Conspiracy for the Day -- December 16, 1993 (+quot;Quid coniuratio est?+quot;) [From *Secr

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Conspiracy for the Day -- December 16, 1993 ============================================= ("Quid coniuratio est?") [From *Secret and Suppressed* by Jim Keith, editor. Portland: Feral House, 1993.] ----------------------------------------------------------------- Affidavit of Ken Fawcett I am the individual who started the communication process to the besieged individuals inside Mt. Carmel [the Branch Davidian complex]. With help from Ron Engleman of radio station KGBS, we employed a method involving the use of a satellite dish on top of the Mt. Carmel Complex. i.e., moving it back and forth to signify an affirmative answer to on-air questions. Integral to the process is my personal satellite downlink equipment (three TURO dishes, 2 C-band, and 1 combination C and Ku band (12.7 - 12.9 Ghz.) The Ku band system is still somewhat new to the civilian and non-media public and are relatively rare (about 5,000 nationwide.) I became involved in the situation last Monday after observing numerous contradictions between what was actually occurring on the scene and what was being reported by the off-air media. In addition, beginning Tuesday evening I began monitoring and taping both domestic and foreign correspondent satellite Ku band uplinks or transmissions from the "media checkpoint." On Wednesday, March 3, after already removing the media twice for "safety concerns," the FBI imposed restrictions upon the television media as to the use of more than 200x telephoto lenses on live shots, and upon the use of ambient light sensing "night vision" equipment. Bear in mind this type of ambient light equipment cannot in any way interfere with that being used by ATF or FBI. The restriction was as follows: night vision can only be used by the networks on a one-hour delay and restricted to two hours per night. Foreign correspondents, fearing for the safety of the citizens within the complex, maintained all-night vigils, using night vision as well as 400x lenses. Monitoring these foreign transmissions, I was able to observe and videotape the following atrocities. On March 2, 1993, at approximately 11 pm, while monitoring live Ku band transmissions from the Waco media set-up, I was surprised to view what was certainly an almost unedited video "refeed" of the assault. Having monitored news feeds in the past I knew from experience that the tape would be run twice. I proceeded to tape the second feed... this tape has been duplicated and distributed for my protection. Over the ensuing weeks the tape was studied carefully by myself as well as by several men with military and law enforcement backgrounds. The conclusions reached are as follows: 1. BATF officers, either through mishandling, improper preparation, and/or defective equipment, suffered a minimum of two accidental weapon discharges. The first of which involved the Heckler-Koch MP5 assault rifle, and resulted in the death of Special Agent Stephen Willis and the injuring of another officer, as yet unidentified. The second discharge occurred on an aluminum ladder, involving a Sig-Sauer P228 semi-automatic handgun, which, according to John C. Killorin, Chief of Public Affairs, ATF, has no safety. The weapon discharged in the holster of Agent Conway C. LeBleu, resulting in a flesh wound to his right leg. Agent LeBleu was able to ascend the ladder but met with death after entering a second-story window. 2. The attack plan failed to take into account the unusual architecture of the compound and thereby subjected officers crossing the roof from South to North to crossfire from agents seen firing from behind vehicles located on the west or front side of the compound. 3. The plan overestimated and/or was misinformed as to the construction of exterior and interior walls. This caused helicopter-based gunfire to pass completely through the building at angles endangering friendly forces on the ground. 4. The plan relied too heavily upon radio communication. When those communications were compromised, there was confusion as to the location of various forces, "enemy" as well as friendly. This too was a factor in the accidental tossing of a fragmentation device into the second story room, further identified as a 10' x 10' room adjoining David Koresh's living quarters, which led to the death of agents Robert J. Williams, Todd McKeehan and Conway LeBleu. 5. Despite public statements to the contrary, agents are seen firing blindly into walls and windows without properly acquiring a target. This practice is known as "spray and pray" in law enforcement circles, and is unacceptable while executing an arrest warrant on one man, and one man only, where more than 100 other innocent women, children and men are residing. 6. If after-the-fact statements by ATF spokespersons are true, and these affiants actually possessed and/or were suspected to possess weapons in the type and amount necessary to warrant the enforcement manpower at hand, then it is clear that management personnel failed miserably in pre-arranging ambulance and medical services for wounded or traumatized, as evidenced by agents seen and heard well into the firefight telling TV cameramen to "call for an ambulance." 7. ATF spokesmen Dan Conroy, Jack Killorin, Steven Higgins and David Troy have repeatedly stated that the "element of surprise" was paramount to the success of the "mission," yet videotape reveals that two reporters are actually sitting clearly visible in a tree in front of the compound, and channel 10 crews were actually invited to "follow the ATF horse trailers in," per conversation with Mr. Virgil L. Teter, KWTX, Waco. 8. Despite insistence that National Guard helicopters were requisitioned only to search for "hot spots" in the compound, their approach is clearly too low and off to the right and left to provide such a function. 9. Despite public statements that the three helicopters used in the raid sustained fire, they are seen being examined in subsequent videotape and no damage is visible. 10. An unidentified Davidian is seen and heard from a lower story doorway repeatedly calling for "peace" each time he is met with a hail of gunfire. 11. Agents are taped being assisted by Branch Davidians in the stabilization and evacuation of wounded officers; this behavior is inconsistent with persons having murderous intent. 12. The time of the Feb. 28th raid was deliberately misstated by two hours to allow editing of the video news tape before being released to the public. 13. There were no less than three TV station crews waiting at the gate to follow the BATF into the complex. 14. The press was moved back three times in the first two days of the so-called stand-off to obscure from view federal agents "cleaning up" the bodies of two unarmed Branch Davidians killed by ATF snipers several hours after the "raid" had ended. 15. Even though it's been widely reported that the final conflagration fire scene was too hot for investigators and medical examiners to enter for two days (because of "one million" rounds of "live" ammo), I have videotaped footage of FBI agent Bob Ricks, ATF agent Swenson and others walking around in the ashes less than two hours after the fire was brought under control, wearing no protective clothing or eyegear whatsoever.


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