Mt. Carmel Waco Alert The government has arranged to further desecrate the Mr. Carmel buil

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Mt. Carmel Waco Alert The government has arranged to further desecrate the Mr. Carmel building site and the surrounding 7 acres. A contractor has been authorized by the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Committee and the Texas Water Commission to excavate from 6" to 18" of topsoil which is advertised to be contaminated with lead and human waste. Noted private investigator from Force 1, Gordon Novel, has secured at least 48 Branch Davidian death certificates indicating lethal blood levels of *Cyanide*, while none was found in the digestive system. In addition, from the manufacturers of CS gas, the technical data indicates that it will ignite at 327F and produces heat up to 4,200 F while burning; functioning as a high-temperature fire accelerant. Further, when water is added to a CS fire, it will explode. Thus explaining why the fire trucks were not allowed to the Mt. Carmel fire. It is now clear that the government is in their last phase of the massive cover-up by hauling away evidence of the cyanide poisoning deposited in the remains of Mt. Carmel. The bull-dozing was halted last Friday when Waco Attorney Brian Pollard secured a "Stay" in the digging operations until the merits of a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) are presented in the State District Court; visiting Judge Frank McDonald presiding. The hearing will be held Thursday morning, June 23, 1994 at the McLennon County Courthouse. Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark is scheduled to argue the case of Gordon Novel to enter the property and secure necessary soil samples from the remains of the Mt. Carmel building for an independent analysis. Please help us! our plea is two-fold. We are organizing a demonstration at the McLennon Country Courthouse steps to begin at 8:00 PM, Thursday morning, June 23, 1994. Please attend if possible. Second: For our many supporters across the country, we ask that you send a Fax to Judge Frank McDonald at 817-757-5196 demanding that the demolition cease and that we be allowed to enter the Mt. Carmel center grounds. Dewey Millay, N.D. On behalf of the Branch Davidians


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