PAVLOV AND HIS DOG You've all heard the old story about Dr. Pavlov and his dog. The dog wa

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PAVLOV AND HIS DOG You've all heard the old story about Dr. Pavlov and his dog. The dog was trained to sit and do nothing until the doctor rang a bell. At that point, the dog knew he was going to get food and he would walk over to the door and await his reward. This has now grown more sophisticated. Animals are now trained to push a certain button for food as soon as the bell rings or they turn on a light. The research into control continues . . . and it's not being wasted on dogs. Let's see how far this has gone . . . Have you pulled up to a traffic light at a lonely intersection and waited for the signal to change without one car in sight? No way you're going to go through a red light. Is Dr. Pavlov watching from behind a tree? Have you traveled down an empty interstate highway and put on your blinker light to change lanes when there is no one behind to signal to? How about driving down a flat country road where you can see for miles and watched the speedometer to make certain you don't exceed the speed limit? Training has been efficient, hasn't it? Some larger grocery stores have lines painted on the floor directing how people should line up with their carts. (Courtesy of OSHA) I've seen people walk in all sort of weird directions to stay within the lines even though they were in the area all by themselves. They act as though the lines were barbed wire fences. Do you drive in a lane which directs that you must turn (either right or left) and put on your direction lights? You have no choice but to turn . . . why do you signal the turn? See how subtle and successful your training has been? Who is ringing your bell? There are those (the Elitists) among the movers and shakers behind the government who prefer all citizens be robots. We are now at a point in time when a president will only appear anywhere under fully controlled circumstances. Even in Los Angeles after the riots, he walked the streets but you saw NO ONE near him. I wonder what kind of police and Secret Service venture it was to make it fully controlled and safe for George? What utter nonsense. What theatrics! A regal presidency . . . exactly what our Founders sought to prevent. The training under this 'psy-war' has become so comprehensive that little George 'drew a line in the sand' and polls show 80% of the people were behind him. Never mind that he has NO constitutional permission to dispatch the troops to the Arabian desert. But everyone says he's 'commander-in-chief'. . . it's true but it's only when The Army, Navy and militia are CALLED INTO ACTUAL SERVICE OF THE UNITED STATES . . . (Only Congress can call them into actual service.) Commander-in-chief is a symbolic title only meaning he could lead the troops into battle. (Fed Paper No. 69) Can you picture George doing that? Chuckle . . .  Where are we headed? Would we have put 100,000 troops in the area if they exported bananas? Even the excuse of oil is a smoke screen . . . other sources had already made up the 'shortage'. Care to guess the real reason for our involvement? Try money. That's right, money. Big money camel jockeys threatened to pull all of their money out of the US, Japanese, German and English banks and other world money markets unless we got Saddam out of Kuwait. You know we're talking billions . . . SURPRISE! You probably thought it was to set up a democracy in Kuwait. Yea, sure. It was a feudal kingdom when we started and it's still a feudal kingdom. To hell with what we told the Americans! Probably none of our business anyway. To begin with, it was Georgie (our foreign policy expert) who created Saddam and the entire middle east 'crisis'. News reports are now breaking that little George and his behind the scenes friends in Houston are wheeling and dealing with big money Arabs. Big money deals, oil deals, huge private parties and etc. Some of his buddies include his son, baby George and ex-CIA men. Does it surprise anyone? Don't forget, Georgie was the head of the CIA when all this garbage with Saddam Huessin started. The price of gasoline and heating oil continues to rise . . . this is nothing more than a corporate screwing of Americans. Collusion and greed abound. They tell us prices were going to go up anyway. Always surprises me that every gas station in a given area of town can all raise the price of their gas by a nickel (or whatever) on the same day. Of course, there is no collusion or price fixing involved, is there? They are now parading a mish-mash of egg-heads on TV from so called think-tanks who say Americans use far too much oil and gas. Who the hell are they? We don't produce the volume of gasoline we're capable of as a result of governmen- tal policies and also that our money is worthless . . . why don't they just butt out and stop trying to act like GOD? We hear new words now . . . this is 'part of a new world order' we're seeing. The economic (International Monetary Fund) cooperation between US and Russia is 'part of a new world order'. (Except now, we have 8 or 9 Russian countries instead of one.) They had to generate a crisis so the movers and shakers could force America into this new world order. Iraq is that crisis. Caution should be the word now . . . the next real move will be to disarm our citizens. Then we can kiss our sovereignty goodbye and become a state in this 'new world order'. Is this nonsense about our 'excessive' use of gasoline part of a plan to reduce our independence? Is all this talk to prevent the exercise of freedoms to come and go as we please? Must conform to the new 'world order'. There is another new word they love . . . 'interdependence'. Ever looked that up? They have become so adept at using public opinion polls they may convince us to get into this new order without even  taking our arms away . . . at first. But they will take them away because they have discovered that they bleed just like the rest of us. They can't take the chance that a few who don't hear the ringing of a bell will violently resist giving up all our values. They don't really worry if you throw rocks because then you're close enough to catch and punish. The headache from a club across the head will remind you not to throw rocks again. Weapons are a no-no. Every time I hear the phrase 'new world order', it makes me wonder if they are going to raise the standard of living of the pygmies in deepest Africa? Or will they make my standard of living go down to that of the pygmies? The answer to that is now obvious . . . Let's touch on something that is very much part of our overall problem. Have you ever wondered why we have been bombarded with all the 'gun control' garbage since 1968? We have had presidents assassinated in the past but our 2nd Amendment has stood firm. Now they even have an outfit called Hand Gun Control, Inc. (More legalize muck from lawyers?) They DO NOT want us armed! Ever wonder why gun control is such an issue when an automobile can run through a crowd and kill 6, 8, 10 or more people and NO ONE gets on their soap box to say we should ban automobiles. Those people are just as dead and I'm sure their deaths were more violent and bloody. My feeling on the issue is there should be a law requiring everyone to carry a gun at all times . . . sure would be a lot more polite people on the streets! Yet these creeps come out of the woodwork and say we should not have weapons. The recent riots in Los Angeles show how asinine any law is which restricts gun ownership. The violence was supposed- ly instantaneous but there is a 'waiting period' in LA before you can purchase a weapon. People who wanted or needed to protect their property, their loved ones or themselves were unable to buy that protection. The rioters, on the other hand, broke into, looted and burned gun and pawn shops. They got thousands of weapons. As has always been said, gun control is for law abiding citizens. Criminals, on the other hand, will find ways to get the weapons they need. True? Perhaps this riot will work against the weirdos who incorporated Hand Gun Control . . . and show how stupid their philosophy is too. Let's force the creeps back into the woodwork and under the rocks where they belong! The federal government has run amuck with growth and power grab since the 1930s. It's a monster which we had better get a handle on before we lose by default. The constitution allows only certain numerated powers, nothing beyond that. The Tenth amendment is our guarantee that they are confined to only powers we allowed. Yet the race to socialism and dictatorship marches forward. We now have hundreds of independent agencies of the federal government, whatever that means. Where is their authority for this? Where is permission  to form a government corporation? How about independent agencies and their regulatory crap? They have just assumed these powers because we have been kept busy watching the wrong problems. They call it 'smoke and mirrors'. Let me run down the list and show a FEW of the more ridiculous agencies . . . (all independent): President's Commission on Executive Exchange, Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation, US Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, Legal Services Corporation, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Council on Aging, Export-Import Bank of the US, National Council on Disability, National Endowment for the Arts, Postal Rate Commission, US Postal Service, US Holocaust Memorial Council, Overseas Private Investment Corporation and the list goes on and on. What a crock! All under direct control of the White House and supported by our tax dollars. (8 billion dollars a year at last report.) One notable exception to control by the White House . . . The Federal Reserve System . . . they are under the control of NO ONE! (See Traitor With The Gate, Vol 1.) These are in addition to some of the other asinine agencies which come under the control of one of the cabinet positions. All are designed to pull us down from being the greatest nation on earth to being one of the mediocre members of the United Nations. We have the greatest system of government in the world but it has to operate as it was designed. In a short news article from the Baltimore Sun Service comes this revealing bit -- "People in Congress are throwing up their hands, in effect, saying that the impetus for change must come from outside of Washington or a fundamental change in the system." That's our cue . . . the impetus for change must come from you and I. We must force a fundamental change in the system by making them obey our basic law which they have been ignoring for years. Let's force them back within the confines of the powers we have granted for the business of government. In essence, let's force them back to fundamen- tal government. I'm ready for them to obey the law, how about you? What do you suppose the reaction would have been by real free thinkers like Madison, Jefferson, Washington, Thomas Paine or others? What do you suppose old Ben Franklin would have editorialized in his Philadelphia newspaper if he had seen such a pompous attitude and illegal practices on the part of our government? After the Constitutional Convention had ended, a lady acquaintance asked Ben Franklin if we now had a democracy or monarchy and Ben replied, "A republic, if you can keep it!" This was prophetic . . . we no longer have a republic. In spite of what the pledge of allegiance says, 'they' constantly remind us that we are now a democracy. A democracy was considered a scourge by the men at the Philadelphia convention. To quote James Madison, " . . . [D]emocracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal  security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths." (Fed Papers #10) (Also see Volume 1 of The Traitor Within the Gates about Foreign Aid.) There is an answer to what seems to be insurmountable woes . . throw EVERY incumbent out of office when he comes begging you to send him back to DC so he can continue doing his 'good job'. We can't do any worse than we are doing now with the jerks we have in Congress and elsewhere today. It's no biggie . . . all we need is to have honest men and women in those offices. Honest butchers, bakers, candlestick makers and yes, even computer operators. We must also clean house of all these entrenched career bureaucrats who are thoroughly indoctrinated in this one world garbage. Their intent is to push our great country in a being a satellite state in the new world order under the klutzes in the United Nations. How about the possibility of UN 'peace keeping forces' in our country? Now there is a contradiction in terms . . . peace keeping forces . . . reminds me of the Spanish conquistadors together with the brown robed men who said they would make Christians out of the Indians even if they had to kill them! We do now have traitors within the gates . . . they smile at us every evening on the news broadcasts! 


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