SHOW ME THE LAW We're going to cover an area now which I know will drive the public servan

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SHOW ME THE LAW We're going to cover an area now which I know will drive the public servants at the funny farm up a tree. This is one of those deals where it will require massive involvement and response by all of us. Whenever you see any legislation passed or pending in the Congress, get on their case. Demand to know where they found the permission in our Constitution for their actions. Whenever you hear glowing words about balanced budget amendments from little George or anyone else at the White House, remind them all they need do is stop illegal spending of our tax dollars. Question, question, and question some more. Many from Congress are bailing out after all the flap about their banking privileges and practices. Now we need to make it uncomfortable for others who think they are omni- potent. Perhaps we can elect honest and honorable men to congress. Another thing we have to get after is the pensions these jerks have setup for themselves. These figures are obscene! Most members of congress retire with more money than they were making while 'working' in congress, many by double what they were making. Did I mention making laws which makes it legal for them to steal? Yes, I guess I did. $55,000 a year is pretty much a low figure for their retirement checks. We sure are generous employers. That's only $1,058 a week. I'm sure they don't consider $1000 a week as too much money. Some make well over $100,000 a year . . . can you imagine paying these yoyo's that much money to sit in congress for those years figuring out ways to give us the shaft? That's what we're doing friends . . . well, that's not accurate. We're not doing it . . . they're doing it to us . . . again! The Constitution says 'they shall receive a compensation for their services, to be ascertained by law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States.' (Art I, Sec 6) Does that say anything about retirement? Or is it a case again of sick legal minds stretching a phrase out of context which puts the frosting on their cakes? If not illegal, this is certainly not in keeping with the letter and spirit of the charter. Another area where they are thumbing their noses at all Americans is this business of keeping all the money which was donated to their election campaigns. They have passed a law (to legalize more stealing) which allows them to either keep or return all monies which they received through the years to get reelected. In most cases of these clowns who are bailing out (or being forced out) of congress, it involves thousands and thousands of dollars! What do they care if you think it is illegal or immoral? Hypocrisy abounds in DC! When do we say enough is enough? James Madison said he is unable to conceive that the  people of America, in their present temper, or under any circumstances that can speedily happen, will choose, and every second year repeat the choice of, sixty-five or a hundred men who would be disposed to form and pursue a scheme of tyranny or treachery. (Paper No. 55) Poor man must be rolling in his grave today. Diogenes, where are you? Of course, Madison was talking about electing represen- tatives, not senators. But since the election of senators is illegal, (See Volume 1 of The Traitor Within The Gates) we should accept his words at face value. How can we continue to sent these clowns back year after year? Let's get back to demanding to know where their permit for certain legislation is to be found . . . This demand can be in the form of phone calls, letters to their Washington offices or by use of the Petition For Redress. The petition is included in this book and can be printed by any printer. Fill in your demand and ask that you be informed about the clause in the constitution which they feel gives them the right to enact or even consider legisla- tion. The petition or a note will be more effective if it is hand written. I feel the petition is better for our purposes because it includes the Tenth Amendment. This shows them we know what their limitations are. If you write a note, I suggest you write out the amendment for the same reason. It also gives them a chance to read their own restrictions. At any rate, it should not sound like you are copying a form letter. They are bound by their protocol to answer. Being hand written makes them feel that your letter or petition counts for at least 1000 votes . . . they feel you will influence that many people with your views. Letters addressed as follows should reach your senators or congressmen/women: (The name of your senators) United States Senate Washington, DC 20510 (The name of your representative) United States House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515 I say it 'should' reach members of Congress . . . but after all the revelations about the operation of the post office at the Congressional building . . . I wouldn't hold my breath. Whenever you hear about garbage like the 'Clean Air Act', or that any $10,000 transactions must be reported to the IRS, or bank bailouts, or making new government corpora- tions, or making the purchase of all vitamins by prescription only . . . or similar nonsense, ask where their authority is found. Just tell them, show me where it is . . . cite the section and clause which specifically gives power to pass the precise legislation being considered. If, through our efforts, we could get only one percent  of all Americans to use this technique, the clowns in Wash- ington would have to sit up and take note. As I pointed out in the article on taxes, they can easily sit on one petition and nothing is accomplished. We need the reactions of bunches of people. We all know people are tired of the way our government is being run. This gives us another tool to keep tabs on the yoyo's who are giving us the royal shaft. Let me point out . . . when you receive a response to your petition, letter or phone call, don't be satisfied with the answer you receive without checking out the document. Don't fall into a trap and agree with what they say is their constitutional authority. Much of what will be returned will be written by a staff member. Most of these staff members are lawyers and they will do their utmost to rationalize their actions and at the same time justify their jobs. They use the Congressional Research Service extensively which also will do whatever it takes to explain and justify the action Congress takes. Being forewarned is being forearmed. And we do know better. Dig out a copy of the Constitution and lay their reply against the document and see whether or not you agree with their answer. If you don't agree (and I'm sure after these two volumes you'll be able to figure it out yourself) write them and tell them where you disagree. Again, tell them, "Show me!" These people are so far from mainstream America that they have to be told in no uncertain terms . . . This is not your country, it's our country! This is not your government, it's our government! Obey our laws. Again, I point out the three functions of our govern- ment as enumerated in the document, (1) Defend our shores, (2) Deliver our mail and (3) Stay the hell out of our lives!  YOUR SUPPORT ALLOWS ME TO KEEP CHECKING ON THE FEDERALES FOR CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS PLEASE REGISTER . . . . THANKS!


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