#: 138018 S10/Paranormal Issues 21-Apr-88 07:56:23 Sb: #+quot;Stealth+quot;y UFOs Fm: Mich

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#: 138018 S10/Paranormal Issues 21-Apr-88 07:56:23 Sb: #"Stealth"y UFOs Fm: Michelle & Charles 76701,11 To: All I'm sure most of you are aware that the Air Force released information about the new Stealth bomber yesterday. Based on the information they presented, one could suggest that some (many?) of the UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley (again, Kudos to Phil I. for the excellent documentation on the subject) could, in fact, be Stealth sightings. Most interesting is the shape of the bomber -- it is a flying wing. You could, without streching things, call it a flying boomerang. The design does remind one of the UFOs observed. This message is not an argument that the sightings in the Hudson Valley were, in fact, Stealth sightings. I'm just pointing out some parallels... -- charles * Replies: 138024, 138051 #: 138024 S10/Paranormal Issues 21-Apr-88 10:03:30 Sb: #138018-#"Stealth"y UFOs Fm: Michael H. Surabian 75130,15 To: Michelle & Charles 76701,11 (X) Hi! Have been follwing this forum for a few months and have read most of the available info in Dl and many of the books discussed. Living in Central MA I had hoped to be hearing of the sightings or some other activity moving up this way. Did the Air Force release any info on the capabilities of the Stealth Bomber in question? I must admit that if this could be an explanation, I'm really disappointed. Had hoped for something more... ceslestial(?). * Replies: 138029, 138041 #: 138029 S10/Paranormal Issues 21-Apr-88 13:28:50 Sb: #138024-"Stealth"y UFOs Fm: Michelle & Charles 76701,11 To: Michael H. Surabian 75130,15 (X) Not much. They claim that they will have the first units delivered later on, although, clearly, they've have prototypes since one of them has already crashed... If this is the explanation, there's a lot of facts that have to be explained away that don't readily fit in. (Like the hovering and strange reversal of course).... -- charles #: 138051 S10/Paranormal Issues 21-Apr-88 18:26:33 Sb: #138018-#"Stealth"y UFOs Fm: Sysop David Bush 76701,75 To: Michelle & Charles 76701,11 (X) There was a piece on All Things Considered today suggesting that this whole story was part of an Air Force disinformation campaign. The suggestion was the the stealth plane acutally looks more like the Revelle model than the drawing that the Air Force showed. * Reply: 138053 #: 138053 S10/Paranormal Issues 21-Apr-88 19:51:30 Sb: #138051-#"Stealth"y UFOs Fm: Michelle & Charles 76701,11 To: Sysop David Bush 76701,75 (X) It would seem odd that they showed what was, at best, an "artist's impression" of the plane. If they're that near to delivery, then they should have very good computerized drawings of the plane, not to mention scale models. You raise an interesting point! * Reply: 138073 #: 138073 S10/Paranormal Issues 22-Apr-88 00:41:16 Sb: #138053-#"Stealth"y UFOs Fm: Gerry Zeitlin 71605,2013 To: Michelle & Charles 76701,11 (X) Maybe the reason they only released a vague sketch is that they don't intend to let anyone get a close look at it, for as long as it can be avoided, because details of its shape are so critical to stealth technology, and we may be ahead of "the other side" in this technology. This would mean that the Hudson Valley boomerang could not be a stealth bomber. Another reason for its not being a stealth bomber is that a populated area like that would be a poor choice for conducting flight tests. Arguing against this line of reasoning is the fact that spy satellites could easily resolve the shape as soon as one flies * Reply: 138084 #: 138084 S10/Paranormal Issues 22-Apr-88 06:28:20 Sb: #138073-#"Stealth"y UFOs Fm: Michelle & Charles 76701,11 To: Gerry Zeitlin 71605,2013 (X) At least one has flown, insofar as at least one has already crashed. I agree completely about Westchester being inappropriate for flight tests. It would be unlikely that they would do so. On the other hand, one could argue that it is at least equally unlikely that UFOs are the cause of all sightings, too. -- charles * Reply: 138166 #: 138166 S10/Paranormal Issues 23-Apr-88 17:38:15 Sb: #138084-#"Stealth"y UFOs Fm: Gerry Zeitlin 71605,2013 To: Michelle & Charles 76701,11 (X) I've just been reading Phil's update in file NIGHT, in which he gives numerous descriptions of the flight characteristics, size, and look of this boomerang affair. (I'm still trying to cover the current literature in this UFO scene, after having given up following it, in frustration, several years ago. I haven't read _Night Siege_ yet.) You know, there's no point trying to make the stealth bomber explain what people are reporting. It's an aircraft after all, and it's not going to hover over people's houses and shine down strange lights. Furthermore, this activity has apparently been going on for years now. Could the stealth bomber have been undergoing flight tests all that time, in a populated area no less, with the Air Force only now releasing a sketch of it? * Reply: 138171 #: 138171 S10/Paranormal Issues 23-Apr-88 18:55:54 Sb: #138166-"Stealth"y UFOs Fm: Michelle & Charles 76701,11 To: Gerry Zeitlin 71605,2013 (X) It would seem unlikely. Almost as unlikely, one is tempted to say, as it all being caused by extraterrestial beings. -- charles Function: #: 138180 S10/Paranormal Issues 24-Apr-88 09:10:50 Sb: #STEALTH Fm: PHIL 76636,44 To: ALL THE THOUGHT ENTERED OUR MIND IF SOME OF THE SIGHTINGS WERE CAUSED BY HIGH ALTITUDE STEALTH OPERATIONS. I DOUBT IT! IT DOES NOT SEEM LOGICAL THAT OUR GOVERMENT WOULD EXPERIMENT IN SUCH A DENSELEY POPOULATED AREA. ALSO THE AIR TRAFFIC IN THIS AREA IS HEAVY. ALSO MANY OF THE SIGHTINGS OF THE HVUFO WERE AT LOW ALTITUDE. * Reply: 138210


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