FORMER JURY FOREMAN RECEIVES DEATH THREATS San Antonio, Texas - July 8, 1994 A confidentia

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FORMER JURY FOREMAN RECEIVES DEATH THREATS San Antonio, Texas - July 8, 1994 A confidential source has indicated that former Branch Davidian trial Jury foreman Sarah Bain's life has been threatened. The threats began as soon as Sarah Bain began talking to the media, in efforts to expose some of the dirty trial tactics that were used in the incredibly political trial of 11 surviving Branch Davidians. For one thing, the jury instructions were written in such a way as to be completely confusing to the jury. For another, much evidence had been withheld at trial, not the least of which was approximately 35 defense witnesses whom the court would not allow to testify, a fact which Sarah Bain did not learn until after the trial. The mainstream media, which is controlled by corporate powers that own the local newspapers and television & radio stations, has still not revealed all that Sarah Bain gave to them. On June 29, the local (to San Antonio, Texas) cable television program YOU HEARD IT HERE, filmed the show on which Sarah Bain is to be the guest, which will air on San Antonio's Paragon Cable channel 20 on July 9 at 6:30 p.m. During the taping of that show, reports Phillip Guerra, producer, two unknown people were present, taking notes. Guerra told the ELECTRONIC FREE PRESS BBS, which works in partnership with YOU HEARD IT HERE, that these people suddenly left immediately following the taping of the show on which Bain would appear, and did not stay for the taping of the other shows that were taped during the same taping session, indicating that their only interest was in what Sarah Bain had to say. Guerra thought it was suspicious, in light of what we now know concerning the death threats. Who would threaten this mild-mannered school teacher? Who would have motivation for doing so? The judge perhaps? Prosecutors? It appears that those who would have such motives, might not like having the truth exposed. Does the finger point toward the Government? We believe it does. Despite the threats, Sarah Bain is determined to get the whole story out. Phillip Guerra has advised EFP that YOU HEARD IT HERE is going to have Sarah Bain on another show as a guest, in the very near future, possibly as early as August 6. Continuing updates on this developing situation, will be posted, as the events occur, on Electronic Free Press BBS, San Antonio, Texas. (210) 923-6433. Every effort will be made to post them to AEN as well. Anna Dobbyn, SysOp, Electronic Free Press --- GoldED 2.41 * Origin: D.I.S.C. BBS "Connect and Communicate" (210) 540-5404 (1:387/320)


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