This is an EXPLICIT walkthrough of the game CAPTAIN BLOOD. By following along with this, y

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This is an EXPLICIT walk-through of the game CAPTAIN BLOOD. By following along with this, you'll be able to complete the game in approximately three hours. Along the way, you'll get a look at all of the different races in the game except the Buggols (and if you've played the game at all, you've probably seen plenty of them). You'll find and kill all of the Duplicates (known as Numbers in the European version of the program), and you'll beam TORKA, the "Babe of the Galaxy", aboard your ship to end the game and live happily ever after. A Couple of Hints: 1)TAKE NOTES!! This is the most important thing in CAPTAIN BLOOD. It's essential that you keep track of all the of planetary coordinates that you receive during the game. 2)Many times when the different races you meet speak, they seem to be speaking nonsense. Sometimes that's exactly what they're speaking. Other times, they're talking about other creatures and other planets. The names of the creatures and planets in this game are definitely off- beat. 3)Use all of the time-cutting shortcuts available to you - use the right mouse button to warp from planet to planet, use the right/then left button when you destroy planets. The warp and planetary destruction graphics are pretty, but time consuming. After you've seen them a couple of times, you'll be doing yourself a favor if you skip them - time is essential in this game, and you'll be killing enough of it as it is... First, you want to begin the game on a Migrax-occupied planet. It may take up to half a dozen reboots - maybe more - before you start on a Migrax-occupied planet, but one will come up eventually (by the way, the game boots with either Buggol or the Izwal Small Yoko much of the time - other times with Croolis-Ulv or Migrax. Keep trying till you get a Migrax.. The game CAN be won in a couple of different ways, but the way explained here requires that you start with a Migrax-occupied planet. This will be the planet REPRODUCTION 14 and the Migrax you're speaking to will be GREAT BOUNTY. He'll mention something about MISSILE BRAVE - this is another Migrax that you'll be meeting shortly. Tell GREAT BOUNTY that you want to teleport him to another planet. He'll agree. Teleport him to your ship, then choose a planet at random and go there. When you arrive, land and teleport GREAT BOUNTY down to the planet surface. He won't be happy about the whole thing. He'll want to go home. Chat with him a while - sooner or later he'll ask you if you know PLANET SPIRIT. Shortly thereafter, he'll give you some planetary coordinates. This will take you to a planet where TORKA (aka "The Babe of the Galaxy") hangs out. You can go visit her now. Go to the planet coordinates GREAT BOUNTY gave you and land. TORKA will give you the coordinates of TUBULAR BRAIN 4. Jot them down, but don't bother going to visit him yet. You'll need to visit him in Hour 125. Before Hour 125, you'll pretty much be wasting your time, watching him spit numbers at you until he tells you to rendezvous with him at Hour 125. So avoid the visit for now. Go back to the planet where you left GREAT BOUNTY. Ask him for the coordinates of planet MISSILE BRAVE. He'll give them to you, telling you that MISSILE BRAVE's planet is REPRODUCTION 128. That's your next stop. MISSILE BRAVE wants you to teleport GREAT BOUNTY back to REPRODUCTION 14. He won't give you any information till you do. Go back to the planet where you left GREAT BOUNTY, teleport him up, and take him home. When you teleport him down, he'll tell you that the ANTENNA race knows the planets of the ROBHEADS. Then he'll take off on a rendezvous and that's the last you'll see of him. Go back to planet REPRODUCTION 128 for your reward from MISSILE BRAVE. He'll give you the coordinates of PLANET 128, a SINOX planet, and will also give you the SINOX code - IMPOSSIBLE NOT SINOX. While you're there, ask him about the code (as in "Say Code"). He'll tell you the code is FRIEND FRIEND. Keep it in mind when you're dealing with the TUBULAR BRAIN in Hour 125. Go to planet 128. This is the planet of a SINOX named BRAIN RADIOACTIVITY. He'll ask you for the code. Give him the SINOX code. When he's done thinking about that, ask him about the DUPLICATES. He'll tell you he needs you to do something for him. That something is the transporting of ANTENNA from 4 planets to 4 other planets. The 4 planets he'll mention are KRISTO 15, KRISTO 7, KRISTO 34, and KRISTO 8. He'll give you the coordinates of each planet, then dismiss you. Go to the first planet and land. You'll meet your first ANTENNA. First, ask the ANTENNA for the coordinates of planet ROBHEAD. He'll give you a set of coordinates. Write them down. Then the fun begins. Convincing the ANTENNA to teleport can be very annoying - they have a limited vocabulary, and it really doesn't seem to matter what you say. He will, eventually, indicate a willingness to teleport up. Take him to another planet (any unoccupied planet will do), land, and teleport him down. The other three ANTENNA are fairly easy to teleport to your ship as long as you FIRST ask them the coordinate of the ROBHEAD planet (there are a total of 4 ROBHEAD planets, and each Antenna knows one). As soon as the ANTENNA gives you the coordinates, it will express willingness to teleport. Teleport it immediately, without even clicking on the translator lips. Otherwise the ANTENNA can change its mind, and you'll spend 5-10 minutes trying to convince it to teleport. When you've transplanted ALL of the ANTENNA (and do not, under any circumstances, disintegrate them - just take them each to another planet) - go to each of the ROBHEAD planets. After landing, ask each the name of the planet. They will give you a number. Jot it down next to the coordinates. Don't bother asking them anything else - they're not much for conversation. After you've got the numerical identity of each Robhead planet, go back to planet 128. The SINOX there will be very happy and after praising your efforts, will give you the coordinates of planet BOW-BOW. This is the home planet of SMALL YOKO, an IZWAL. Before going to BOW-BOW, pay a quick visit to MISSILE BRAVE on planet REPRODUCTION 128. Ask him for the coordinate of the DUPLICATE planet. Be persistent. If he dismisses you, go back down to the planet surface and ask again. Eventually, he will give you the coordinates. Go to that planet. You'll see DUPLICATE 2. He may give you a little bit of resistance, but will eventually indicate a willingness to teleport. Teleport him up and disintegrate him. You now have enough juice to get you through to HOUR 180 or so before starting to shake. That should actually allow you to finish the game. Go to see SMALL YOKO. He'll tell you about his missing father (MAXON) and will tell you that a CROOLIS-ULV named DEAD GENETIC knows all about his father. He'll give you the coordinates of the planet where DEAD GENETIC is, called TRAP 4. Go there. After a bit of what passes for conversation with a CROOLIS-ULV, DEAD GENETIC will suggest that you go destroy the 4 planets of his enemy, the CROOLIS-VAR. These four planets are TRAP 2, GREAT FEAR, KILL YOU, and TRAP 1. He'll give you the coordinates of the planets. Write them down but YOU DO NOT WANT TO DESTROY THESE PLANETS!! At least not right now... Go to the first planet DEAD GENETIC told you about, TRAP 2, and meet with the CROOLIS-VAR there. He'll identify himself as GOOD NONSENSE. After a bit of chit-chat, GOOD NONSENSE will suggest that you go destroy the planets of HIS enemy, the CROOLIS-ULV. He'll tell you about the planet of DEAD GENETIC (TRAP 4, where you've already been), plus the planets of HOWDY PRISON and INSULT 4. He'll make mention of the planet of his "friend" GREAT DESTROY, as well, but won't give you any coordinates since he doesn't want you to destroy the planet. Visit both HOWDY PRISON and INSULT 4, and find out the names of their planets (you'll need that information very soon). After visiting INSULT 4, go back to HOWDY PRISON and start pressing him about the coordinates of the planet of GREAT DESTROY. After a bit, he'll tell you. Go there. GREAT DESTROY (a CROOLIS-ULV) will want you to tell him the names of the three other planets of the CROOLIS-ULV. Give him the three names (TRAP 4 plus the names of the planets of HOWDY PRISON and INSULT 4). Give him that information and he'll give you the coordinates of Planet IDEA 762. Go there. IDEA 762 is occupied by an IZWAL named SMALL FRIEND. SMALL FRIEND will tell you about HIS friends, a TRICEPHAL named GOOD FRIEND on planet SMALL HOME. He'll give you coordinates. As you might imagine, that's your next stop. GOOD FRIEND will pass the time with you, mentioning ENTRAX SINOX. Press GOOD FRIEND on a coordinate for ENTRAX SINOX. After a bit, you'll be given a set of coordinates. Go there. You'll find yourself on planet 256 with a SINOX named BRAIN RADIOACTIVITY. BRAIN RADIOACTIVITY wants to know the identity of the ROBHEAD planets. The proper format is "Planet (Number 1) Planet Robhead (Number 2)". Number 1 is the number that the ROBHEADs gave you when you questioned them earlier. Number 2 is a number from one to four - based on the first number of the three number sequence the ROBHEADs gave you. For example, if the ROBHEAD said his planet was planet 255, you'd tell BRAIN RADIOACTIVITY "Planet 255 Planet Robhead 2". There are four planets and each starts with a different number. When you've given BRAIN RADIOACTIVITY the information, he'll be real happy and dismiss you. That's okay. He's got to go "fix" the ROBHEADs. You, on the other hand, have to kill some time till Hour 125, when you'll be able to see TUBULAR BRAIN 4. (Assuming, of course, that it's not already Hour 125. The preceding should have taken you about 100 minutes or so, maybe 110.) If you haven't gone to see TUBULAR BRAIN 4 yet, you might want to go kill time on his planet. Since you've disintegrated one DUPLICATE, you don't have to worry about getting the shakes around Hour 125. So you can just land there and hang out, without saying anything, waiting for Hour 125. (If you talk too much, he'll tell you to meet him at Hour 125 and dismiss you). Or you can wander around the galaxy a bit, keeping a careful eye on the clock so you make your appointment with the TUBULAR BRAIN at Hour 125. If you should go visit SMALL YOKO, be warned that he cannot survive on any planet other than BOW-BOW. Sometimes he will suggest that you teleport him to your ship. That's fine. But don't teleport him down to any other planet. If you do, he dies and you're in BIG trouble. When Hour 125 rolls around, go see TUBULAR BRAIN 4. He'll continue rattling off numbers, and instruct you to say the code. Say the code that MISSILE BRAVE gave you ("Code Friend Friend") and you'll make TUBULAR BRAIN 4 pretty happy. While he's in this state of alien ecstacy, ask him about the KINGPAKs. After chatting about them, he'll give you the coordinate of the KINGPAK planet. Go there. The KINGPAK will want to race you. He'll give you the coordinates of a planet to race to, count-down, and then you're off. Don't waste your time rushing to beat him. He always wins. Go to the planet specified at your own pace. He'll be there. He'll gloat. Then he'll give you another set of coordinates. Off he'll race. You take your time. When you get there, you'll meet with TORKA, the Babe of the Galaxy, again. She'll ramble on about how the DUPLICATE has trapped you, etc. etc. She'll also give you a set of coordinates for the KINGPAK planet. Take the coordinates and go there. Once there, you'll see your "friend", the KINGPAK. He'll be humiliated about having lost the race. After a bit of chat, he'll go off on a rendezvous, giving you the coordinates and telling you to contact him. Go to that planet and meet him there. Convince him that you'll teleport him to an unknown planet. He'll go along with the idea. Take him to a random empty planet and teleport him down. He'll be so pleased that he'll give you a set of coordinates. Go to those coordinates. You'll meet DUPLICATE 4. The only problem is that DUPLICATE 4 won't let you teleport him to your ship for disintegration until you've killed DUPLICATE 1. That's okay. Leave that planet and go to Planet ROBHEAD 4. The ROBHEAD will tell you he'll give you the location of a DUPLICATE if you kill the 2 MIGRAX planets, REPRODUCTION 14 and REPRODUCTION 128. Do so, then return to Planet ROBHEAD 4. (By the way, if you visit each of the four ROBHEAD planets, each will instruct you to destroy somebody - the SINOX BRAIN RADIOACTIVITY has "fixed" them now, and though they can't move, they still want to kill. If you're in the mood to destroy LOTS of planets, you can destroy the planets that each ROBHEAD tells you to, but it's time-consuming and unnecessary. Destroying the MIGRAX planets will do the job and get you the information you need). When you return to ROBHEAD 4, the ROBHEAD will give you a set of coordinates. Go there. You'll land on the planet of DUPLICATE 3. DUPLICATE 3 will give you a song and dance about an important rendezvous at Hour 320. Ignore him (unless you WANT to kill a couple of more hours for some reason). Teleport him up and disintegrate him. It's time to go back to see SMALL YOKO. SMALL YOKO knows where DUPLICATE 1 is. He'll deny it, and it can be very tedious getting the information out of him. It's easier to ask him for the coordinates of planet WANT 2. (This is the only out-and-out "cheat" in this walkthru - I found out through hard interrogation that SMALL YOKO know where DUPLICATE 1 is, went there, disintegrated him, then went to see DUPLICATE 4 and, before he agreed to teleport up, he rattled off the words WANT 2 and a string of numbers. I went back to SMALL YOKO and tried out WANT 2 on him and found out it was the planet DUPLICATE 1 is on. Rather than waste your time trying to question the information out of SMALL YOKO, use the shortcut. Of course, if you WANT to take more time...) After SMALL YOKO gives you the coordinates of WANT 2, go there. You'll meet with DUPLICATE 1. He'll try to make a deal. You don't kill him, he gives you the coordinates of the other DUPLICATEs. Agree and he'll spit out some planet coordinates before agreeing to teleport up where you can fry him. The first coordinate he'll give you is the planet of TRAUMA, an ONDOYANTE like TORKA. The second is one of the four TROMP planets. The third is a ROBHEAD planet. And the fourth is the planet you're on right now. Closing in on the end now.... Teleport DUPLICATE 1 up to the ship and disintegrate him. Then go to the planet where DUPLICATE 4 is and teleport him up. He won't be happy, but he'll go along with it. If you like, you can now take a little side trip and check out TRAUMA. Pretty revolting. She'll curse you and insult you and then rush off for a rendezvous. If you follow her, she'll turn into a "Babe of the Galaxy" like TORKA and tell you how much she likes how and how she wants to kill TORKA. You can also check out the TROMPs at the coordinate that DUPLICATE 1 gave you. If anything, they're stupider than ANTENNA and a real waste of time. Ultimately, you still have to find DUPLICATE 5. Oddly enough, DUPLICATE 1 told you where to find him. Go to the planet where DUPLICATE 1 told you to find DUPLICATE 5, and you'll find him there. He'll make peace with you, give you the coordinates of TORKAs home planet (CORPO) and agree to teleport up. Take him up to the ship, disintegrate him, go to CORPO, land, beam TORKA up to your ship, and live happily ever after.... And that's it....CAPTAIN BLOOD in under three hours..... X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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