I got the following information from the +quot;rec.games.board+quot; conference on USENET.

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I got the following information from the "rec.games.board" conference on USENET. I thought it was appropriate for posting here... I'll keep you informed... ========== BEGIN STUFF from "rec.games.board" =================== I though this might be of some general interest: : From: mosley@peyote.cactus.org (Bob Mosley III) : Newsgroups: comp.dcom.telecom : Subject: Austin, TX BBS Shut Down From Joinet Bust Fallout : : This hit most BBS's in the Austin area on Thursday. It's believed : the bust came down Wednesday morning. In a nutshell, here's what : happened: : : Wednesday morning, Feb. 28, the offices of Steve Jackson Games, inc., : were raided by FBI and Secret Service officials. The establishment was : shit down, and all computer systems, including the Illuminati BBS, : were confiscated. : : At that time, a 'retired' member of the LoD, who was identified as : 'The Mentor' was arrested. The charges reportedly are related to the : recent 911 bust that has shut down joinet and attatc (or whatever : Killerused to be called). His home system was confiscated, complete : with an entire collection of "Phrack" issues and related paraphanalia. : : As of this writing, the Mentor is reportedly out on bail, sans system : and network connection. The Illuminati BBS is still down, although SJ : Games is back in operation, and no charges have been filed against any : of the employees other than The Mentor. The systems owned by SJ Games : have not been returned as of this writing. : : Finally, rumors were trickling in early this morning (Saturday, 3/4) : that two BBS's in Dallas, three in Houston, and one in San Antonio : were busted by the same authorites in relation to the same case. -- Scott Turner =====================================================================


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