UNLAWFUL BANK BAILOUT The current fiasco of bailing out failed banks and savings and loan

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UNLAWFUL BANK BAILOUT The current fiasco of bailing out failed banks and savings and loan associations using our tax dollars is the biggest con game ever put over on the American people. THERE IS NO AUTHORITY IN THE CONSTITUTION TO BAIL OUT ANY BANK! In fact, we gave no permission for the feds to be in any form of banking. That includes the Federal Reserve, FDIC, FSLIC, World Bank, Export-Import Bank, International Monetary Fund, even the BCCI or any other name they care to author. Absolutely none! The word bank doesn't even appear in the document. So where the hell do they figure it will cost the taxpayers several hundred billion dollars to bail out these crooks? Let's accept that the clowns and crooks working for the federal government consider all Americans as lame-brained country bumpkins. We know nothing about the legal workings of our government (true) and even less about the intricacies of finance (also true). But we all should have the intelligence and common sense to be able to distinguish between honest government and the crooked and illegal dealings we see in the media everyday. The United States Constitution is the ONLY authority for operating the federal government. It could be considered an owners manual for our government. WE (that means you and I) granted certain powers for the business of government making it the fundamental law of the land. The ONLY way Washington can change their mode of operations beyond what we permitted is to ask permission from US through the amendment process. We ORDERED everyone (elected or appointed) working for government to swear (or affirm) to GOD that they will support the document. And, WE further specified that the Constitu- tion is the SUPREME LAW of the land. All laws, rules, ANYTHING dealing with operating the federal government has to conform to the authority contained in that document. There are no exceptions to this. After our forefathers ratified the Constitution, people did not trust big government. They demanded, and received a Bill of Rights amending the document. This is really not a bill of rights as such but is an absolute restriction on the operation of the federal govern- ment. The 'thou shalt nots' are throughout the first ten amendments. And the Tenth Amendment points out clearly that the feds CANNOT assume or exercise any power WE did not grant in the first place. OK . . . so what's going on? Now they say that it will take between 400 and 500 billion (that's dollars, with a B!) to bail out the savings and loan 'industry'. They are also very quick to tell us the taxpayers will have to pick up the tab for the bailout. This is about the biggest fraud ever foisted on Americans . . . and there have been many. Why hasn't the media told us that it's a lie? Is the media still the proverbial watchdog or  are they now part of the problem? Our lawyer friends in Washington love to throw around the astronomical figures . . . makes them feel important, I suppose. Let's put a billion in perspective so we can understand it . . . a billion seconds ago, we did not have an atomic weapon. A billion minutes ago, a man called Christ was walking around the Dead Sea teaching a new religious doctrine. And today we hear trillions??? Let's examine some of the more blatantly unconstitution- al banking practices in the US. We already wrote extensively about the Federal Reserve System in Vol 1 (The Traitor Within the Gate.) It's still illegal . . . no change there. Now let's look at a couple more . . . The International Monetary Fund, World Bank, International Bank for Reconstruc- tion and Development, Farm Credit Administration, Farmers Home Administration, Commodity Credit Corporation and the list goes on and on. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Inter- national Bank for Reconstruction and Development were created during the Bretton Woods Conference in July 1944. Although supported by the United Nations, the IMF is a private organization. But they do use our tax dollars . . . (what else is new) to spread joy around the world. It is essen- tially a US bank since it is mostly our money and our decisions as to whom the money is given, either as loans or outright grants. How would you like a few million dollars of taxpayers money as an outright grant? What was that statement in the last paragraph? It is a private organization and they use our tax dollars? Just how in hell did they arrange that? I certainly wouldn't mind setting up a private organization and use billions of American tax dollars to spread around the world. Of course it would mean I would be living high on the hog. I wouldn't have any problem dreaming up all sorts of 'perks' for myself and family . . . Now we are going to give 28 billion for starters to 8 or 9 'republics' of the former Soviet Union. More of our tax dollars at work . . . In spite of their slanted glowing reports in encycloped- ias, they are illegal as hell. There is not one iota of authority for our government to be in any banking business . . let me repeat that . . . NO AUTHORITY. And they run around just looking for countries to GIVE our money to . . . what a crock! What makes deficits? We HAVE to get these people out of the banking business and make them obey the Supremacy clause of the Constitution. They are well entrenched but we need to throw a monkey wrench into the entire operation of illegal banking. Now, reports are surfacing that all candidates prior to the 1988 presidential elections knew all about the pending failure of the banks and savings and loans. Dukakis made a slight mention of it during campaigning and immediately had visits from people running the banking committees at the funny farm. Can't let the people know that we know about  this before the elections or everything will come undone. But think back . . . when did they first reveal the banking crisis? We hear warnings that the price tag will be higher 'should the economy falter'. And who will cause that? The illegal practices of government or you and I? Now, to show how business orientated the Congress is, they have 'created' the Resolution Trust Corporation. The RTC is supposed to dispose of all the bank property which has been seized from banks they have 'bailed' out. What a crock again . . . Look throughout the Constitution and see if you can find the power to create a government corporation . . . give me a break. 800 numbers, on site financing. "74 Commercial Properties Valued at nearly $30 million." We all have seen these glowing advertisements. See how our 'friends' at the funny farm are lowering the unemployment rate? More big paying jobs for their lawyer friends . . . without a shred of authority in the document! 400 billion dollars or even one dollar . . . where do they find the right to spend our tax dollars when we didn't say they could do it? If they have magically found authority somewhere, why haven't they bailed out some of the Mom and Pop businesses which have gone belly up? Is it because these small businesses don't kick in millions of dollars to politicians for their reelection funds or their slush funds or their bribe kitties? Now being exposed is a real money scandal . . . (also partially covered in OUR ROYALTY chapter) involving the little George campaign and the republican party. It seems that Bush has a club known as the '100 Club'. All members are those who have contributed over $100,000 to the reelec- tion funds of the republican party. These funds apparently are distributed by the republican party hierarchy and will include little George. In this way, they are circumventing laws restricting the amount of money that may be donated. Now when these people donate that kind of bucks, they expect a payback . . . only normal. Wouldn't you? And the payback for these secret big money wheeler and dealers has been lucrative . . . special favors, special watering rights, grain deals and laws being bent to allow millions of dollars to be realized for their donation. Yet to hear them tell it, the administration doesn't do things like that, only the Congress is guilty of shady dealings. Really? Now let's take a look at some real crooked banking practices and shady cover-ups from top to bottom in the funny farm known as Washington, DC . . . this horse caca called the BCCI scandal. This is going to be a humdinger when all the nonsense comes out! From the Presidents on down the ladder . . . and you and I are again left holding the short end of a slimy stick. CIA, FBI, Congress, Justice Department . . . all involved. Now lets see if it finally involves our protectors, the mystical men in the black robes . . . want to make a bet?  On a Sunday morning show on NBC, (Mar '92) a full one and a half hour report on BCCI really began to stir the pot! A 'spokesman' from the Justice Department, who was obviously supposed to smooth the frayed edges of this thing, got so flustered he was stuttering. And he never answered the question as to why there was a lack of prosecution on their part. He kept insisting that the Justice Department indicted 'X' number of individuals . . . must have been a slip of the tongue. Justice Department has NO power to indict ANYONE! The only ones who can issue an indictment is a grand jury who are required to do their own independent investigation. Further control of those grand juries by the 'Justice' Department? Do they even know what the word justice means? This is really beginning to smell. Mention was made that the news investigators believe most of the legal profession in DC will be involved in this scum. That is why they feel there has been such foot dragging on investigation of those implicated with BCCI. You don't really thing lawyers would do anything illegal concerning money, do you? The foot dragging is getting worse now. Reports are surfacing that the Justice Dept is holding up indictments, in some instances, refusing to issue indictments and generally, doing whatever they want to hold up or slow the investiga- tion. This is our justice department folks. . . now it's being called a rats nest of corruption. Do these people even know the meaning of the words justice or just? I doubt it! It's been revealed that this crock has been going on since 1981. Let's see, who was president then? Oh yes, Nancy. And our 'leader' little George was vice-president. The news investigation has him deeply involved in it . . . special considerations given to his son on oil deals in the Gulf area . . let's see, that was BEFORE Bush decided to go into Iraq, wasn't it? Let's see how honest these yoyo's are with their own money. Did you know they have their own bank in the House of Representatives? (This is really 'old news' now but I've left it in the book so people are reminded of some of the crookedness pulled by our public servants.) Latest news reports reveal that our 'leaders' (and I use that word facetiously) have written over 20,000 bad checks over the last three years. One crook wrote about 1000 totaling more than one million dollars which were covered by the House Bank! They say our money was not used to back up those checks but we know they are not always truthful. Have you ever been in a small county court where some poor overwhelmed Hispanic girl is being charged with 'Theft by Check' and seen what the fine or punishment are? Of course, that involves an ordinary citizen, not a member of Congress. And it usually involves under 100 dollars . . . not millions. It doesn't have to be Hispanic . . . could be black or white or yellow . . . it's just that I have seen the whipped look on poor Hispanic girls!  Is this why we pay taxes? Is this the reason the IRS can be and is so brutal so our elected 'representatives' can bail out their buddies? Why is it that prosecutions are so scarce? Are these 'pillars of the community' really guilty of a crime? Or are you and I guilty of not watching these schmucks? The word 'representative' should be taken with a grain of salt . . . they don't represent me . . . how about you? Really, they represent no one other than themselves, and if need be, their buddies in that mutual admiration society called Congress. They reluctantly watch out for others in the common admiration aristocracy in DC but primarily, Congress watches out for congress. We have been snookered and taken. They are stealing money from every person in this country. If you thought it was illegal to steal, you haven't paid much attention to what is going on in government. They have made a profession of it. Government tells you and I that individually it is morally and legally wrong to steal. Then what gives us the right collectively, as a group called government, to do it legally? Power and might? Or is it because we allow it? The culprit in this chicanery is the Congress. The executive and judicial branches must also share blame since no one has tried to stop this debacle and they are enjoying the fruits of illegality. How can they say that they didn't know this was illegal when they constantly tell us that ignorance of the law is NO excuse? What do you suppose is their excuse? Is different because they are all lawyers? Some only more equal than others? This is another opportunity to flood these clowns in Congress with Petitions for Redress of Grievances. As before, not a few hundred, but millions of petitions. Send one on every grievance you have against the operation of our federal government. Let's tell them how fed up we all are with the illegal operations in DC. There is an ASCII file of a Petition on this disk. Print it out, fill it out and tell them this gobbledygook has to stop! I personally see no reason to be polite with these crooks. They don't deserve politeness. The irony of all this is the FBI comes out with a special report that violent crime is on the increase. It's obvious that crime in government in DC is on the increase too. The people in the streets now have the perfect example to follow. You and I do have the final clout . . . our vote! First we must recognize that we do have a problem, and you must admit $500,000,000,000 qualifies as a problem. Let's get rid of our apathy and vote ALL of these yoyo's and crooks OUT OF OFFICE! Old Abraham Lincoln said this was a government 'of the people, by the people and for the people'. Let's get involved and save not only our money, but our country as well. 


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