(BRANHAM,JOSEPH FRANKLIN) writes: +gt;Not surprisingly, this treatment of SG games angers

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=========================================================== (BRANHAM,JOSEPH FRANKLIN) writes: >Not surprisingly, this treatment of SG games angers me to no end. >In particular, I wonder if there is anything a somewhat moderately >organised group of gamers could do to maybe at least give someone >an ulcer or two. Or perhaps a decent explanation of why they took the >system in the first place. I don't think you need to do anything. SJ Games has a sharp lawyer or two, or so Fearless Leader claimed. As for an explanation, they were looking for "evidence" -- of what, they didn't tell SJ Games. From the other posts I've seen here, it sounds like they were after one of the editors at SJG for some kind of "hacking" thing, and raided SJG to pick up his stuff there. I don't know why they took the BBS -- I've certainly never seen anything remotely illegal on there. At the moment, it doesn't seem that the Feds are interested in Steve Jackson Games, per se -- just the [PAUSE ee. This is all based on rumor and speculation on my part, of course -- there's little hard data beyond what I've posted already, and what was in the other major post on this subject. It might be amusing, though, if it turned out that the "evidence" they were after turned out to really be all gaming stuff -- GURPS Cyberpunk, and not a how-to manual on computer break-ins.... I have no idea how likely this scenario is. I hope we'll hear more details over the next few days. ---Walter ========== END STUFF from "rec.games.board" =================== ----------------------------------------------------------------------- | "THEY know when you are sleeping, | THEY know when you're awake; | THEY know when you've been bad or good, | So be good for goodness sake ..." ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


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