OUR PRESIDENT - AMERICAN ROYALTY The newly elected President stands in the Oval Room, alon

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OUR PRESIDENT - AMERICAN ROYALTY The newly elected President stands in the Oval Room, along with well wishers and friends while the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is giving the oath. ". . . and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States". Everyone claps and rush forward to shake hands with the President. The First Lady gives her husband a kiss and a warm embrace. All the rhetoric and name-calling of the past several months disappears. They are all suddenly friends again. The mutual admiration society called Washington, DC is alive and well. Citizens of our great country can breath easier now . . . the President has just sworn to uphold our Constitution, and by doing so, will carry our country forward in greatness. This inauguration scene has repeated itself many times in the past. Has the country gone forward in greatness as was promised by the taking of the oath of office? Is this country the same free, great Republic that it was when George Washington took that same oath of office of the President? If not, why not? Let's examine how some Presidents hold that oath in higher regard than others have in the past. For a position in government which pays $200,000 a year, each candidate will spend over 20 million dollars. Half of that came from the taxpayers (that's right, you and me) in what is now called 'matching funds,' thanks to a law passed by the Congress. Isn't that generous of us? We have agreed to use our tax money to help these clowns get elected to a job where they continue to give us the royal shaft. There is a formula that our lawyer friends have set up to determine who will get how much of our 'matching funds.' This is probably the biggest reason for all the campaign nonsense which spews forth from these clowns during the year before elections. The people DO NOT ELECT THE PRESIDENT NOR THE VICE PRESIDENT. In fact, Madison in paper no. 45, said without the intervention of the state legislatures, (The Electoral College) the President of the United States cannot be elected at all. Why all the debate and campaigning? Confuse the people, or an exercise in showmanship perhaps? It's simply thea- trics. And a very good deal for candidates. They can run all over the country trying to convince people what good guys they are and still draw all their government pay. The greatest percentage of them are governors, representatives, senators, or what have you. They're all at the public trough. Why shouldn't they promote campaigning for a year before elections? This is also an exercise of the corporate power of the United States. After all, there are 2 one week sessions of conventions of the national parties. A week of the democrats and later a week of the republicans, and a lot of commer- cials. Each at the cost of 10 million of our tax dollars!  Reagan announced in his acceptance speech that their administration has turned things around. From now on the government will no longer be master of the people but the people are now the masters and the government is the servant. Hearing a statement like that made me worry about the intent of his administration. More rhetoric and drivel to keep the people from noticing what they are doing to us. In hind sight, did they turn it around or did we take a faster ride down the road to socialism under Ron and Nancy? And as far as little George Bush goes, I don't even remember what he said in his acceptance speech. Probably about as much as he has said since then! Let's go back to the beginning. George Washington didn't want to be president. He had been the successful commander of the revolutionary army, the guiding light during the Constitutional Convention and now was tired and wanted to relax on his farm in Virginia. Washington didn't spend millions for the position, he had to be practically dragged into the White House. To be sure, there were other men who aspired to the position but the leaders at that time felt the people who had a great respect for Washington would be quicker to respond to the programs put forth by Washington and his advisors. Today, and in recent history, we elect men to the office who are sure they are omnipotent. They are mini-gods and you'd better show the respect THEY expect. If you don't show the proper respect, then they take care of each other. Let's check one out concerning a man who actually told us he "was no crook." When Gerald Ford became president, he cited authority in the Constitution to pardon a person of crimes committed against the United States when he pardoned Richard Nixon. This was completely illegal! The House of Representatives had already established a committee to investigate Richard Nixon for impeachment. Talk about sticking it in our face. The president`s authority to pardon someone for crimes says "EXCEPT IN CASES OF IMPEACHMENT"! Ford had no authority to pardon Richard Nixon. First, it was never established that Richard Nixon ever committed any crimes. Why the pardon? I'll bet they had a laugh over that one. We were never given the opportunity to find out if and what crimes Richard Nixon may have committed. Why did Gerald Ford omit those last five words of his authority to pardon Nixon? Was it because they were sure the American people wouldn't have enough knowledge of the Constitution to question the action? Why didn't our alert media pick up on it? Is it any wonder why the Constitution is not being taught in our schools anymore? Richard Nixon really deserved to be investigated. It was well reported in the media that Nixon had an 'enemies list' consisting of people who were critical of his policies and who had openly spoken against him. It was reported that Nixon even used the Internal  Revenue Service to harass his 'enemies.' And all this is only what was reported . . . Imagination can come up with many others that may have occurred just because you were on a list of enemies put out by a president of the United States. Is this the activity needed to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States"? It certainly doesn't take a scholar in constitutional study to see it's an obvious violation of the oath he took on becoming president. Now this yoyo is sticking his face back in front of the TV camera telling everyone what an expert he is in foreign affairs. Is there no rest for us? It wasn't too long ago when President Truman would tell the secret service agents to get lost so he could walk his dog down Pennsylvania Avenue by himself. Why this god-like atmosphere we see today? They enjoy the god-like atmosphere . . . it's easy then for them to command the respect they feel they deserve. It used to be that people earned respect . . . not demanded it. And to assure that veneration, they only speak to hand picked crowds so no one will show disrespect, or heckle them nor ask embarrassing questions. What a joke. Give me a break! We see little George Bush land in the chopper on the White House lawn and reporters are kept a good safe distance away so he can saunter up to the door without having to answer questions some hard nosed reporter wants answered. Please, don't touch our king with your dirty hands . . . We see this demi-god point his finger at a woman who happens to be protesting the murder of Jesuit priests in Nicaragua. He looks at her like he could order her head off and screams, "And you be quiet!" A local reporter at a 'drug summit' in San Antonio, insists his question be heard and little George glares at him like he should drop dead. When the reporter directs his question at the President of Mexico and calls the summit a joke and Bush being there is also a joke, he is fired from his job at a local TV station. Violated protocol, was the reason given. No one in the White House would comment . . . but how long does a phone call take to assure he won't bother god again? In another section, we mentioned the JFK papers that everyone wants released. Now another wrinkle has surfaced . . . even though Congress is now willing to make all papers public, someone has got to little George and now his personal team of lawyers (Justice Dept) opposes the release of the papers. In a letter made public (as reported by Associated Press) the Justice Department opposes the release because the House Senate Resolution "would severely encroach upon the president's constitutional authority to protect confidential information." Who-eee . . . does that statement stink! Anytime you read a statement like that, swallow real quick so you don't throw up. Obviously, there is nothing in the Constitution to suggest he has any duty or power of the sort. In fact, the  only time the word secrecy is even mentioned in the document is under congressional duties which says they do not have to report part of their proceedings, if it, in "their judgment may require Secrecy;" (Art I, Sec 5). Anytime you hear one of these schmucks make a statement like that, pull out a copy of our Constitution. See, if by the wildest stretch of your imagination, you can read into it whatever it is they are selling. One of the worst spectacles on TV lately has been the closing of interstate super highways so our American royalty can travel unfettered to a campaign speech. Cars stopped as far as the eye can see . . . people sitting on the roof of their cars wondering what is going on . . . just little George and his idiot entourage laughing at them. You all know what a problem it is in daily traffic to drive some interstates . . . but to close it so this jerk can drive to a campaign speech? What utter nonsense! The latest rage seems to be accusing each other of 'perks' which each enjoys. Revelation was made that George and his 'first lady' have 96 butlers, maids and personal servants in the White House. 96 servants for 2 people! Takes the wonder away as to why anyone would want the job of president, doesn't it? More garbage has come out which accuses little George and his idiot friends of wasting our money on travel. (Shades of fatso Sununu.) The White House portion of these expenses comes to 28 million but supposedly they have hidden many millions more in the Defense Department budget. I mean, who are you? Why should you concern yourselves about how much money George spends on travel or flying around a dummy 747 so he won't be shot at? Then Georgie and his cronies go to Camp David for a 'working weekend'. Now that's a joke. While we're speaking of this hide-away in the Maryland mountains, point out one speck of authority in our Constitution which allows for a secret presidential retreat. There is none. The feds are prohibited from owning, building on or maintaining a presidential retreat. Reports are now surfacing that little George has a special group of men who belong to the '100 Club'. These are behind the scene big money men who have donated $100,000 or more to the Republican campaign chests in direct violation of election laws governing campaign contributions. When you donate that kind of money, you expect a pay-back. They receive it . . . George has people who bend the laws allowing these people to enjoy special privileges which make them millions. Pay-back? You'd better believe it! And speaking of millions . . . here is another waste of our money which we had better curtail . . . secret service protection for ex-presidents and their wives. Millions upon millions of illegal dollars being wasted. What a travesty that is . . . protect them for what? From what? They have even extended Secret Service protection to the jerks running for president . . . by what constitutional permission? We  recently saw a spectacle on the tube when Ronnie was at a lectern and some guy ran up and scared the bejabber out of him. Look at the brutal force the secret service used on him . . . what a crock. All you peasants out there better get the message that no one can come to talk to Ronnie the actor. Let's look at a little more garbage. "We have plenty of precedence for sending troops to Saudi Arabia and for attacking Saddam Hussein!" announces a balding secretary of state. I believe he should be wearing a camouflage hat all the time, the sun seems to have cooked his brain ... if he ever had one. Little George shows his anger (and stupidity) by announcing he "is damned mad" and "I'm not going to put up with Hussein any longer" and "We must create a new world order to prohibit acts of aggression like this maniac who acts like Hitler!" "We will not tolerate these naked acts of aggression!" Shades of Panama, Grenada and Vietnam. Aggression by anyone but the US will not be tolerated. "We must restore the legitimate government in Kuwait..." even if it is a feudal kingdom. Time has borne that out . . . they are STILL a feudal kingdom. This is exactly what the Framers of our Constitution sought to prevent ... an imperialistic presidency. The abuses under a British king was still fresh on their minds. Their intent concerning war was for the representatives of the people and the states (Congress) to have sole respon- sibility to declare war. The token title of 'Commander-in- chief' was really symbolic in that he would be leading the troops into battle. NO authority was given the executive to wage war either by innuendo or fact. Congress is now violating the law by passing what they call the "War Powers Act". There is no authority anywhere in the document which allows them to delegate their power to declare war. NONE! This includes little George following the requests of the United Nations and their desire for a 'new world order'. This brings us back to their 'precedence to wage war' ... if there is NO power for the executive to send troops or to attack another country ... where is the precedence? Oh, they will say it's been done before so we have precedence. Buffalo chips! If they broke the law (their constitutional duty and power) to wage war in Vietnam, or Panama or Grenada ... does continued violation of our basic law make it constitutional? If they break the law three or four times, they claim precedence but does it magically become legal? If you rob three or four banks, does it become legal after the fourth one? Another case of double-talk is this notion that there are no specific restrictions to send troops or wage war ... this is really a bad case of George Orwell's newspeak. The Founding Fathers were no dumbbells ... the document shows powers, authority and restrictions surrendered by us for this  business of federal government. Unless the power or authority was specifically allowed in the Constitution, IT WAS DENIED! This was a standard theme throughout the convention and is substantiated by all the old writings of the time, i.e., The Federalist Papers, James Madison's Notes on the Convention, old Supreme Court decisions among others. When you're on the public teat, may as well milk it for all it's worth. After all, they are our American royalty. My advise is: When you hold these clowns in awe, close your eyes and picture them sitting on a toilet with their pants down . . . they are NOT gods.  PLEASE REGISTER WITH THE AUTHOR . . . READ THE CHAPTER NAMED 'SALES PITCH' . . . THANKS!


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