The following article is from the July 93 issue of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor. --Jo

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The following article is from the July 93 issue of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor. --Joe Gaut ======================================================================== PLUNGING TOWARD AN AMERICAN POLICE STATE RUSTY HARDENBURGH, OHIO--In February '93, and FBI SWAT team of over a dozen armed agents swooped down on the Ohio home of Rusty Hardenburgh and confiscated over 100 computers used to power Rusty-N-Edie's BBS (Bulletin Board Service). Hardenburgh had allegedly posted commercial software among its gigabytes of shareware, freeware, GIF images, and other shareware. No arrests have been made or charges filed, nor are they likely to be. The informant, in this case, was the Software Publishers Association (SPA) who will undoubtedly get 10-25% of the proceeds of the 100 plus computers if they are liquidated in a government auction. The ACLU has argued in defense of Hardenburgh that the seizure of his computers (which effectively put him out of business) is unconstitutional. [ED. NOTE: They are, of course, correct!] The FBI argues that their seizure was "evidence gathering". But, as PC Magazine (5/11/93) said: "The computers are not evidence of anything...This seizure is harassment, pure and simple." As PC Magazine points out, if this BBS can have its computers confiscated simply because it is "suspected" (not tried, convicted, or found guilty of having pirated software), "any PC reader 'suspected' of having pirated software can have his PC confiscated." As in Stalin's Russia, it only takes a tip from an unfriendly neighbor. The SPA is that neighbor today. A disgruntled employee or jilted lover will be that neighbor tomorrow. [ED. NOTE: The key factor in this case is that with no criminal or civil charges and no arrest, the computers were seized because of a "tip" and under the "guise" of an investigation. There was no due process, no protection of private property rights, no presumption of innocence until guilt is proven--it is purely and simply Nazi/Communist-style plunder of assets by a socialist government now running amuck and out of control.]


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