DUNGEON MASTER A COMPLETE SOLUTION by Gordon Longley MAGIC To make creating and casting ma

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DUNGEON MASTER - A COMPLETE SOLUTION by Gordon Longley MAGIC To make creating and casting magic in a hurry easier to remember, number the symbols one to 6. So a low power light spell becomes "1 4" and a slightly higher power "2 4" and so on. The following spells are all written in their least powerful form. A character must have an empty flask in either hand before creating a potion. PRIEST SPELLS AND POTIONS Potions MA - 1 1 - Stamina DANE - 1 1 5 3 - Wisdom VI - 1 2 - Health NETA - 1 1 5 4 - Vitality YA - 1 1 5 - Shield ROS - 1 3 5 2 - Dexterity BRO - 1 2 5 - Poison antidote KU - 1 4 5 1 - Strength EE - 1 6 5 5 - Mana Spells 1 1 4 - Party shield 1 4 5 4 - Party fireshield WIZARD SPELLS AND POTIONS Potions VEN - 1 6 1 - Poison. The flask is destroyed when you use this, so use the Poison bolt spell instead. Spells 1 4 - Light 1 1 5 2 - Glowing footprints 1 6 - Open/Close doors 1 3 2 5 - see through walls 1 3 1 - Poison gas 1 3 2 6 - Invisibility 1 4 4 - Fireball 1 3 3 5 - lightning bolt 1 5 1 - Poison bolt 1 3 4 5 - Long lasting light 1 5 2 - non-material beings 1 5 4 6 - Makes it dark again (Does away with elementals) 1 6 3 5 - ZO KATH RA NB: Poison Gas and Poison Bolt spells can be fired through closed gates. Poison gas is very effective on Rock Monsters - 5 3 1 turns them to rubble - and is also useful against wasps. Multiple Strength and Vitality potions are essential for fighting Chaos Knights, though other magic spells are useless. This is also true for the Stone Golems on Level Seven. USEFUL ITEMS Delta = +1 to Mana Diamond Edge Dragon Spit = +7 to Mana Inquisitor = +2 to Mana Hard Cleave - you need to have attained high fighter levels to make the most of this. Vorpal Blade = +4 to Mana. Use against non-material beings. Teo Wand = +6 to Mana Wand = +1 to Mana Staff of Manar = +10 to Mana Snake Staff = +8 to Mana Moon Stone = +3 to Mana LEVEL ONE - HALL OF CHAMPIONS Select four characters from the mirrors. WUUF's a good choice because he carries a flask and you can start creating potions early. He also learns the spells quite quickly and has good Health and Mana points. GANDO and WU TSE are good too. Don't be too passive - you can start to develop your characters' attributes as soon as you resurrect them. Get them to cast simple spells - Light, Health or Stamina - while you search for your next character and their mana soons starts to recover. Initiallty, a character's Mana level recovers by one point at a time until it reaches 40, when the rate doubles. By the time your characters' Mana gets to 80 it recovers at three times the original rate, so it's worth using any object which enables Mana to be recovered more quickly. Try making priests learn wizard spells, and wizards learn priest spells - they're not very successful at first, but they can gain a character level before you enter the next part of the dungeon. You must also keep practising spells - the first fireball you throw at a monster is unlikely to work, so be prepared to fight your way out. You can also try throwing weapons through gates to avoid close combat. Be sure to master the Poison Gas spell early since you need it for Level Three. Always wear the best clothing/armour when it becomes available. If you get lost use the scrolls, discarded clothing and other junk to mark the passageways you've completed. It can be useful to mark your route, so you can avoid being trapped down a cul-de-sac. LEVEL TWO There's a gold key lying on the floor which opens the locked gate. Next you find a Topaz key. Now operate the levers to open a gate and close the pit. You find a gold key. Go back to the two gates and find the emerald key. Go through the room with two pressure pads avoiding the second to get past the gate. Find the solid and iron keys go back across the pressure pads. Use the keys on the doors to your right. The plain wooden door can opened by using the gold key which lies nearby. Alternatively, you can hack down the door if one of your characters has a Chop option and save the key for Level Three. This door leads to a large room with nine pressure pads on the floor and two gates at the other end. Walk up to the first gate which closes as you get to it. Step back one pace, then walk forwards to the second gate, back one step and through. You can find another gold key at the far end of the next room. Step inside take a ride Enter the transporter to find another gold key. Put a rock onto the pressure pad to close the pit, walk past the next gate and you come to a gate with a monster. There's an iron key behind you for this gate and a key of B inside for the previous gate. Enter a large room with a button on the wall and a pressure pad. The button opens your exit and the pad closes it again. Pull the levers at the end of both passageways to open the gate opposite, take the right passage first. "To close pit, drop valuable" - transport any object across the pit to close it, and find the gold key. Now pick up the copper coin in the next room. None shall pass There's a blue curtain round the corner, beyond that a chest which you can't reach. Simply chop the plain wooden door to get the chest. This fountain accepts one wish Use the copper coin to open the door. Ignore the gate to your left, but take the next left turn and pull the lever. Now go back to the gate, pull the lever inside and go back to the first lever to find a secret room. The next gate you come to leads to the stairs and Level Three. LEVEL THREE Walk eight paces down the corridor. On the left wall is a pressure switch which reveals a secret passage. Walk up to the curtain at the end of this passage and quickly take two paces forward when it fades, collect the compass and other items, then step into the curtain to be transported back up the passage. Keep walking down the main passage until you come to some gates which lead to Level Four, but first find the gold keys to get through. It's worth leaving any heavy items - chests, for example - here. Now go back to the turn-off you passed earlier. Choose your door, choose your fate The passage opens up to a large square with six doors leading off it. Each door leads to a gold key - the chest you find is useful for The Vault room. When you've got three keys it's worth going back to open the first gates because you find useful objects and some more food there. The RA key opens a door on Level Seven. The Matrix This is the easiest place to start. Walk down the passage until you come to a room with many junctions. Some of these rotate your orientation, so a compass proves useful. Walk into the room and turn left, walk four paces forward past the arrow, now walk into the wall and there's a secret space. Go in, turn right round and walk back eight paces, turn left and walk six paces. Turn left and walk four paces. Step right and press the switch. Step left and walk three paces. Step right and forward one to find the key. Time is of the essence "Hit and Run." If you have difficulty here drop any heavy items so you can move more quickly, or use Strength potions. Press the blue button and quickly take four steps to the left and two steps forwards. Press the next blue button, turn left and throw an object into the curtain to transport it on to the pressure pad which closes the pit. For the next pit press the button and quickly step backwards two paces. There's another button round the corner to close this pit for your return. Chamber of the Guardian Be careful the guardian doesn't get behind you and block your exit. There are seven gates with a chest behind one of them. Keep pressing the button to the left of the chest until it's transported to the bottom of the passage. Half way along this passage opposite the gates is a small blue eye - use the Mirror of Dawn from the chest on this to reveal a short passageway. Room of the Gem "Step right up, going down." Drop an object on the pressure pad to close the pit. When you press the blue button on the other side to open the door the object is transported across as well casuing the pit to reopen, so toss it back again. There's a switch at the end of one of the passageways which opens a wall to reveal the blue gem. Use this to open the door near the entrance. The Vault "You must pay for your entrance." Use the two gold coins from the chest to open the inner door. When you see "Cast your influence, cast your might" - cast ZO spell 1 6 to open the door beyond the pit, then throw an item onto the pressure pad. Replace the silver coin with any object to keep the next door open, then use the coin to open the door after that. Finally use one copper coin from the chest you find to open the wall to your right and look for a small button which opens a secret room. Creature Cavern Try to lure all the monsters to the gate and use Poison Gas or Poison Bolt spells. Don't leave the gate open or the monsters get everywhere. Before you leave the level use a gold key to open the wooden door. Inside is a small button to open a short passage two paces back. You may find it helpful to use spell 1 3 2 5 to see what's behind first. LEVEL FOUR "Prepare to meet your doom." If you're not already doing so, it's worth having Health potions prepared in advance. Use the most powerful you can create. The poison antidote should also be kept in readiness. "Don't let a closed door stop you, " so chop it down. Further on is a pressure button on the floor which opens the gate ahead when you trigger it. Turn left and press the button on the wall to be transported to the gate, then quickly step two paces right. now turn round and pull the lever to open the gate again. Turn left. On the wall in front of you is a cup with slime oozing out, click here for a gold key. When you get to the next wooden door turn round and go back up the passage. Keep walking in a straight line until you reach the wall opposite, step left and walk into the wall. Now go back to the door. Past the next door is a coin slot. This switches on a blue curtain. "Short cut." Use a gold key to switch on the transporter curtain. From "short-cut back" go through two more wooden doors and walk into the wall opposite the door, then turn to your right for some hidden objects. When you come to a room full of tree-like monsters, use magicdefensively - Magic Party Protection, Strength and Vitality potions - and fight them to boost your fighter and priest levels. The tree-monsters are also going to be your major food supply from now on. With your back to the gate step left and walk three paces into the wall ahead for some more hidden items. "This is my prisoner, let him suffer." Kill him to open the gate to Level Five. This also releases some worms - quite a lot actually - so it's worth exploring ahead before you do. LEVEL FIVE Walk five paces and climb the stairs on your left. Press the button for a short cut back to Level Four. Treasure stores Square room with four doors leading off. Turn right. The first door leads to a room full of blue transporter curtains. Step into the room, then step right, back, forwards, left, right and back. Second Door When you're half way down the passage turn left and you come to a room. Press the button and two walls move, revealing two more buttons. From the end of the passage walk straight to the opposite wall, turn right and press the button, step three paces right and one pace forward Press the button, step right, turn right round, walk to the opposite wall and press the next button. Provided you have ignored the other buttons take onestep back and three paces right to find a secret room. Third Door. When you come to a room turn right and walk to the wall, turn right and press the button. Now walk back past the passage you started from and round the edge of the room until you come to another passage. As you search the passages you step on a pressure pad which opens a secret passage for your return. Fourth Door. You enter a large room with 26 pressure pads which open pits as you try to cross the room, Some pads open several pits all round you while others may toggle one specific pit open and closed. I crossed using Z, W, X, Y, X, Y, T, O, J and E but was forced to use a slightly different route when I attempted to repeat it. -------------------- ---A B C D E---- F G H I K K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y ---------Z---------- Try to reach the right exit first. If your way is blocked, look to see if you can return to the place you were forced to step back from, since this may close the offending pits. If you fail, try to reach C because this toggles the pit at A.with A closed try to reach the left exit in a similar manner. From the left exit turn left. Three paces down on your right you find manacles on the wall. Walk into the wall here, to your left is a water fountain. Turn to your right and step left into it - leave an object on the floor to mark your exits. Go back past the pit room and you come to stairs leading down. Look on the wall to the right of the stairs for another button, this opens the wall at the bottom of the short passage to your right. - on this is a short-cut through Level Six, but don't take it yet. Go down the stairs and press the button on the wall to reveal a large room under the pits. From the start of this room turn left and walk two paces and enter the wall here. The blue curtain transports you back to Z in the pit room. LEVEL SIX You now come to the Riddle Room. There are 4 alcoves here, each with a riddle inscribed nearby. You need three items to open the gate, the fourth riddle reveals a key. I am all, I am non = Mirror of Dawn. Hard as rock, blue as sky, twinkle in woman's eye = blue gem. I arch yet have no back = bow A golden head and tail but no body = gold coin You enter a room with a pit and a gate which shuts when you approach it - NB: the chamber under the pit room it a useful short-cut back through this level, see later.(*). Go to the lever and place an object on the floor behind you - the gate now opens when you pull the lever. "The grave of King Filius, explorer of combinations." There are four buttons around the room, only two are needed. Go to the inscription. Step right two paces, forward one and press the button on your left. Turn left, walk three paces, turn left again, step forwards one, press button on your left. You're now in the grave of King Milias. Place a gold coin in the tiny hole. "If you want to stay alive, you'd better turn and run" Take the right passage. "I don't like to be ignored." Walk to the bottom, step right two paces, walk to the bottom. There's a button on the left wall which opens the wall in the far corner behind you. When you find it look on the left wall for another button which opens the wall near the previous button. There's a button on the floor in this room which opens a wall when you step on it - get the skeletons to stand on this to enter the space behind - a Magic Box is useful here. Left passage "I hate cowards". After the next door is a door to your left, on your right there is a metal ring fixed to the wall, click this to reveal a secret passage opposite the door. Look for a button three paces from the end of the passage for another secret passage. When you go through the next door it slams shut behind you. There's a pressure pad past the door in front which opens it, but first you need the key. To your right is a blue curtain which prevents you reaching the gate beyond it. Cast a strong ZO spell to open the gate, drop any heavy items and armour so you can move quickly. Timing and speed are important here, two steps gets past the first curtain then take another two steps to get past the second. You find a solid key inside. "Test your strength." Throw a sword or dagger to open the gate at the other end. Anything else just hits the back of your head. Now go down the right passage. At the next junction look for a button on the wall, this reveals the other stairs from Level Five. There's a room further on with a transporter curtain which makes up more of the short-cut through this level. The transporter takes you to a room with a door leading off. The lever up the passageway opens this door, but pressures pads on both sides cause it to close again when either you, or monsters step on them, so it can take a number of attempts to get in and out again. The last room before the stairs to Level Seven has a pit in it, look down there for a Magic Box. The transporter takes you right back near the start (*). LEVEL SEVEN The Tomb of the Firestaff: use the RA key "The keys to passage lie hidden deep." The RA keys are on Level Nine and 12, you must retrieve them before you go any further on this level. Go on to Level Eight. Return with the RA keys and go through the next two doors. The Stone Golems on this level take some beating - fireballs are useless - so use priest skills to create lots of Strength, Vitality and Dexterity potions. Give the potions to two of your characters, who cant hen fight them while using Magic Party Protection. Make sure you have plenty of Health potions prepared too. There are four doors along the right wall - you can open one of these with the turquoise key you find later. Door One - Gem of Ages, Sceptre of Life, Illumley. Door Two - Dragon Spit, Boots of Speed. Door Three - Crown of Nerra, Magic Box. Door Four - Flamebain, Bolt Blade. "Danger enter with caution." Use the Ruby key from Level 11 to open this door. In the room at the end of the passage you find the Turquoise key under some ashes. Step left and press the button, a short passage opens to your left where you find a RA key. When you leave this room take four paces along the right wall and press the button to reveal a long passage further on. when this passage straightens out, walk seven paces forward to find a button on the left wall which reveals the Winged key at the end of the passage behind you. The other end of this passage leads to stairs down to Level 13. Take the stone club dropped by the Golem, go down and open the wall, drop the club here to mark the passage then return up the stairs. Use the RA key near the "danger enter with caution" door. At the end of the passage go left or right - they both end up at the same place - and the next junction you come to is the end of the other passage. Go down both passages here and kill the Stone Golems guarding the Firestaf - you need the Master key from the end of Level 12 to collect it. LEVEL EIGHT This is a large open area with numerous pits, fireball-spewing cannons and blue curtains. The curtains rotate the fireballs sending them all around the level. If you fall down one of the pits, explore it to find many useful items. From the stairs turn left, dodging the fireballs and turn left when you come to the wall. You find a chest at the end of a short passage - don't hang around or you get hit by the fireballs from the cannons. Look to the left of the blue curtain, opposite the cannons, for a button which reveals a space containing a green button. Use the green button to turn off the curtain. There are five more buttons to find around the walls which reveal secret areas. One of these has a very long passage - there's a transporter which sends you back to the start, making it seem even longer - walk 26 paces and wait, the wall behind you opens. The short passage with a door is your way to Level Nine. You need the solid key which can be found on the floor directly opposite the cannons and past the jutting wall. Near the stairs is a skull on a wall. Use the skeleton key from the chest to open up the master stairway to Level 14 and the Winged key from Level Seven at the bottom. You can access the stairway via a skeleton key on each level. Unfortunately, there aren't enough keys to open each level, so leave out Level Ten, otherwise the monsters keep bugging you. LEVEL NINE "When is rock not rock" Step left and walk through the wall - mark the other side in case you want to return. There's a button in the room to the left which reveals a secret area. Cast the marks your footprint spell to help you with the passage to your right. After the next door, look for a button near the left far corner. Ignore the next door on your left and you come to a gate with a chest on the other side. The lever opens a pit, close the pit again then go back to the previous door and down the stairs to retrieve the chest. There are stairs leading up at the end of one of the passages. Look in the room above for a button. Drop any shields and swords down the pit as they're useful for solving the next puzzle. Drop down through the pit and you're on the outside of the gate. "What is under foot is soon over head." The pressure pads on the floor cause fireballs to be fired from the wall ahead. Drop an item on each pad, then avoid the fireball. You can now cross without triggering more fireballs. Down the left passage is a button which reveals a secret room at the end. The right route leads to the "lighter than a feather" gate. Place Corbanite in the alcove to open this. You should have found an open gate near here, close it. The room beyond is useful as a feeding station but unlike Level Four, these monsters are hard to kill. LEVEL TEN "Beware my twisted humour, the deceiver, the snake." Try to go straight ahead and you're transported back to the stairs. Go to the far left and forwards, then far right and forwards, far left and forwards. There are two wooden doors and a key of B lying nearby. Both routes end up at the same place. Inside both sides one of the monsters has the key of B which opens your exit. You can use this on the other door instead so completing both sides. "Zooooom." This sends you round in a circle and needs careful timing to get off at the right place. The blue curtain transports you back to the stairs. Gate with a "+" shape button on the wall - inside here there are loads of monsters, but they're unable to move very far. When you leave, the button or pressure pad releases them. From the gate walk five paces forward and look on the right for a button to open a space in the corner. Follow the passage round until you come to door on the left. This room is a useful resting place. Look for a button to open the wall in here - you can transport back to this room later ($).Outside the door the passage opens up to a small room. Look in the left corner for a button, turn right and walk to the wall, step right, forward one pace and right two for another button to open the wall back where the other button was. Walk into the wall there for another item. There are two open gates close together which lead to the same place. Further on are two more open gates spaced further apart. Outside the left gate, press the button in the alcove on the right, now look inside for another button to open the wall round the corner. There is a room off the passageway with a '+' shape button - press this to transport between the room mentioned earlier ($). LEVEL 11 Go down the stairs and you find yourself in square passage which doubles back on itself. In fact, there are four of these and you're transported between them as you walk round. On one of the walls is the inscription "Turn back." In the corner opposite is the first transporter which is activated when you turn right to face the stairs. From the stairs walk to the opposite corner, turn right twice, then turn left to find an iron key in front of you. Now turn right, walk forwards and you come to another inscription "clockwise." Turn right and walk one pace forward, turn right round to see a brown keyhole in the wall, use the iron key to open the gate. Open the wall behind the gate. Inside the chest is a solid key. Go back through the gate turn left and walk to the wall, turn right, one pace forwards, turn round and walk anti-clockwise until you come to a gold keyhole, use the solid key to open the wall. Now walk clockwise from the keyhole, take one pace round the third corner and turn right round to see "turn back" in the very first passage. At the end of the passage to the right is a sword. Don't panic when you pick it up, stay where you are. When the gas clears leave the room one step at a time. Search the the passages until you hear a click. Go back and look for a button which opens the wall, revealing a skeleton key. Three Doors and a cross key on the floor. Pick one of the doors and look forthe two copper coins inside. The centre door is the shortest route. When you emerge from the exit, the two doors you can't open are the exits for the other routes. Go through the next door and search for a button at the end of the passage to reveal some armour. "Enlarge my view." Use the magnifier to reveal a Ruby key. Outside the door from here step right two paces and walk into the wall. Step right and forwards, now turn right. Past the stairs is a room full of coin slots for the copper coins you found earlier. Working anti-clockwise these reveal: a green Magic Box, a chest of food, a Cross key - so you can go back and find more coins - two copper coins, another green Magic Box, a FUL Bomb, another FUL Bomb and a final green Magic Box. LEVEL 12 At the end of the passage from the stairs is a pressure pad, this opens and closes a line of pits in the room ahead when you step on it. Step into the room then back to close the pits. There are passages from here leading left and right. From the left passage is a large room with a door in the centre, rather like an island. Inside is a Topaz key. From the right passage, go past a gate. On the left is a small room. Enter it and you find a letterbox-shape button on you left., press this to open the island room. First look round the wall opposite the entrance for a small button. Use the Topaz key on the gate you past earlier - kill what's inside to get the Emerald key. Use the Emerald key on the gate at the end of the passage. In an alcove on your left you find the RA key. Now go back to Level Seven. In the next room from where you found the RA key is a big green button, this opens a door at the end of a passage on the other side of the level. When you return, do the left side first. From the big room there's a passage with a door and a gate on the right, look on the opposite wall for a button to open the wall just after the door. Search all the passages. At the end of one passage is a door. Go through and down the passage to the left .Stand near the end of this passage for a moment and the wall opens. The last door from here is opened with the green button. Fight your way through the passages on the right. "Cowards will be hunted down and killed." There's a pressure pad here which opens all three doors when you step of it. Rotating pits stand on the left of the room. Run forwards when the pit moves away from you. Fnd the Master key. Go down the stairs to the right and you see the stone club marking the stairway back to Level Seven. Use the Master key to unlock the Firestaff. LEVEL 13 This is the final level, so do level 14 first. The Dark Lord resides in the main chamber, but you're safe enough in the outer passageways. The chamber is divided in two by lines of fire elementals and one of the pits - if you get into serious trouble you can escape to Level 14 by dropping down a pit. Use the Party shield and Fire shield spells, then beat down the fire elementals with the Vorpal blades and kill all the demons. Many attempts at this are needed as the fire elementals reform whenever Lord Chaos appears. Finally, trap Chaos in the fluxcage and fuse him with the Firestaff. LEVEL 14 Use the Winged key to open a passage. At the end of this is a lever to open the wall to the dragon's lair. Be careful. Use the Horn of Fear in combination with Brandish from the Snake Staff to frighten the beast, you can now chase the monster round the chamber. Under a pile of ashes close to where you came in you find a square key, use this to open the door to the left. Cast the ZO KATH RA spell to release the power gem and click on it with the Firestaff. If you walk outside this room holding the Firestaff and Power Gem the main stairway seals, trapping you in the lowest levels - the dungeon doesn't like you taking it passed Level 13 and tries to stop you. Instead toss the Firestaff through the doorway. The stairs at the other end of this chamber lead up to Level 13. X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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