The Following is from the booklet +quot;Simple Things You Can Do To Make Peace+quot;, by t

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The Following is from the booklet "Simple Things You Can Do To Make Peace", by the Storrs Friends Meeting, Storrs CT 06268. BOYCOTT WAR TOYS Fact: For every boy age 5 to 12 in the United States, two GI Joe products are sold yearly. Drspite a decline in sales of all war toys from a record high of 19% in 1985, they still take up a 10% share of the toy market. The most alarming trend is the increase in the sales of toy guns. Dave Cline of N.J. Vietnam Veterans Against the War says, "Those of us who fought in Vietnam have a stake in this fight against war toys. It is always the sons of veterans who end up going to the next war. Those who profited from our dacrafices are making a profit now and preparing our kids for another war." The War Resisters League started the Stop War Toys Campaign in 1986. It is very simple to get involved - at any level. For $4.00 plus $2.00 postage, you may order their organizing packet. It includes ideas on organizing, educating others, parents support groups, children's projects, war toy free zones, approaching the sellers of war toys, local campaigns aimed at stores, vigils, leafletting, rallies and much more. SOURCES: New England War Resisters League Box 1093 Norwich, CT 06360 War Resisters League 339 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10012


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