First thing you gotta do is make a party....simple enough....I recommend a paladin, warrio

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First thing you gotta do is make a party....simple enough....I recommend a paladin, warrior, bard, rogue, conjurer, and magician to start with.... I didn't use a bard in my party but I created one and edited him to about level 56 when I needed to get farther in Harkyn's castle. A hunter many be more preferable because they're devastating at higher levels, but you need a bard, or the teleport spell, to solve the game so you can do like I did or just make a bard to start, they're really not that bad..... Okay, next you want to vist Garth's equipment shop, which is marked by a "G" on the Skara Brae map, and buy what you can also sell items that you find and whatever he didn't have he'll keep an inventory of. For now, just wander around the town and get some encounters by going into all the empty building in the street...avoid fighting the guardian statues, except maybe the samuri one on Rakhir street, and do this until all your characters reach 2nd level or maybe even 3rd. When you reach 2nd or whatever the case may be, you might wanna try you luck against the guardian giant statues, which can be found around the temple or Fargoer street and right above Harkn's castle off Blue Highway. Or if you'd rather you can go ahead and kill the samuri on Rakhir street, go into the bar behind it and have one of your player order a wine...the bartender will then tell you to go into the wine celler and pick a bottle, so you do that. You can wander in here for awhile, though there isn't much to see, or go down the stairs at (18 north, 7 east) and enter the sewers. The sewershave a lot more monsters so you'll have your hands full here, but the only thing you really need to get in here is the name of the Mad God, which the magic mouth at (4 north, 3 east, 2 below) tells you...that's the 2nd level of the sewers... On the 3rd level of the sewers (16 north, 17 east, 3 below) is a set of stairs that will take you Mangar's tower after you have gotten the Onyx key, so if you find these before you have the key, don't worry about it right now. After you have gotten the name of the Mad God, which is "Tarjan", you should be ready to enter the catacombs. Go to any of the Mad God's temples in Grand Plaz and speak to the priest...answer Tarjan and in you go. The first level is likewise uninteresting, though a much more complex dugeon, except for an encounter with a serant of the Mad God named Bashar Kavilor, a master sorceror. You can get to him by going through the one way door in the big "circle" of doors outside the spiral, but you better have the phase door spell or apport arcane (teleport) or you won't be able to get back out unless you kill yourselves. Remember, you don't have to fight him if you don't want to and can just go to the 3rd level. In the 3rd level you have to kill the "Ancient with King" and retrieve the eye of the Mad God. To get to him go to the teleporter at (0,21) and then you'll appear at (10,7). From here go to the second teleporter at (21,15) and you'll appear at (13,17). Just follow the winding corridor and go through the 2 doors until you meet face to face...the "Witch King" is actually a spectre and very tough at that, even worse his touch drains a level. You probably won't be able to hit him with weapons so you'll have to use spells. (stone tough might do the trick, if you have it, but if not just try your damage spells.) Don't worry if someone get drained...the temple will restore lost levels, for a price of course. If you do kill him and have enough room for more objects then one of the party will get the eye and you can take the next step in the adventure...the eye is also worth a good bit so you might want to look at the duplicating cheat in the cheat section in the program. The next place to go is, if your ready, Harken's castle. You can tell if your ready for Hawkyn's castle. The grey gragon statue will always be a problem if it breathes on your party so don't worry if you lose a few members to it before you get in the castle, just go to the temple right outside and get fixed up. The only thing to get on the first level is the crystal sword at (0,19). Tough to get to the stairs to the second level you will need a bard. If you already have one you can go to the throne in the big room and have the bard sit on it...the only other obstacle will be the captain of the guardat the end of the next corridor, he is a master ninja but will not critically hit if he can't hit you; hence a high armor class. The second level of the castle has quit a bit more, most importantly the silver square, which you get to by tracing your way to telporter 3. you will have to go through smoke, which can be dispelled by casting or recasting a light spell, and answering a riddle, whose answer is "Vampire". You can also get a ybarrashield if you answer the magic mouth at (0,19) with "Shields" and you can fight some extremely tough madar guards at (14,4). I would suggest not fighting these things because like I said, they're very tough and would give even a party of 15th levels characters a hard time. There are a lot of creatures, darkness spots, damage spots, etc. also on this level but nothing else of significance so you now go to the third level. The third level has what you got the eye in the catacombs for and it can be found at (1,20,2 above) if you can teleport there. It is a statue of the Mad God which comes to life if you approach it and and one of the party members has the eye. You then have to fight him but he is really not as tough as you might think...just cast death strike, stone touch, or somthing as potent at him. Immediately after you kill him, you will be telported outside to the upper-right corner of the town, just outside Kylarean's tower. The only other thing of intertest on this level is the room with Harkn's legion, which is 4 sets of 99 beserkers. If you your first 3 characters have an ac of -8 or better than you have nothing to worry about as long as you can cast mind blade spell, which affects all of the creature and will kill at least half of them the first time. If you do kill them all, youre looking at 65,000 experience points for each member of the party...imagine what that could do if you kept coming back here...though I wouldn't go through the trouble without the apport arcane spell. Oh, by the way, you have to go through the legion before you get to the Mad God, unless you teleport. Kylarean's tower was by far the hardest dungeon, not toughest, becuase it is filled with darkness and is a bitch to map. Anyways the first thing you have to do is take the teleporter T1 to (21,21) and then follow the small corridor to T2 which takes you to (12,11). From there go to the magic mouth at T3 and answer "Stone Golem" and you'll be "ported" to (8,9), all these coordinates are marked by number appropriate to the teleporter by the way...From here you have to go to the magic mouth at (2,12), marked by an 'R' on the map, and answer "Sinister Street". That will make the door at (5,1) appear so you'll have to make your way to the maze, but before you go to the door you have to go get the silver circle, which is at (20,2). After you get it, you can weave your way to and through that door. Just keep going south through the rooms until you reach the crystal golem, just pause a moment here to kill it, supposedly the crystal sword is supposed to help but isn't necessary, and continue. Enter the follow the long "serpent-way", go to the appropriate rooms, or whatever it takes to get to teleporter 5. From here just follow the corridor and at the end you will have to enter a small room, wherein sits Kylarean. He will give you the onyx keyand then you will have to go forward once more into the last teleporter, which takes you straight to the stairs. Then you say bye, bye. Uh oh, this is it!, you are now ready to face the final challenge! or are you? First of all, to get to Mangar's tower you have to go to the stairs on the 3rd level of the sewers with the onyx key. Then if you are feeling bold you answer "yes" to whether you what to use the stairsor not. The first level has nothing special but you'll have to study the map to see the pattern in which you get to the parts of the dungeon, unless you teleport anywhere on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd levels of this dungeon, but not not anywhere else. On the second level you get the final silver "Shape" by answering "Circle" to the magic mouth at the center of the "squares" at (15,4). This is all you need to do here so you can make your way to the stairs up and proceed to the third level. The third level was a bit tricky to get through, but at leastyou have help. There is a series of inscriptions, 7 to be exact, that were to be found so you could answer the magic mouth at (4,10). But since I've found them for you, you can go straight to the mouth. Answer "lie", "with", "passion", "and", "be", "forever", "damned" in that order with after each one and "lost" starirs will appear at (9,3). Before you go though, you have to get the master key from keymaster for 50,000 gold pieces. Now, you can go to up the "lost" stairs. On the fourth level just go to each teleporter in turn until you come to the point marked "X" on the map. Moving into this spot will cause doors appear everywhere where there were none and the doorsthat were already there to disappear...that makes a lot of doors but if you look at the map you see that you can now get to the portal what are you waiting for? Well, this is really it!, The fifth and final level. Go to the teleporters as you need to and make your way to the pool of boiling liquid, marked by a 'P' on the map. Then what?, jump in of course! Go north from where you appear and go to the end of corridor just before the one-way door. Now you see what you needed the silver shapes for now Huh? Anyways you can keep going north until you reach Mangar or you can go through that first door and follow the wall to the right until you reach the magic mouth at (21,10), which happens to be right above Mangar's room. Answer "spectre snare" to the magic mouth and you'll get can use that against Mangar if you want, but a "simple" deathstrike will do it. When you kill him Kylarean appears and give each party member 300,000 experience points and gold pieces, but doesn't teleport you out and as far as I know you can't get out unless you kill yourself. Demeaning I know but at least you get to keep 300,000 gold and experience The End The Lunatic Phringe BBS 312-965-3677 3/12/24 x100 Baud X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X Another file downloaded from: The NIRVANAnet(tm) Seven & the Temple of the Screaming Electron Taipan Enigma 510/935-5845 Burn This Flag Zardoz 408/363-9766 realitycheck Poindexter Fortran 510/527-1662 Lies Unlimited Mick Freen 801/278-2699 The New Dork Sublime Biffnix 415/864-DORK The Shrine Rif Raf 206/794-6674 Planet Mirth Simon Jester 510/786-6560 "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" X-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-X


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