Sean McCullough on 1:128/64 People-- Regarding my last post hher: It is a well documented

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Sean McCullough on 1:128/64 People-- Regarding my last post hher: It is a well documented fact that I am NOT a believer in the deity of Abraham. My opinion is that when Shem, Ham, and Japheth went their separate ways after Noah died, that Shem was essentially the inheritor from his father (primogeniture); that Ham parted in disfavour from his father and hence didn't inherit the Middle Eastern lands that Noah claimed for his own; and that JAPHETH was the SMART one, REJECTING his father's lands, ways, and RELIGION in favor of BETTER PICKINGS in ALL the areas I just now cited. Europe is MUCH BETTER ecologically for supporting humans than the lands possessed by Shem's decendants; and, once removed from the toxic desert environment of the Mideast, the Japhethites figured out that Shem's tribal demon wasn't worth a flying leap either!! Thus far, historically, my theory here is borne out. Despite repeated promises of prosperity and peace in exchange for obedience to him, tje spoiled rotten immature brat worshipped by Shem's decendants via Abraham has actually DELIVERED naught to these poor bastards save war, strife, poverty, and more and more "later in the great by and by". Even today, the same applies. The lands claimed by Noah and Shem are today enjoying the fruits of approximately 6000 years of uninterrupted warfare. What little ecosystem that ever was there capable of supporting ANY form of animal life, whether sheep or two-leggeds, is now a thing of the past; most of these lands are nearly as devoid of edible life as the moon. Millions trust this deity of Abraham's for healings, security, and prosperity that NEVER ARRIVE. And, today, I fully expect that we will find ourselves embroiled in a global war NO ONE needs, because both sides are trusting this being to garnt them a victory neither of them deserve. Nevertheless, I DO believe that the Bible (and also the Quraan) IS in fact entitled to the same respect due any other great literature. Hence, unless otherwise DIRECTLY called for, I assume that WHAT IS SAID is EXACTLY what is meant, unless otherwise specified in the work in question!! 'Nuff said.......


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