REGULATIONS Now let's eyeball more violations of the power we granted to the legislative b

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REGULATIONS Now let's eyeball more violations of the power we granted to the legislative branch. Let me point out that the 'descriptions' of some of these rogue outfits comes from publications which are enthralled by their power and duties. In the following cases, it comes from Black's Law Dictionary, (5th ed.) Naturally, a legal publication is going to paint a glowing picture because only lawyers should be reading this. For starters, how about an outfit called OSHA or Office of Safety and Health Administration. Established in 1970 and enforced by the Secretary of Labor, OSHA develops and promulgates occupational safety and health standards; develops and issues regulations; conducts investigations and inspections to determine the status of compliance with safety and health standards and regulations and issues citations and proposes penalties for noncompliance with safety and health standards and regulations. (Whoopee) These are the powers granted to this creep outfit by the Congress under the statute. Now just a damn minute . . . where did they find permission in the document for these powers of inspection, citations and so forth? They're NOT THERE by any stretch of your imagination! Another one of these deals that they figure we won't mind because they are taking care of us. They have our safety and comfort in mind. If you believe that, I have a piece of ocean front property in Arizona that I would like to sell . . . By what right does any government inspector come into a private company to tell him what they are doing 'wrong?' And then tell him to correct it or fine him for noncom- pliance with their regulations. They tell the owner of the company, right up front, that he can expect a fine of $7,000 to $70,000 the first time they come to inspect. Talk about sticking it to us! Did you suspect that the corporation was endangering their employees and tell the US government to "go get them?" Certainly not. This is just more control over the people of this country. These inspections are blatant violations of rights we have under the Constitution and come under the police powers which the government does not have. What is it the Fourth Amendment says? "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated . . ." This only becomes operational IF they suspected a crime had been committed. Have they just wiped it off the books? This was included because the colonists suffered from British agents coming into a home or business and issuing what they called Writs of Assistance. It was simply a form he had, he filled in the name of the person he wanted to harass, and he could go in and look or inspect anything he wanted. Sounds pretty outlandish but in reality, it's no different today. We don't need another fourth amendment, we need to force these clowns to obey our  fundamental law. Some citizens might feel that some good has been done by OSHA but allowing government to exceed our granted powers is illegal. No matter what or how much 'good' has been done, to allow this is breaking the law. That means we have become an accessory to violating our fundamental law. To allow for such inspections, the basic document has to be amended or the practices must stop. Another organization which has assumed the right to interfere with our lives is the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency. Of course, it is for our own good. --- isn't it? Without our grant of power, it certainly is not for our own good! It is just another seizure of unconstitutional power. Wonder what their budget over the years has been? The EPA was created (wow) in 1970 to permit coordinated and effective governmental action on behalf of the environ- ment. (That ought to send shivers up your spine.) EPA endeavors to abate and control pollution systematically, by proper integration of a variety of research, monitoring, standard setting, and enforcement activities. 1970 must have been a bad year for us. All sorts of illegal legislation got past us. The EPA has determined that you and I are polluting the atmosphere with our automobiles so we have to have all sorts of added contraptions installed on them. Who gave them the right to decide this? First, all these items run the cost of the vehicle upwards. Secondly, there is no hard proof that our cars are causing all the problems they cite. It has been determined by scientific study that one good belch of a volcano can throw more pollutants in the atmo- sphere than all cars combined. Why don't they outlaw volcanos? It has been proven that the so called catalytic con- verters on our cars spew out huge amounts of sulfuric acid and a new study suggests that these converters are a cause of cancer. They create more problems than they solve. All without authority to tell us what we have to have on our cars, or what type of gasoline we have to burn in our engines. Did you agree to give them the right to make such decisions? This is an exercise of the police powers which we did not grant to the national government. Nevertheless, they are doing it and we allow the exercise to continue. This is a state function but often the states are accused by the EPA of violating EPA regulations. See how the role of the national government to the state governments has been reversed? From where do they assume such powers? That country bumpkin syndrome again . . . just who are you to challenge us or question our power? We have contaminated and radioactive dump sites all over the country and the EPA, along with their super cleanup fund continues to sit on their rumps. But now, to show you and me their concern and that they are busy with the environment, they have completed a study to prove that second-hand smoke  causes cancer. These yoyo's are so illegal they don't know what to do to show us their existence is justified. Shades of Love Canal . . . More of our illegally seized tax dollars at work. Now, the 'brilliant' legislators in Congress passed a new regulatory bill called the 'Clean Air Act'. This was ramrodded (mostly without debate) through the Senate by a jerk named George Mitchell. This one is guaranteed to drive many businesses out of business. It was designed to do just that! The paperwork required for the use of any one of 191 'pollutants' commonly used will require them to hire lawyers and scientists. Any how many do you think will be able to handle the 10,000 to $15,000 costs? As an example, any small increase or change in emissions -- such as from red to green paint -- EPA officials are demanding that companies give regulators 45 days notice, allowing for public hearings where zealots could object and ask (willing) regulators to block them. Nothing has ever before hit business with such sweeping power to strangle it in a morass of red tape and extremist controls. The clean air info was gleaned from an article in The New American magazine by Jane H. Ingraham. It was the April 20, 1992 issue and I recommend each of my readers to find a copy. The entire article is an exceptional piece of work. Minimum wages. . Just where does the government find the delegated right to establish a minimum wage? Who are they to tell an American business owner that they have to pay their employees a certain wage? Have they just assumed this power because it is for our own good? Do you suspect it may have to do with the idea that it has to be to conform with what a private corporation (Federal Reserve) has determined is the value of that dollar in our pockets? That these two items need to go hand in hand? It is a more logical explanation. Can you imagine how many people in our country are out of work because someone in Washington has decided they cannot work for less than a pre-specified salary? Some people I would grant you would not work for a minimum wage primarily because of the attractiveness of welfare payments. I mean, "Why work for peanuts when I can receive the same as a handout from the government?" We all know that person. While you are checking for some of the authorities we are citing, see if you can find any mention that the feds can dole out money as welfare payments. Snicker . . . snicker. How many are proud people who would work for any wage so they can feel they are supporting themselves and their families? How many years did this country prosper before the government illegally stuck their noses into every facet of our lives? People in this country have been noted for their work ethic in the past. What has happened to this drive? Stories are many where people would prefer to beg than be on the public dole. Slowly this drive has lessened. Now we have big brother coming in and also telling us that we cannot work unless we  are paid a certain wage. Employers will be fined if the minimum is not observed. Just where does big brother get off telling any citizen they have to pay a certain wage for an employee? They have no right for such a determination . . . Yet they do it and we allow it. More exercise in control. But, hey man, it's for our own good and look at all the jobs the government is creating. We all know that the government creates nothing. Headaches, maybe . . . ulcers, probably. Anything beneficial for other than themselves? Never happen Jose! With all these people occupied in jobs which spend money without authority, is it any wonder there is a tremendous drain on the public treasury? Deficits don't just happen, they are created by the jerks in Congress. There is another illegal group headquartered in Washington which is so important they can tell us it is dangerous to ride bicycles. They have spent thousands of dollars on a study to determine if riding bicycles is risky. Surprisingly, they found it can be dangerous. Isn't that brilliant? This outfit is called the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This outfit was established (not created) in October 1972. The primary responsibility of the commission is for establishing mandatory product safety standards, where appro- priate, to reduce the unreasonable risk of injury to consumers from consumer products. It also has the authority to ban hazardous consumer products and to conduct extensive research on consumer product standards, engage in broad consumer and industry information and education programs. (Nearly makes you want to stand up and salute, doesn't it? Took my breath away when I read that.) Must be some really bright people working there. Some of their television releases deserve to be on prime time as comedy shows! I wonder how much of our tax dollars has been spent on this unauthorized commission since its beginning? Do you find any permission in the Constitution to spend money on an outfit like this one? It's not there. And they will tell you what size of a toy will fit in a baby's mouth. Out of curiosity I wonder if babies mouths are all the same size? Oh, you say they are doing it for our own good, they are protecting us from ourselves. They're taking care of us from the cradle to the grave now. Drivel! Just more control. Who gave them the authority to make these decisions? We didn't give them permission to exceed the jurisdiction we granted to them. Yet they do exist and they are spending money without authorization and are interfering with the lives of citizens where they have no right. Have you ever wondered why we need the government to tell us that the cost of transportation, gasoline, food or housing has gone up or down the previous month? You can't tell when you go to the store or gas station that it takes more to buy the same items than it did last month? First, if we had a currency based on gold (honest money)  as is required in the Constitution, there wouldn't be any change. Yet we do have a private corporation telling us the value of our money. (Read the Money Managers in Volume 1) Perhaps that is the reason the government feels we should be told where changes have occurred. Obviously, they have no authority to spend the money for a special division in the Labor Department which watches prices and reports what the Consumer price index is for the preceding month. Of what importance are these figures other than to hoodwink the citizen into believing the work they do is important? They take a great deal of delight in throwing statistics around the media. . Housing starts down 3.1%; income of Americans up .07%; interest rates down this month (and you still pay 16% to buy an automobile); unemployment up .05%, etc. What rubbish! The Labor Department is authorized in Article II as a principal office of the executive department. However, the only purpose for the department is to advise the president on labor matters when he requests such information. What busi- ness do they have reporting what prices do or don't do? They have none. Since government has no power to interfere in our lives, the only 'labor' the department could be concerned with is the people who work for the federales. They would have a hell of a job justifying the existence of such an outfit! It is just another exercise of power which has not been delegated by the people and another tremendous waste of public funds. After all, look at all the jobs they are creating. Of powers that were granted to the legislative branch in the basic Constitution, there was also included a specific list of restrictions, things which were verboten to the Congress. One power we did grant to the national government is to "regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states. . ." Can you read anything in that authority for the government to be in business in competition with free enterprise? Where do they find the right to run the railroads? Is the operation of AMTRAK a constitutional exercise of authority from us? Or dams such as the Tennessee Valley Authority which means the sale of electric power? Or special airlines which operate under the CIA? (That outfit again!) Then we have an organization called the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. How come? How about the Farm and Home Administration? Big Brother can administer farms and homes? Since when? Did we tell them they could establish all these illegal organizations? Are they doing it for our good or for their own good? How about the Securities and Exchange Commission? Just another seizure of unauthorized power? By what right? All these 'outfits' operate under statutes which they feel gives them jurisdiction. These statutes are all outside the power we granted for this business of government. That being the  case, they DO NOT have jurisdiction to do anything. They are interfering in our lives with powers we did not grant in the basic document. Speaking of illegal letters, check on the illegality of a couple more . . . FCC and the FAA. We can go on down the list of these 'independent agencies', all under control of the White House, and we will not find ANY constitutional permission for their existence. We are getting the royal shaft in grand style. James Madison was unmistakably clear when he wrote in the Federalist Papers that the powers granted to the central government by the proposed constitution are few and defined. (Paper No. 45) The powers are so few that they placed a command in the constitution that Congress had to meet at least once a year. (Art I, Sec 4) Remember what the Tenth Amendment says. . "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively or to the People." Say, is it plain that they cannot assume any powers? The ONLY time the word 'regulation' appears in the entire constitution is in Article I where Congress is given the right to alter regulations concerning the time, place and manner of holding elections of Senators and Representatives. They also have the duty to make regulations for the land and naval forces. And we already pointed out to 'regulate commerce'. There is NOT A WORD anywhere that they can make any sort of a regulation where they can control American people, businesses or the economy. NO WHERE! We have picked through several areas where we have found no authority to disburse public funds and we'll find many more. I'm sure we'll miss many also. How many illegal organizations can you find which we have missed? Time is drawing short for us to rein in this abuse of power before they will be telling us not only how much pay we should be getting but where we should work and live. And this, my friends, is a lot closer than you think! (This has been covered in the chapter Martial Law) An area where the Congress has ignored its duty is in the area of post offices. They are required to establish post offices, nevertheless we have a 'government corpora- tion' running the postal service. What do they mean, a government corporation? Not a word authorizes government corporations! They determine the cost of our stamps and the cost of mailings, not the Congress. Congress approves any increase in postage costs but that is only window dressing. Do you think it's because the postal service is a headache? If it's a problem, we simply establish a commission of some sort and let them run it . . . the hell with the constitutional requirement. I guess it would probably interfere with all the fun they are having? Let's take a look at another area where they act without our authority . . . Off budget spending. This is stuff where they do what they want without any regard for the public  funds. They have an agency called the Federal Financing Bank which has quadrupled in size in the last ten years. Federal loans and guaranteed loans now exceed $100 billion. Where do they get this power? From us? Not likely. This goes on quietly without letting anyone know. Why should you or I interfere with such a good deal? Borrowing by other federally sponsored 'enterprises' now exceeds $300 billion. How about that? What happened to the requirement that a regular statement of expenditures must be published from time to time? Is it really true that American citizens are stupid and they don't want to get us upset? Write our elected people and ask about these illegal operations. This must come to a screeching halt! We must all get involved and really flood these clowns in Congress with millions of letters, phone calls and petitions for redress. It will take millions to get their attention. You don't think Mitchell would pay any notice to a couple hundred letters? Thousands might make him take a look. What is the alternative? Is our Constitution really dead? Do you think now it is time for a change to restore our government to the way it was intended? What will be left for our kids and grand kids in the future if we allow this to continue today? NOTHING . . . and I guarantee it! 


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