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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeff Johnson | logon:______ uunet!ingr!b17c!jaj!jeff | ---------------------------------------------------------------------- From: "DAVE MCKEE" Subject: RE: forwarded from Fidonet To: "libernet" Lets donate equipment to this company so they can start up a new bulletin board! When the government does crap like this we should fight back, David T. McKee [P================================= Subject: Re: It's Only a Game... I'm a little puzzled as to why the Feds have to seize BBS _systems_ in the first place. The evidence is not in the hardware, it's in the data. A complete backup of the system that can be readily be read by other systems should suffice for all legal purposes, with minimal disruption of legitimate uses. Lack of a common backup system is no excuse. Since data ports and busses are standardized, it should be possible for the government to purchase backup equipment for most BBS systems. The same goes for operating systems. The budgetary excuse is weak because bureaucrats almost always try to maximize their agency's expenses. The most charitable explanation is that the Feds have not thought of this possibility or have not yet been able to implement it. IMHO, the more plausible explanations are of the police-state variety. The FBI has had a particularly poor record on protecting the privacy and rights of those whom they deemed undesirable. So what are a few vioations of the Bill of Rights between friends? Chuck Coleman "Sorry, no concluding witticism" Work: Center for Study of Public ChoiceNPA Data Services, Inc. George Mason University1424 16th St. N.W. Suite 700 4400 University DriveWashington, DC 20036 Fairfax, VA 22030(202) 265-7685 BITNET: ccoleman@GMUVAX Internet: ========================================= Subject: Steve Jackson/etc Date: Thu, 29-Mar-90 15:39:01 PST The problems Steve Jackson Games has had with respect to being punished by the long arm of the law are relatively common. The local law enforcement folks did their best to shut down the Alcor Life Extension Foundation (a cryonics company) two years ago, and it was only because of the very high level of dedication of the member of that organization that is survived. The FDA has put hundreds of companies out of business over many years, and very, very seldom has gone into court over what they took in their raids. Perhaps the laws should be changed to require compensation for injured third parties who are damaged incidentally to criminal investigations. Keith Henson <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


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