REGISTRATION THE TRAITOR WITHIN THE GATES (VOL 2), Copyright 1992, George T. Knoblauch, Al

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REGISTRATION THE TRAITOR WITHIN THE GATES (VOL 2), Copyright 1992, George T. Knoblauch, All rights reserved. Published by George T. Knoblauch, P. O. Box 818, Castroville, TX 78009. This software is provided as-is. There are no warran- ties expressed or implied. The author assumes no respon- sibility for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of The Traitor Within The Gates. This electronic book is not free . . . it is Shareware which means you have the privilege to look it over, study it and read it. However, if you use it, you are expected to register with the author. Support from users will enable me to produce more information on the underhanded dealings of our government. If enough interest is developed from this book and from volume 1, there is a good possibility that a monthly newsletter will be published. These problems with our government are not static and new issues surface nearly daily. A newsletter would cover these new issues. Let me know your feelings on a newsletter. Once you have registered, you will be given free phone time. Registered users of volume 2 will be sent a copy of a Petition for Redress of Grievances concerning federal income taxes which has been accepted by Congress. Included will be associated correspondence and a copy of a page in the Congressional Record showing acceptance of the petition from the author. If there is any problem with which I may be of assistance, feel free to call during normal working hours. As a registered user, you will receive notification of new books which will be forthcoming. Your payment of $19.95 is greatly appreciated and entitles you to continued use of this book. Your payment should be sent to: GEORGE T. KNOBLAUCH P. O. Box 818 Castroville, Tex 78009 You are encouraged to copy and share this disk with your friends provided none of the files are modified or deleted. Shareware distributors and BBS's may distribute THE TRAITOR WITHIN THE GATES as a shareware offering as long as  no changes are made to the program or program files and no fee is charged beyond normal shareware fees for diskettes and download time charges. Thanks for eyeballing The Traitor Within The Gates! OTHER BOOKS AND PROGRAMS AVAILABLE - - - - THE TRAITOR WITHIN THE GATES, VOL 1 $19.95 NEW DOS TUTOR $10.00 AUTOMOBILE MAINTENANCE $19.95 HISTORY LOST $29.95 New DOS Tutor is designed for the new user/owner of an IBM or compatible. It covers basic commands, including hard disk instruction which can be understood by the most illiterate computer user. Automobile Maintenance is for the person who knows no- thing about their automobile. Includes instruction on how to check oil, transmission fluid, battery, tires, coolant, change a flat and more. Details included on cleaning, doing whitewalls, interior and associated cleaning chores. Down to earth non-technical language. History Lost is a historical novel using historical fact with an intermix of fiction concerning Juan Bautista Casas, the man who seized control of Texas Territory in 1811. The book shows he was not an insurgent governor, but was sent to Texas by the Viceroy to secure the territory for the glory of the Spanish empire. He was beheaded in August 1811 and never allowed to prove his innocence. Available on 5 1/4 HD or 3 1/2 DS DD disks. 


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