Cutthroats solve byGreen Manalishi Edited slightly by The Slipped Disk

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:----------------------------------------------------------------------------: Cutthroats solve by:Green Manalishi Edited slightly by The Slipped Disk :----------------------------------------------------------------------------: This is probably the best Infocom text adventure yet, don't ruin you're adventure by cheating with this sheet, just use this in emergencies! Note: These are the commands needed to solve the leviathan ver. of the game characters: The diver (you) - supposedly an expert diver, who, just like everyone else on the island is waiting for his ship to come in.. Johnny Red - The pirate leader. proud, but not a backstabber, makes a good leader on the quest. Pete the Rat - The cook on the ship, one-eyed and fairly trustworthy also. The Weasel - The name says it all, works in a plot to reap the benefits of the expedition all by himself. Little backstabber. McGinty - The owner of McGinty's Salvage. Disgusting habits, selfish and unsure.. 'asshole' Other characters - just fill in the other needed roles, can be asked questions, but don't always answer... -Get yourself a copy of the docs. re-written by the i.c. of trade now onto the solve! 2nd note: many things are random in this game, just follow the solve and there shoudlent be too many problems, if something goes wrong restore game "look out window" "wind watch" "get out of bed" "read note" "open dresser" "get passbook and room key" "look in closet" "i" "open door" "n" "close door" "lock door" "wait" (until the weasel comes, originally hoping to steal your passbook) "n" "n" "e" "e" "e" "e" "s" "sit" "order food" "order drink" "eat food" "drink drink" "yes" "get out of chair" "n" "w" "w" "s" "s" "w" "w" "e" "e" "e" "e" "ne" "s" "s" "sw" "w" "w" "e" "e" "n" "look" (until 9:00) "n" "withdraw $603" "s" "ne" "n" "nw" "w" "w" "w" "open window" "look through window" "w" "drop passbook" (so mcginty wont know you are leaving) "e" "e" "n" "n" "w" "w" "sw" "sw" "nw" "wait" (until johnny starts to talk, if he pulls out the dinner plate then continue with:) "examine plate" "se" "ne" "ne" "e" "s" "n" "e" "e" "s" "n" "e" "s" "buy drink" "drink drink" "n" "se" "s" "s" "se" "i" "wait" (until johnny red comes along) "yes" "show $500" "no" "nw" "n" "n" "nw" "w" "s" "wait" (until mcginty leaves) "look" "give (amount of money john says you need to pitch in)" "buy c battery and putty" "buy flashlight and repellent" "buy electromagnet" "rent compressor" "i" "n" "e" "s" "sit" "wait" (until johnny starts to talk) "order food" "order drink" "eat food" "drink drink" "get out of chair" "n" "se" "s" "s" "sw" "w" "w" (interesting: the weasel gives mcginty his seaman card here..) "wait" (for mcginty to go east) "e" "e" "ne" "n" "n" "nw" "w" "w" "s" "s" "w" "look through window" "w" "e" "wait" "look through window" (if mcginty is gone continue with:) "open window" "enter window" "get envelope" (the weasels seaman card: thus the collateral for the deal) "n" "w" "s" "s" "unlock door" "open door" "s" "read envelope" "get all from closet" "i" "n" "close door" "lock door" "n" "n" "e" "e" "s" "s" "w" "w" "drop room key" "e" "e" "e" "e" "ne" "nw" "s" "sit" "order drink" "drink drnk" "wait" "wait" "n" "w" "s" "wait" "wait" (until deliveryboy leaves) "n" "w" "n" "w" "s" "d" "n" "n" "n" "get c battery" "get drill" "open panel" "put c battery in drill" "close panel" "s" "s" "s" "s" "wait" "wait" "wait" "latidude is 30" "longitide is 15" "wait" "wait" "wait" "wait" "drop envelope" "n" "u" "n" "s" "drop wet suit" "drop flippers" "drop mask" "drop drill" "i" "w" "n" "d" "n" "get all" "examine compressor" "examine air tank" "fill tank with air " "s" "s" "drink water" "s" "d" "u" "s" "n" "n" "n" "look under bunk" "n" "s" "u" "w" "s" "examine drill" "n" "wait" (until 5:45) nnnn---eeeeee-----xxxxxx-------ttttt!!!!!!!! "s" "d" "n" "eat stew" "drink water" "n" "i" (now that the yelling is over) "sleep" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (asshole, that was a good dream!) "get out of bunk" "u" "sit" **in the next part when you see an obstacle to starboard push right, when you see an obstacle to port push left, 'wait' the rest of the time until midnight. if you need a midnight snack go to galley for some stew right after you avoid an obstacle** "get out of chair" (sleepwalking) "d" "sleep" (asshole, shut up!) "rest" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz "get out of bed" "s" "eat stew" "drink water" "s" "s" (now to the captan's cabin to alert of the traitor!) "get envelope" "show envelope to johnny" (ha!) "n" "u" (ha!) "d" (ha!) "u" **now it's time for the dive.. preparations.....** "drop all" "get watch" "wear watch" "get wet suit" "wear wet suit" "get air tank" "wear air tank" "get flippers" "wear flippers" "get mask" "wear mask" "i" "look" "get tube" "get flashlight" "get canister" "get drill" "get electromagnet" "i" "look" **jump!** --------------------------------------- Enter (1-72, M=Menu, Q=Quit) :I


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