DREAM OF THE FUTURE Sarah Winston suddenly awoke from a strange dream. She couldn't quite

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DREAM OF THE FUTURE Sarah Winston suddenly awoke from a strange dream. She couldn't quite remember what it was about but she was certain it was a foreboding sign of the future. She didn't like to have these dreams because people would think she was tetched. It was lucky for her that this wasn't one hundred years earlier . . . they would have burned her at the stake as a witch. She lay there in the dark trying to remember what it was about. It was no use . . . it just wouldn't come to her. She fell back asleep and the dream occurred again. Right from the beginning and exactly as the first time. When she awoke this time, she was perspiring all over. It was a dream of the future and it concerned a bad and long war. Her brother has been in it and she knew if it happened, her brother would lose his life. She was shaking all over! Dawn was breaking so she got up and threw some cold water in her face to wake herself. She then got dressed and went downstairs to help her mother make breakfast. She grabbed the bucket and walked out to the well to pump some water. The cool air was refreshing. When she returned to the kitchen, she thought it might help her if she talked to her mother about the dream. "Mama, I had a strange and scary dream last night. In fact, I couldn't remember what it was the first time so I fell back to sleep. Then it started all over again and when I woke up, I remembered the whole thing." "Why Sarah, you're shaking like a leaf! Was it that bad? Tell me about it." "War, Mama. Bad, horrible war. It was all around us and our house was even burned to the ground. They were British soldiers that we were fighting. It was the British who burned our house down. They locked Father up because he joined the cause of the colonists. Brother John was in the war. He was wounded and didn't pull through, Mama!" she sobbed. Her mother put her arms around Sarah and comforted her. "Come child, calm yourself. Your father and brother will be up shortly and want their breakfast. Help me get it ready and after they go out to work in the field, we can talk some more." "Yes, Mama." Sarah replied. As she busied herself with the fire, she could feel the jitters quieting down. She must put this out of her mind for now, she thought. When they had finished eating breakfast, father said, "Well, it's spring again. We have a lot of plowing to do today John. It's hard to believe it's 1774 already. The years really fly by when you get older." "You're not getting old, Father." replied John. "You can work harder than anyone in the area that are years younger than you. I hope I have as much strength when I get your age."  Sarah could feel the tears well up in her eyes and had to turn and look out the window. Her mother walked over to her as John and his father walked out to get the horses ready for plowing. Sarah had all she could do to calm her nerves. They cleaned up the breakfast dishes and both sat at the table while Sarah related the dream. "Actually, Mama, it was about war here but it was also about two more wars which are coming. Each war was about 100 years after the previous one. If it's possible, each seemed to be worse. And strangely, they were all on this continent. There were other wars but my dream was about ones which had to do with our survival. "Try to remember everything Sarah. If we see things coming to pass which you dreamed, maybe we can do something to prepare ourselves. "Yes, Mama. The first one where Father was put in jail and John received a bad wound, seemed to be happening as if it was today. It won't be too far in the future. The trouble between the British and us will get worse. Fighting will break out in the streets of Boston. A British general will be responsible for killing many colonists. Some will be in Lexington and others will be in Concord. Many homes were burned to the ground. They didn't burn ours in the begin- ning. As British soldiers look for people who they think are guilty of treason to the King, they throw many men in jail and burn their homes to the ground. Ours is one of them. "Finally the colonists will meet in a conference and declare our independence from King George. The war will be long and hard. As I said, John fought for our freedom. He did not survive his wounds. It was horrible Mama! The only good thing was the outcome, Mama. We finally win the war against England. Sarah and her mother knew that troubles were brewing in the colonies. Parliament had been busy passing laws which were intolerable to the people of the colonies. Local governments had been sending petitions to King George only to have them ignored. The colonists had become very irritated. We felt it here on the farm with all the taxes they levied on our farm implements, cloth and even our tea. Taxation without representation was a rallying point for all the people. "What else did you dream, Sarah?" "The next war seemed to be about 100 years from now Mama. It was bad because brothers were fighting brothers in many places in our land. The war was between the northern and the southern colonies. Only they weren't called colonies, they were states. "May our Lord preserve us, child." "There was much deceit and deception in this war. The people are lead to believe it was a war over slaves but slavery was not even involved. It was a case of sinister people who wanted to overthrow our form of government and control the people. These evil men were high officials in foreign banking circles. They wanted all laws passed which  would do away with our freedoms. "Our leader, and I don't remember his name, wanted to preserve our form of government. The people who worked for him continuously gave him bad advice. They were controlled by these evil men. The first attack was by the forces of the northern states and was unnecessary. The people of the south were only trying to make the government respect their rights which was guaranteed by a government compact. "Since the government wouldn't obey that charter, the southern states withdrew and formed a separate government. This is the one thing these immoral men didn't want and they used all the evil at their disposal to incite war. It was really bad, Mama. A large city in the south was even looted and burned to the ground by a general after the war had ended. "The south finally surrendered and our leader wanted to bring these states back into the union. These wicked men had other ideas. They couldn't convince our leader to punish the southern states so they finally had the leader murdered. They made certain that no one could accuse them in the killing. They then had their way and really broke the spirit of the southern people. They took land from the landowners and gave it to the slaves. They had slaves elected to government. These men got the slaves to pass all kinds of laws to heap more injustices on the white people. Why do people do these things Mama? This is not what we learn in our bible study. This is not what our Lord teaches! "Sarah, honey, we both know there are forces of Satan at work all the time. These people have become inflicted with a sickness. They are greedy and power mad. All they want is power and control over people. We see that from history. It makes them feel important. It's just mans' inhumanity toward his fellow man. It's terrible. But our Lord is no fool. He knows what is going on all the time. I feel certain he allows this to happen for people to learn a lesson. And after people learn the lesson, the ones who are good will muster their strength and fight to restore his teachings. "One thing I remember very strongly, Mama, was that the second and third wars which are coming do not have to occur. If people would remember divine teachings and practice them in their daily lives, these wars will not happen. The one which is coming in our time will happen because the King will not want to give up the colonies. The oppression by him has been too violent and lasted too long. Our people will be free from Great Britain. The future of our country is to be a leader in the world. Mama sat there pondering the words of her daughter. She finally said, "Sarah, you must write these dreams down and pass them on to your children. Perhaps, as you say, if these future wars do not have to happen, your future grandchildren will have the wisdom to do what is necessary to prevent the bloodshed. "Mama, these kind of dreams scare me. I don't really  want to know what is going to happen in the future. Maybe I'm getting a bit daft. "Honey, don't fret yourself over this. Our Lord works in mysterious ways. This is probably his way to prepare us for bad times and that he is calling John back home." She could feel a lump in her throat and tears filled her eyes. Why did men have to act that way toward each other, she thought? Man has no right to take the life of another! Doesn't the Bible say "Thou shalt not kill"? Are they just empty words now? "What did you see after this second war, Sarah honey?" "The one main thing I felt about the third war Mama was that it was really unnecessary. People had become so lax and didn't watch what the government was doing that the oppres- sion was worse than we have it today. The people were not really to blame either. The sinister men behind the government became very good at deceiving and controlling the people. They continually issued papers which would keep the people worried about something so they wouldn't see what was happening. There was always the threat of a war breaking out somewhere in the world and the people became involved in calling for peace. But they were fooled by these dark forces. Chances of war breaking out somewhere in the world were less than the chance of war here. "The government controlled all the schools and told these schools what they were to teach. They were turning out zombies who could not read properly and could not even see problems as they arose. Any that they did see, they didn't know how to fight. That part was scary, Mama. If the government is going to control what is being taught, how can people think for themselves? "It sounds more like the people are medieval serfs or slaves in the future you saw." "That's true, Mama. The people just didn't realize it. They kept talking about their freedom and how the government could not take that freedom away. They said they were free to speak but were put in jail if they said anything the government didn't agree with. I saw people gathering in front of buildings only to be hit with clubs and thrown in strange carriages. They had a system of taxes which was much worse than we have today. People were put into jails, homes and land were taken if the people didn't freely give their money to the government. They instilled a fear in the people but really they were stealing the money and spending it on all kinds of programs which were not permitted. "There was some really exciting things I saw. I did not see any lamps or candles but there was light in every home and building. They had really strange looking carriages but there were no horses to pull them. They seemed to go by themselves. There were so many strange looking boxes with pictures which moved. There were huge birds, at least what looked like birds. Only their wings were not flapping. They seemed so high and moved so fast. "It looked like a wonderful time to be alive. There  were so many conveniences which we can't even imagine. The people again turned away from God and divine principles. Everyone tried to out do each other in the number of conveniences they owned. Stealing and robbery became a way of life. Those that didn't have these fine things broke into stores and homes and stole them. Many people were actually going hungry. There was not enough work and it seemed that foreign countries were flooding the markets with many miracle inventions. "The government was again deceiving the people and when the problems got really bad, people in government didn't know how to handle them. The government followed the advice of their invisible leaders and declared martial law. That was when the people revolted and a really bad war broke out. "Thousands and thousands of people died. The soldiers were worried about their own families and also fought the government. In some of the bigger towns, bodies were lying all over the place and people couldn't bury them. As the war went on, food became scarce and it made the war worse. People were stealing and killing to get food for themselves and children. Even young children were doing it. I really can't describe the horrible scenes I saw Mama. "You best sit down and write what you can remember, child. It may help you feel better if you get it all down and out of your mind. If you hear your father or John coming, please put it away. No sense in worrying them too." "Yes, Mama, I'll do that. It might help." Was Sarah Winston really given a glimpse of our future? Is she one of the prophets the Bible speaks about? How close are we to what Sarah envisioned? You have to admit that the government does control our schools. All without permission in our Constitution. In the past, schools were privately controlled and usually under the sponsorship of a church. It has always been this way in our country. Now we have robots being churned out who know nothing about our history, government, geography. They know little about mathematics and cannot understand what they are reading. Materialism is a fact of life today. Must keep up with the Jones' family. Moral values are a thing of the past for the most part. Stealing, murder, assault and robbery are such a common occurrence that we are running out of jail space in which to put criminals. People know nothing about the operation of our government and even less if they pass laws beyond the authority which we surrendered when we ratified the Constitution. We witness religious leaders and politicians making fools of themselves and we yawn. We have an independent and privately owned company which controls our money and people are unaware of it. Al Capone taught our government that the best way to steal money is to threaten to break arms, legs or blow up businesses. They aren't that obvious about it but they have convinced all to volunteer to pay the money after you assess yourself. And, like Capone would do, if you don't assess yourself and pay  your voluntary sums, you are likely to have your home stolen and sold at auction. If that isn't enough, they put you in jail. People don't know our Constitution or what due process means and it goes on and on. People have forgotten God. Prayer in schools is now a no no. Our 'leaders' have so declared! The practice and teaching of religious and moral values has dwindled by an alarming rate. Governments want neighbors to snitch on others so they can solve crimes. Whose job is that? We see signs proclaiming that people who call 'crime stop' phone numbers are heroes. It's apparent we haven't learned from history . . . history is repeating itself. Leaders have declared that children will be bussed to distant schools to "achieve racial balance." Neither side of the dispute is happy with that but it goes on. We are a nation of controlled and regimented slaves today yet everyone says we are a free nation. Has anyone looked up the words free or brave to see what they really mean? How about looking up sovereign? You and I are the sovereign! This is a nation "of the people, by the people and for the people." We gave authority for our government when the Constitution was ratified. It says all laws passed must agree with the power we relinquished. If they are beyond that authority, you don't have to obey the law. It's that simple. You and I are being taken for fools and the law allowing the martial law which Sarah saw is already on the books. The Dark Forces are in full control. Is the fulfillment of her dream that close? Better wake up. Now is the time!  PLEASE SUPPORT SHAREWARE BY REGISTERING WITH THE AUTHOR ---


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