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*************************************** * * * -=* cranston manor tutorial *=- * * * * by * * * * bsbal the wise * * * * & * * * * michael decaye * * * *************************************** <<>> this tells exactly how to solve 'hi-res adventure #3: Cranston Manor -- This is not a hint sheet. note: (paranthesis) indicate a direction to move. indicate an action -and these- indicates a footnote start: (e,n,w) (e,s,s,s,e) -you'll need this to get in the mansion- (n,n,n,w,n) (e,e,e,e,n) (s,e,e,e,e,u) -if you were to check inventory, you'd find that this is not a treasure, you'll need it later- (d,e,e,e,n,w,) -where else are you going to keep a rascal of a mouse?- (e,s,e,s,s) -how else are you going to tempt a rascal of a mouse?- (n,n,n,e) -congratulations, you caught the little rascal!- -you don't need the cheese any more, but it's a waste of time to drop it- (w,w) -woops! there went the armour! guess you'll just have to take their expensive teapot- -you'll need him more later- (w,s,s,s,w) (n) -we've found no use for the dagger, if anyone knows of a use for it, leave us a note- (s,s,s) (e) -'saying' doesn't work, you just type the word- (u) -i have no idea why you are ransacking this house, it's just the way it's done- (d,w,n,e) (n) -don't worry, this pot isn't illegal- (n,n,w,s,e) (e) -if you were to try to get the bills now, it would tell you you're too far away. so what do you do?- (d,w,w,s,s,w,w,w,w,) (e,e) (e,e,e,n,d) -wow! it's gotten dark!- -light lantern, lantern on, lamp on, etc... all work, but since they call it a lantern, so do i- -that's one you might not have gotten!- -diamonds!- (u,s,w,n,e,d) -this might be a good time to save the game. a mean little soldier might pick up on your tail around here. if he does, h e starts taking pot shots at you, if one hits, you're dead and th e games over. but if you're feeling lucky, don't bother- (w,s,w,e,n,d) -told you it wasn't a treasure- (u,e,s,s) -welp! there goes the apple! the armour and the tin soldier will no longer bother you now- (n,n,n,w,n) (n,e,e) (e) -a pink bull ?!?- (e) (e) (w,d,s) (e,e) -wow! right through the rocks!- (n,d,w,w,n,n,w) -you can't take it out the norma l way so you send it up this way- -again, you can't say 'say'- (e,e,u,e,d,u,s,s,e,u,w) -yawn, how common- (s) (s,e,s,w) (e,e) -mirrors, cute- -the door's locked on you (how convient, it being a bridal suite) so you'll have to jump of f the balcony- (s) (d,w,n) (s,w,n,n,w) -you don't need to drop it first because you drop it when it get s too big anyways- (n) (s,w,s) congratulations!!!!! you have successfully completed your mission and are hereby declared a level-3 adventurer!


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