FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 11-02-91 1400HRS. CST Iowa University Student Goes on Rampage after

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 11-02-91 1400HRS. CST Iowa University Student Goes on Rampage after Losing Honor Chicago,IL. A disgruntled Iowa University student, upset about not completing his graduate degree studies, shot six (6) other people and himself yesterday in Iowa City. Reportedly a Chinese student, by the name of Yu, was upset that another student had received academic honors for his dissertation and was going to graduate with his Doctorate in Physics (Phd.). Yu had reportedly filed a written complaint with the Board of Academic Advisors and sent copies to the local press, in regard to one of the students that he killed. According to spokesperson Anne Rhodes, of the University of Iowa, the assail- ant walked into the Van Allen Hall (Physics Building) and began shooting. He killed or wounded four (4) students there, and then walked to Jessup Hall (Administation Building) , where he shot two more people. He was found dead on an upper floor of the administration center, shortly thereafterward, from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. Rhodes said that the identification of the victims was being withheld from the press until notification of the victim's families had been accomplished. Iowa City Police Chief R.J. Winkelhake reported that a police standard .38 caliber revolver was recovered from near the dead body of the angry student. Police estimated that the entire incident probably took place within 10-15 minutes and that the student fired one shot at each of his victims. Police speculated that Yu was fairly experienced with a handgun and that each of the victims was shot at close range. Students from the University of Iowa were in total shock that such an incident could happen in the normally peaceful Iowa City. Several related their lack of disbelief that a fellow student could undertake such a vicious and deadly attack. At least one student that reportedly knew the Chinese student who carried out the attack said, "Yu was very quiet and studious, no one would ever believe that he (Yu) would do such a thing". "All he wanted to do, was to succeed and win his doctorate in physics", he concluded. Iowa City rescue workers described the scene as being "pretty bloody". An Emergency Medical Technician stated that they had attempted to resuscitate several victims with little or no success, due to the accurate placement of the bullet wounds. At least two of the victims did not expire at the scene, were stabilized and transported to an area hospital. At the time of this report, both victims were reported in critical and possibly unstable condi- tion. A senior University official was reportedly badly wounded, undergoing extensive surgery and his outcome was in serious doubt. -30- By: Clark Staten Executive Director Emergency Response & Research Institute 5656 N. Moody, Chicago,IL 60646 Voice: 312-631-1101 Data/Modem: Emergency BBS - 312-631-3467 Mobile: 312-320-7982 Fax: 312-746-6642


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