Subject: Re: Yonic symbolism? re: Subliminal seduction, and other works by Wilson Key: see

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From: Kirsten Emmott Subject: Re: Yonic symbolism? re: Subliminal seduction, and other works by Wilson Key: see the article "Subliminal Deception" Pseudosciene on the College Lecture Circuit" by Thomas Creed, in the Skeptical Inquirer, summer 1987 (vol XI, no. 4). Key's theories that embedded images and words are everywhere and are put there more or less deliberately by advertisers, and that phallic and vulvovaginal images are everywhere, are dependent on his own interpretations of pictures, ads and so forth, particularly the random patterns of ice cubes in drinks in liquor ads. "He finds, especially within the bague patterns and shadings of ice cubes, many phalluses, vaginas, skulls, demonic faces, obscene words, and so on.... Key believes a conspiracy exists among widely diverse elements of society to subtly manipulate the public. For example, he claims that the word -sex- has been subliminally written into Abraham Lincoln's beard on five dollar bills." (Across the country, BBS's leap to their feet and run for their wallets) The writer describes the "clam orgy" episode at a Howard Johnson's. Everyone in Key's group had ordered fried clams, though Key didn't like fried clams. He deduced the reason from the placemat, which featured a picture of a plate of fried clams. After four hours' study, the students Key was with came up the following "embedded images" in the clams; a sexual orgy, oral sex, and bestiality, with entangled bodies and even a donkey. Key felt that everyone who glanced at this placemat would be subliminally hooked to order clams. "This may sound like a joke, but Key is serious enough about it to have titled his most recent book after it." Key also believes that every Ritz cracker has the word -sex- embedded on it 12 times on each side. Kind of hard to believe that the bakers at Nabisco's manyfactories have not, to date, noticed the embedding machinery... The scientific literature contains no evidence for the effect of subliminal influences in advertising. In short, Key is a loony, and the existence in our world of objects longer than they are wide is not God's effort to remind us of phalli twenty times a minute. The same for objects deeper than they are wide.... In my years as a doctor I've seen hundreds of penises and thousands of vaginas, and take it from me, there's not much in nature that looks exactly like genitalia.


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