To: Fredric Rice May-23-94 15:35:00 Subject: Panama Deception +gt;I knew this when you wer

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From: Laslo Holifeld To: Fredric Rice May-23-94 15:35:00 Subject: Panama Deception >I knew this when you were still squalling for diaper changes, I >would wager, and I'm certain that many will agree with you 90% of >the way. Questionable. I've been following this kind of shit since before the Vietnam War. How long have you been following this stuff??? >However, we have seen articles and commentaries on the Panama >invasion posted into this forum. Few here would be so inclined >as to suggest that the United States government engaged in a >cover-up to hide the body count of civilians murdered by American >troops. Far too many of us have been fouled by the American >military and disillusioned by our "leaders" to actually believe >what our government is telling us. FYI: In 1978, Jimmy Carter and Omar Torrijos signed a treaty that would turn control of the Panama Canal over to the Panamanians by the year 2,000. Conservative politicians like Ronald Regan had vehemently opposed the deal, stating that the US had bought the land, and that it was sovereign US Territory. (The US had taken contol by force of the land in 1903 when it helped Panama succeed from Columbia. The US took over control of the construction of the Canal at that time from a French firm without consultation with the Panamanians.) 8 months after Regan was elected to office, Omar Torrijos was killed in a plane crash under conspicuous circumstances. (Eye- wittnesses had claimed that the plane blew up in mid-air) The US puppet figure Noriega assumed control in the following years with the aid of the CIA and George Bush. In 1989, Panama was scheduled to hold elections, which the CIA contributed more than 10 million dollars to in favour of Guillermo Endara. This would be illegal in the US to accept funds from a foreign government. During the 1989 invasion: The official reports that no more than 516 Panamanians were killed during the invasion. This was echoed by all of the main stream US media sources, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Washingston Post. 75% of them were civilians even according to their accounts. Pentagon figures indicate that no more than 250 civilains were killed during the invasion. National Human Rights Commision of Panama estimates that more than 4,000 people died during the invasion. UN Human Rights Commision estimates that more than 2,500 deaths occured. CODEHUCA estimates between 2,500 and 3,000 died. CONADEHUDA estimates that more than 3,500 died. The Association of the Dead of Dec 20th estimates that more than 4,000 died. The US media focused on the tactical aspects of the invasion, and centered almost exclusively on the US casualties in their coverage. Gernal Maxwell Thurman claimed that there wer reports of one mass grave, and that this was an exageration, (Pentagon spokesman said that the term mass grave was inacurate) and yet to date 15 such "mass graves" have been found, whereas access to others has been blocked by the US military, as they are located on military bases. Many of the peole found in these mass graves were elderly or in their teens. The US media portrayed an air of overwhelming support for the invasion, and yet the UN voted to condemn the action on December 29, 1989 as a "flagrent violation of international law" by a vote of 75 to 20 with 40 abstentions. This was covered in a ten second blurb on the CBS Evening News, and was not covered by any of the other networks. According to the UN, the US violated the UN Charter of Rights, the Geneva Convention, and the Charter of the Orginization of American States. Close to 7,000 Panamanians were detained by the US forces. 20,000 were left homeless. Rep. Charles Rangel (Democrat, New York) investigated the reasons given for the invasion, and found that all of the White House claims, separately or collectively were found to be insufficient for an invasion. He recommended that action could have been taken, but through the World Court or the UN. The principle reason sited for the invasion was the killing of a US Marine (intelligence officer) and the apprehension of Noriega for his drug related activities. (Report from the US General Accounting Office, July 1991, indicates that Narcotic traffic through Panama has doubled in the year following the invasion, which implicates the current president of Panama Endara and his vice presidents Calderon and Ford.) Noriega had been indited in Florida some three years before on drug charges, and charges of money laundering. However, the US went in and completely destroyed the Panamanian Defence Force, which rendered Panama incapable of defending the Canal Zone, which was to fall into Panamanian hands by the year 2,000. (the US special forces had encouraged various factions within the PDF to take down Noriega in a coup, providing the illusion that the PDF was unstable and filled with Noriega supporters. In March of 1991, President Guillermo Endara proposed a constitutional amendment that would forever abolish Panama's right to have an army. Later that same year, the US Congress passed a law to renegotiate the Panama Canal Treaties to ensure US military presence in Panama, on the grounds that Panama was no longer capable of defending the Canal. Most analysts outside the US agree that the main reason for the invasion was to regain control of the Panama Canal in the interests of US National security. Interesting note: the office that was shown, with the red pj's, the vodoo equipment, the drugs, and the pornographic pictures were later also shown Chilie during the overthrough of the government there. It was supposed to have belonged to the former Chilian president at that time. US forces are still, to this day, in control of most of the Government agencies of Panama, and many are still being detained without a single charge being applied.


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