This is more stuff about the Secret Service raid on the Illuminati BBS, taken from usenet'

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This is more stuff about the Secret Service raid on the Illuminati BBS, taken from usenet's "": =============== stuff from starts here =============== (Scott "TCB" Turner) writes: >I though this might be of some general interest: > >: ... (stuff deleted) the offices of Steve Jackson Games, inc., >: were raided by FBI and Secret Service officials. The establishment was >: shit down, and all computer systems, including the Illuminati BBS, >: were confiscated. >: >: At that time, a 'retired' member of the LoD, who was identified as >: 'The Mentor' was arrested. The charges reportedly are related to the >: recent 911 bust that has shut down joinet and attatc (or whatever >: Killerused to be called). >: >: ... (more deleted) >: >: As of this writing, the Mentor is reportedly out on bail, sans system >: and network connection. The Illuminati BBS is still down, although SJ >: Games is back in operation, and no charges have been filed against any >: of the employees other than The Mentor. The systems owned by SJ Games >: have not been returned as of this writing. First of all, I think that some of this is rumor. But here is what I got direct from SJGames: First of all, this is what the SJGames BBS shows when you call in: GREETINGS, MORTAL! YOU HAVE ENTERED THE SECRET COMPUTER SYSTEM OF /\ / \ / () \ / ____ \ / / \ \ /__________\ THE ILLUMINATI FRONTED BY STEVE JACKSON GAMES INCORPORATED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. FNORD NOTE! AT THE MOMENT ILLUMINATI IS AN READ-ONLY SYSTEM. READ THE INFORMATION BELOW TO FIND OUT WHY. USING THE SPACE BAR WILL LOG YOU OFF. YOU CAN STOP THE SCROLLING AT ANY TIME WITH A CONTROL-S. CONTROL-Q WILL RESUME THE SCROLLING. YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED THAT OUR CORPORATE MASCOT, WHO USUALLY GREETS OUR CALLERS WITH A CHEERFUL SMILE, IS FROWNING TODAY. I THINK YOU'LL AGREE HE HAS EVERY RIGHT TO. BEFORE THE START OF WORK ON MARCH 1, STEVE JACKSON GAMES WAS VISITED BY AGENTS OF THE UNITED STATES SECRET SERVICE. THEY SEARCHED THE BUILDING THOROUGHLY, TORE OPEN SEVERAL BOXES IN THE WAREHOUSE, BROKE A FEW LOCKS AND DAMAGED A COUPLE OF FILING CABINETS (WHICH WE WOULD GLADLY HAVE LET THEM EXAMINE, HAD THEY LET US INTO THE BUILDING), ANSWERED THE PHONE DIS- COURTEOUSLY AT BEST, PROBABLY ATE A FEW OF THE ORANGE SLICES THAT WERE ON FEARLESS LEADER'S DESK (WHICH THEY WERE WELCOME TO, BY THE WAY), AND CONFISCATED SOME COMPUTER EQUIPMENT, INCLUDING THE COMPUTER THAT THE BBS WAS RUNNING ON AT THE TIME. SO FAR WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CLEAR EXPLANATION OF WHAT THE SECRET SERVICE WAS LOOKING FOR, WHAT THEY EXPECTED TO FIND, OR MUCH OF ANYTHING ELSE. WE ARE FAIRLY CERTAIN THAT STEVE JACKSON GAMES IS NOT THE TARGET OF WHATEVER INVESTI- GATION IS BEING CONDUCTED; IN ANY CASE, WE HAVE DONE NOTHING ILLEGAL AND HAVE NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO HIDE. HOWEVER, THE EQUIPMENT THAT WAS SEIZED IS APPARENTLY CONSIDERED TO BE EVIDENCE IN WHATEVER THEY'RE INVESTIGATING, SO WE AREN'T LIKELY TO GET IT BACK ANY TIME SOON. IT COULD BE A MONTH, IT COULD BE NEVER. IN THE MEANTIME, FEARLESS HAS LOANED STEVE JACKSON GAMES THE APPLE SJSTEM THE BBS RAN ON BACK IN THE OLD DAYS BEFORE JOENET. TO MINIMIZE THE POSSI- BILITY THAT THIS SJSTEM WILL BE CONFIS- CATED AS WELL, WE HAVE SET IT UP TO DISPLAY THIS BULLETIN, AND THAT'S ALL. THERE IS NO MESSAGE BASE AT PRESENT. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE, AND WE WISH WE DARED DO MORE THAN THIS. HOWEVER, WE AGONIZED LONG AND HARD, AND DECIDED IT WAS A COURTESY TO OUR CALLERS TO LET THEM KNOW WHAT WAS HAPPENING. AT THIS POINT WE DON'T KNOW WHEN THE BBS WILL BE BACK UP FOR REAL. IF YOU HAVE IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR US, SUCH AS PLAYTEST NOTES, YOU CAN MAIL THEM TO US (YEAH, I KNOW, ECCH) OR IF IT'S SOMETHING TRULY IMPORTANT, YOU CAN REACH US AT OUR VOICE NUMBER (512-447-7866). IN THE MEANTIME, FEARLESS WILL BE CHECKING IN ON A REGULAR BASIS ON SMOF (512-UFO-SMOF) AND RED OCTOBER (512-834-2548). IN PARTICULAR, IF YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THE GURPS CYBERPUNK PLAYTEST MATERIAL THAT WAS ON THE BOARD, PLEASE LET US KNOW RIGHT AWAY SO WE CAN ARRANGE TO GET A COPY. SOME OF THAT MATERIAL WAS NOT EASILY REPLACABLE, AND WE WOULD LIKE TO GET COPIES - IT WOULD MAKE GETTING GURPS CYBERPUNK OUT MUCH, MUCH EASIER (AND IT WOULD COME OUT THAT MUCH SOONER). PLEASE CALL US AND ASK TO TALK TO CREEDE OR LOYD FOR ARRANGEMENTS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING, AND THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS GIVEN US WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT AND SUPPORT. WE HOPE WE'LL BE BACK ON LINE, FULL TIME, VERY SOON. -- STEVE JACKSON GAMES AND THE SJSOPS OF THE ILLUMINATI BBS Then I called them up: I talked to Loyd Blankenship (A.K.A. The Mentor). He said that the information in the previous message was full of untruths: (1) he was not, nor was any other SJGames employee, arrested, (2) the Illuminati BBS computer and one other SJGames computer (his) were confiscated, along with Loyd's own home computer. (3) the raid occurred on Thursday, March 1st, (4) SJGames was never actually shut down. This was related to the Joinet/ATT 911 affair. Loyd said that apparently the Feds think there is some connection between GURPS Cyberpunk and actual breaches of computer security. They had a hard time understanding the concept of a game. They probably think GURPS Cyberpunk is a guidebook for breaking into computer systems. The Feds are allegedly investigating some former associates of Loyd's (the LoD mentioned in the posting). Loyd had apparently consulted them recently in regards to GURPS Cyberpunk. A section he was writing deals with real, current networks and he was getting some info. I suspect that either their phone was tapped or a list of call records was searched. Just thought I'd clear up the rumors. -- Brett Slocum or "I'm not a god; I've just been misquoted." - Lister from Red Dwarf. =============== stuff from ends here =============== ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jeff Johnson uunet!ingr!b17c!jaj!jeff ------------------------------------------------------------------------


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