats Bar: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LEV - Level. Lets you know how well you're doing in your quest. As you gain experience points, you will move up in levels and be able to mix more powerful spells, fight hand-to-hand more effectively, increase your stats and ultimately get closer to Elvira. EXP - Experience. This number increases as you play and slay. It also relates directly to your level. PP - Power Points. The more power points you have, the more spells you can cast before a recharge. HP - Hit Points. Maximum hit points for your character. Secondary Stats: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WS - Weapons Skill. Determines how lethal you are with your weapon. ACC - Accuracy. Determines the likely hood of hitting your target WP - Will Power. Determines the amount of guts you have MR - Magic Resist. Determines how susceptible you are to supernatural charms. STR - Strength. Determines how hard you can hit CONST - Constitution. Determines your total hit points and will lower the damage you take from attacks. PR - Poison Resist. Determines resistance to deadly doses. INT - Intelligence. Determines power points and the number of spells you get out of each mixing. COMBAT ~~~~~~ As soon as an opponent appears on screen, your pointer will change into a combat icon. Click on the combat weapon box to bring up a choice of four combat modes. * Normal: Turns cursor into a sword. No advantage for either fighter. * Defensive: Turns cursor into a shield. Less chance of hitting or getting hit. * Fierce: Turns cursor into a lightning bolt. Better chance of hitting and getting hit. * Berserk. Turns cursor into a viking helmet. Change of hitting and getting hit is very great. How to fight: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Click on a choice, and the cursor will turn into the weapon 2 Move the weapon onto your opponent 3 Position the cursor over the part of the opponent's body that you wish to attack, then click to slash away. Each evil critter will be easier to hit in some areas than others. Active & Inactive Weapons: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When the cursor changes into a weapon or shield, it will appear either white or black. When it is WHITE, the selected weapon is active. When it is BLACK, your weapon is in the midst of a hack or slash. Running Away: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sometimes it's better to be a weenie. To run away, back away carefully, then TURN & RUN! SPELLCRAFTING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lesson One: To get even the most basic spell off the ground, you need four things: 1 My Spellbook 2 The right ingredients to mix the spell 3 The level, experience, and opportunity to cast it 4 My red pendant Get the Spellbook! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Make sure to get my spellbook when you first enter the studio. If you don't, you'll probably be mashed into dog chow shortly after you get past the main gate. About Spell... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Each spell has 3 requirements that must be fulfilled before it can be created. These requirements are listed under each spell in the spellbook. The effect is also listed. The three requirements are: * Level: Each spell has a level number listed. You must be at that level or higher before being eligible to create that spell. * Cost: The number of power points burned after each application of a spell is listed * Ingredients: You must have all ingredients needed for a particular spell in your inventory Mixing a Spell: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once you've got my book, you can click on the book icon in the upper right of the screen any time to refer to it. There are eight spells on each page, and dozens of spells in all. * To turn an index page: Click the book icon at the top left of the page * To choose a spell for mixing: Turn to the correct index page and click directly on the spell name. This brings up the description of the spell, the level you need and the list of ingredients you need to make it * To return to the spellbook index: Click on the book icon in the upper right side of the spellbook page without mixing a spell on screen. You may now choose another spell. * To mix the spell: 1 Click the mix icon at the top left of the page. Your inventory will appear. 2 Drag each of the ingredients from the inventory up to the page and let go. 3 When you've got all the items on the page, click the mix icon again. The new spell will appear as an icon in your inventory. There's no limit to the number or ready-mixed spells you can carry. * To exit the spellbook index: Click on exit. Casting a Spell: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once your first pre-mixed spell is in the bag, a new icon - the spellthrower - appears in the upper right of the screen. Click this icon, and your spells appear. Click the spell you want, and it's automatically cast. Fun Facts About Spells: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Some spells can only be used once. After you use them their icons disappear forever. * Some spells can be used over and over again. * Your currently active spells appear in the spellchecker at the lower left of the screen. * If a spell disappears from the spellchecker list, it's run its course. The same goes if you've got a spell running, but it doesn't appear to be doing you any good. * The name of the spell is a good clue on what ingredients it may need. * Double click on a spell icon to find out which spell it is and how many charges are left. LIST OF SPELLS FOR ELVIRA II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Absorb Magick: 8,8, a garnet and any absorbent object. When used, all magic will have no effect on the player for a short period of time. Antidote: 3,4, a natural poison. The spell removes all poison from the player's body. Bind Demon: 9,15, unknown. In the correct circumstances, demonic life-forms will be trapped by this spell. Bless: 1,5, holy water and a crucifix. This blessed weapon will do extra damage to creatures of unholy origin. Brainboost: 3,6, anything that stores information. The player's memory and overall intelligence is improved significantly. Breathe Underwater: 2,4, anything edible. This spell enables the player to breathe in any environment. Buoyancy: 4,6, the calcified remains of a marine creature. Increases ability to carry items underwater. Courage: 3,8, a vial of alcohol. This spell causes the player to forget all fear. Cure Wounds: 9,12, a vial of holy water. The player's body is restored to full health. Detect Magick: 6,5 a quartz. By the use of this spell, the player will be able to recognize the power of magic. Detect Trap: 3,5, any shaped glass. This spell detects traps. Enchant Weapon: 3,6, an emerald and a file. This weapon does extra damage and is easier to wield. Fear: 6,7, an eye from a witch. This spell causes great fear in weaker enemies. Fireball: 4,8, a combustible substance. A ball of flame is projected towards the target causing moderate damage. Size of ingredients effects results. Freezing Blade: 8,9, two cold items. The weapon becomes extremely cold and does extra damage. Glue: 2,4, and adhesive. The enemy becomes glued in place for a short time. Stronger monsters can resist this spell. Healing Hands: 1,3, none. This spell has a minor healing effect on one body area. Herbal Healing: 5,6, any edible fungi. This spell results in major healing to one body area, and minor to all others. Holy Blast: 5,6, two good religious items. A bolt of pure goodness is fired which does moderate damage to an unholy monster. Ice Dart: 1,4, no ingredients. When cast, projects a shard of ice at target, causing low damage. Illusion: 8,11, a mirror. The caster assumes the appearance of the next creature he encounters. Lighting Bolts: 7,11, an amethyst and anything fork shaped. Electricity streams from the player's fingertips causing serious damage. Size of ingredients effects result. Luck: 2,4, something associated with good fortune. the player will become very lucky. But only once. Magic Muscles: 5,7, three metal objects. Mighty strength is bestowed upon the user of this spell. Magical Armour: 7,12, any three items made of precious metal. This is a more powerful version of the protection spell. Mindlock: 6,8, a padlock and a book. This spell protects the spells already memorized from being destroyed. Nova: 9,15, an inflammable liquid. A stream of fire is produced which devastates all monsters in sight. Protection: 2,6, a metal band. The player is encased in a magical field which reduces damage taken. Resist Fire: 5,7, fire extinguisher. While under the influence of this spell, the player is immune to all fire damage. Resurrect: 10,20, unknown. Restores to life a holy person. Revive: 4,6, a strong-smelling item. If a player becomes unconscious, he is healed automatically. This spell remains active after being cast until it is needed. Summon Storm: 7,9, a barometer. This spell, cast from on high, summons a storm. Telekinesis: 4,7, a magnet. This spell enables the player to call on unrestricted item to him. Trueflight: 8,9, feathers. Spells cast under the influence of this spell never miss the most sensitive area of the enemy. Turn Undead: 3,12, a brain. This powerful spell repels all undead creatures in sight. Unholy Barrier: 3,5, a book of prayer. Anything unholy may not pass thorough the barrier while the player remains still. Unseen shield: 1,3, no ingredients. The air around the player solidifies into a shield which deflects come range and combat artillery. 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