USADoX Presents Cadaver WalkThru Solve 1. First room take the pickaxe, the coin and the di

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USA-DoX Presents: Cadaver Walk-Thru Solve ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. First room: take the pickaxe, the coin and the diary go north 2. 2nd room, pull the switch, go north 3. Take the sack with the stones (weapons) go west 4. Kill the monster (with the stones) take the jewelry (?) go south 5. Take the runestone, kill spider, go north 6. Go north! go north 7. Move the sacks and take the green stone, kill worm, then south 8. East, east, go south into the 'main chamber' 9. Take the rope and kill the worm, then go east, go east 10. Take the key, return to the room you started in 11. Go east, pull switch (opens south door in main chamber) open the chest for a clue 12. Return to main chamber, kill worm (or avoid it) go south 13. Throw pickaxe against the wall, go south 14. Check out the skeleton, take the book, go east 15. The knobs on the wall will unlock the door to the dragons room, the combination is 1432 (like the knob to the far left is one, and the one to the far right is 4) (you have to press the knobs in that order (1432) to unlock the door) dont open it yet though 16. Go east, go north go west into the well 17. Take the key under the bones, watch out for water monster go east 18. Go west, open chest, take food and coins, go west, go north 19. Take the coin on the table, use coin in keyhole on west wall go north into cell 1, go south, kill monster, go north into cell 2 give prisoner food, (gives ya clues) go south 20. East into cell 3, go west, 21. Go east into cell 4, go west 22. Return to location described a few rows above (16) then go east 23. Take green stone, press button in wall to open the down to the .. uhh dont know but it opens some shit, read book for clues, go north 24. Drop rope in hole, go over hole to fall down, 25. Open rat (huh?) take key to east door, pickup the other key from the floor and open chest, take vase, or whatever it is, go east! 26. East, take the green stones there, (you should know have six green sontes) return to the first room where you fall down from above 27. Throw all green stones and you teleport 28. Go east into embalming room 29. Look thrugh skeleton and take key, dont touch the cadaver go north 30. Several magic drinks, cure poison blah blah etc, the key on the floor will fit into the key on the wall kill spiders, go south 31. Use learn potion and giant jump potion, go west 32. Offal store (south) is not very interesting 33. Return to the place with the four buttons (west west west west) 34. Go south, kill jumping brain, put skeleton key in key hole, south 35. Go west into mourning room, kill brain, take potions and jewelry go south 36. Kill the brain again (quite hard) take key, go west, dont take the jewelry its cheap (huh?) 37. Go north into royal armoury, take bronze sheild, sword, the shield with red tape on it (or whatever it is), and the bronze helmet go south, go west into ante room 38. Press button on wall will teleport into the kings secret room, take the crown, the coins and the jewelry, pull switch, 39. Back in ante room, go south, open chest with the key from the brain take join of meat, and coin 40. Return to mourning room (35) go east , east, south, youre know with bugs on the floor, kill or avoid em, blow out the light in the shells by jumping on the, this will unlock east door, go east 41. East into common crypt, take key on altar (crush the vase first) shoot the fore stones down from the altar take cure potion, shoot move away the two remainging urns from the stone hill, take dispel trap and the box with experience (open it) go east 42. Take coins and sack of stones, return to common crypt (41) 43. Drop meat on altar (shrine) you get a super fast potion reutrn to common crypt, gp west 44. North into lesser crypt, take away sontes and you get runestone, go south, go north into priests crypt, look at the big urn and you find a mask (worm?) and a jewelry, go south, go south into warriors crypt, drop funery coin on kazahs grave , take potion (fire shield, needed to kill dragon), go north Go west, south, take key, north, north into lords crypt,north, use dispel trap on chest, open chest take jewelry and urn go to the first room in the chapel, (40) drop lord carolus urn on lord carolus altar, take massacre spell, southwest into the crematorium, place alchemist ragnar urn on the right stone hill take potion of blood, go east put flask of blood on high altar, take key and spell (read magic) use the key in key hole on west wall, go west, use dispel trap on chest, open chest, take runeston, read language, north into library take map spell, return to inner sanctum drop unknown spell and use read magic on it, go south, west into purificatory. drop holy water in the shell, drink, and you teleport somewhere, pull switch and you teleport to room beside purificatory, keep doing that until the holy water is gone, go to the room with the four buttons, push the code (1,4,3,2) go west, north into the dragon chamber, drink fire shield potion, hold massacre spell and press fire button to throw it (dunno if its fire button on the pc?_) dragon will explode, pull the button in the wall, north, pull switch, and youre on level 2 (there are five levels) uhhh Typed by rygar! -=USA/Fairlight=-


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