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From ucivax!!amiserv!amiganet!ddrumm From: (Daniel Drumm) To: Date: Thu, 12 Nov 92 04:08:16 CST In Chicago, on Public Television, there used to be this show called "The 90's", sort of a composition of interesting home videos sent in by people with brains. There was this one video interview of this former Army Officer (the rank escapes me, I think it was Capt.) who was a decorated Vietnam Vet. He was standing outside of the church in Kennebunkport that the Bush's attend. The Episcopalian church, funny I forget the Shrub's exact religion at the moment, in Kennebunkport. Anyhow, my grammar is shot at 4am. Scary....Bad. He told the story of how he tried to get up during the part of the service where the parish can request prayers of their own choosing. He wanted the church to say a prayer for the civilians of Iraq who would be (this was the Sunday after the ground war started) caught and killed in the war. He was shouted down and dragged out by the SS (Secret not being the operative word in this scenario) and whisked to the local jail to sit tight. I never thought a former director of the CIA could get unelected. Makes you think about taking democracy seriously again, if only for an instant.


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