How To Win BRE by Joe Vidunas North Jabip Day one Set industries to all 0 Set tax rate at

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How To Win BRE by Joe Vidunas -=North Jabip=- Day one: Set industries to all 0% Set tax rate at 37% Trade agreement with everybody sell 29500 food sell all soldiers sell all commanders buy 2 agriculture then buy as many Deserts as you can for the remainder of turns. Day Two: Buy as many Deserts as you can hopefully you'll get bout 500 by now. Day Three: If you don't have 500 Deserts continue buying them till you do then buy enough military to defeat pirates 1000 sol, 1000 jets, 1000 tanks.. invest remaining money for 24 hours at the end of turns. Day Four- Day 29 approximately. [Investment Phase] Do not buy anything with the following exceptions... 1) agriculture if you need em... perhaps 10 or 20 total. 2) military to maintain success against pirates. Turn flow... Start turns 5 minutes after investments from previous day return... you must have all money with you. Each turn... Pay everything. Feed everyone. attack pirates put regions gained in rivers say yes to put remaining coins in the bank (earns 2% interest per turn) do not attack anyone and if your attacked write down who did it for later reprisals. When turns are finished and your at the first menu.. go to ip ops, bank and invest all money in four equal parts for 24 hours. Day 29 approximate to Day 39. [Spread out money] At this point you should have about 1.5 billion coins in investments.. Take turns as before with the following exception you must withdraw from bank anything over 1.5 billion and say no to put remaining coins in bank cause you wont get 2% each turn if you have more then 1.5 billion in the bank. When turns are finished you should have about 1.8 billion in coins invest 400 million for 240 hours (returns 1.1 billion in 10 days). and invest the rest (1.4 billion) for 24 hours returns (1.54 billion). Repeating this over a ten day period will allow you to have 10 consecutive 1 billion plus returns... nice EH? Day 39 or whenever you are the day before your first 10 day investment Returns. Now the fun begins.... You should have 1.54 billion on hand and 10 days of 1 billion + returns. You may freely spend approximately 500 million per day and still have 500 million left to invest for 10 days to maintain your 10 returns. Sounds fun but how do I spend it... Buy jets and attack those who attacked you... Military tips: Buy only jets and missile bases for the following reasons... 1) point breakdown of military pieces... Soldiers - 1 offensive 1 defensive useless and eat too much Tanks - 2 offensive 2 defensive too expensive and can't be offensive and defensive at the same time. Jets - 2 offensive 0 defensive ATTACK with these never keep them around. Miss. Bases - 0 offensive 2 defensive Buy these to protect your Regions. Agents - n/a Buy lots of these 1 million never hurt. If you are running low on them trade them all to friend on board for outrageous amount. price drops buy ton of em and when friend refuses agreement you get the others back too. So turns from day 39 on should go like this. first menu: Send out returning jets take loan if necessary to get rid of em so you wont have to maintain them. Any regions won spread evenly into mountain, desert, river. Turn 1 trade away agents if necessary and don't attack pirates if agents traded so you have zero for turn 2. make sure no more than 1.5 billion in the bank. Turn 2 buy agents if necessary. turn 3-end roll over money no more then 1.5 billion in bank. Last turn buy missile bases to protect newly gained regions.. 1 million bases per 1000 regions works best buy jets and carriers to attack with. As many as you can and still have 500 million to invest for 10 days. first menu: Send out newly purchased jets. Invest remaining money divided for safety for 10 days. Problems to watch for... Your worst enemy in this scenario is you cause no one can attack your money in investments... so you can't lose unless you do one of the following. 1) Go crazy and spend everything... all will be lost and you'll have to start over. 2) Crumble the empire do to playing without your money on hand and not Having enough to pay for missile bases on hand or jets you did not send back out. 3) Getting nasty with people and inviting nukes and GK's and coverts all of which are bad but not devestating unless everyone is doing it to you at the same time. Attacking tips... How many jets to send... you need to send approximately 1 jet for every net worth point the enemy has this will gaurantee success 90% of the time. Attack whole BBS's if possible you'll get more regions... and do so in group attacks so no one knows you (alone usually) did it. Confine attacks to 2-4 different BBS's so you don't get too many enemies at once... Test the water prior to attack with a message or covert to make sure target is recieving incoming packets so you don't lose 15 million jets into space. This method is guaranteed to beat anyone using any other tactic than this one and not cheating... You cannot really defeat someone else using this tactic so make friends with them or you'll both end up losing... You also cannot defeat someone else who is cheating so ignore them... Have a good game and may none of your investments crash... -=North Jabip=-


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