Shortly after the drafting of the US constitution, there was considerable difficulty in ge

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Shortly after the drafting of the US constitution, there was considerable difficulty in getting the requisite number of sates to ratify it. A key hold-out state was New York. In an attempt to sway the voters of New York, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay, published in the New Yorks newspapers a series of 85 essays, starting on 27 October 1787 and finishing on 16 August 1788. These essays were all authored by "Plubius", a psuedonym chosen by these men to "hide" their identities at that time. [The papers are, of course, the Federalist Papers, the most important work in political science that has ever been written, or likely to be written, in the USA. These papers have withstood the test of times, and are held in high esteem around the world. They are considered to be the most authoritative commentary on the Constitution (although our current SC doesn't give a damn about the Constitution...)] Anyway, although these authors were devout believers in an all powerful deity, they would never express those thought in a political context. James Madison fought his entire life to guarentee the seperation of church and state, and to erect a wall between them. By ascribing a religious statement under their political psudeonym is to undermine their most strongly held belief. If you were to spend some time learning about the history of the country and what the real issues and concerns of the founding fathers were, instead of swallowing the line of political sewage that spills forth from the president's mouth, you would never have asked your question.


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