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Copyright 1991 Bill Clede. All rights reserved. May be downloaded and read by forum members but may not be otherwise reproduced, reprinted or published without expressed permission of the author. Direct inquiries to Bill Clede/CT 74736,165. Book Review Street Weapons Surprise You Street Weapons, the book and the video; Edward J. Nowicki and Dennis A. Ramsey; 1991, Performance Dimensions Publishing. Book $19.95, video $29.95. Reviewed by Bill Clede It doesn't matter that lowlife characters use a strange variety of weapons against other lowlifes. I'm not really concerned that honest citizens arm themselves with nearly undetectable weapons for self defense. But it bothers me, and should be of concern to you, that guns, slicers, push knives, and pointy things can be used against YOU. Their concern that you may not even recognize these threats until it's too late, prompted Ed Nowicki and Dennis Ramsey to write a book and produce a video. Potentially lethal weapons may look no more threatening than a belt buckle, pen, necklace, wallet, fanny pack, or umbrella. Some you can learn to recognize. Some you'll never see, unless you pick up on the body language of the suspect. When Ed and Dennis produced the 20-minute video, they included re-enactments. Furtive eye movements, a sweep of the hand over a buckle or even a driver's license, can be a signal of impending attack. You see this in the video and that's what makes it more than a simple demonstration. It's worthy of study, viewing again and again, to help you pick up on the subtle signals. The 240-page book is a catalog of commercial and homemade devices that are weapons themselves or disguise a weapons. Each is illustrated in either photographs or drawings and is explained, how it works, what it looks like. You may think that a little knife is insignificant. Nowicki says, "Emergency room physicians tell me that just 3 mm of penetration into an area like the neck could be fatal." Dennis Ramsey has been an investigator for the Illinois Dept. of Professional Regulation since 1985, and has served as Illinois state director for the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET) since it was formed in 1987. Ed Nowicki, executive director of ASLET, is nationally known for his career in law enforcement training. Every department should make the video available for viewing by its officers and the book should be in the department library. For information, write Performance Dimensions Publishing, P.O. Box 502,Powers Lake WI 53159-0502. Phone 414 279-3850. Or leave a message on CompuServe to ASLET/Ed Nowicki/WI 71630,2064.


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