Here is the text of a speech prepared for delivery to the Republican National Convention W

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Here is the text of a speech prepared for delivery to the Republican National Convention Wednesday by Secretary of Labor Lynn Martin: Delegates of the Republican Convention. And all Americans, those of you watching and wondering what the future may bring. Tonight I have the privilege of placing in nomination the name of the next president of the United States. This convention will choose, our president, the nation's leader, George Bush. To be with you tonight on this podium is a signal honor. Houston, Texas, is after all, 1,200 miles from Rockford, Illinois, where I started as a high school teacher. It's an even longer journey from growing up on the northwest side of Chicago where a tomboy like me must have driven patient nuns crazy. But it's not that far in the United States of America where reaching above what other societies call one's place in life is not only permitted but encouraged. It's not that far in a country where each individual's ability to grow is nourished by family and friends, people like you. It's not that far when, this Republican Party, the party of Abraham Lincoln, of Teddy Roosevelt, of Dwight Eisenhower, of Ronald Reagan, says "yes" to all who want to join us and "no" to any test of ideological purity. A party that includes all of us here and on this podium. And its not too far if we have a president who holds that each of us brings to this party, this government, this nation the great song of our beliefs, our experiences, our values. For as Republicans we can sing the litany of accomplishments. In the past decade, the years of George Bush and Ronald Reagan, our America moved the world. We ended the 45-year long Cold War with the Soviet Union by our deeds and our defense strategy. We won Desert Storm and reaffirmed the position of the United States as the most powerful force for good on this earth. And that's why Saddam Hussein is not brutalizing other nations and controlling two-thirds of the world's oil today. These were victories for all of you here, for every American. All of you made it possible by your determination and belief in the American ideals of freedom and of democracy. By your willingness to keep America strong. And you made this victory possible when America said "yes" to George Bush and "no" to the gaggle of Democrats, honking their noisy reasons why it couldn't be done. And now the latest in the long line of whimpering naysayers want you to abandon that strength and steadfast purpose for the crass politics of fear and the false promise of change. Because that's the message from that other convention: despair, desolation and darkness. Let me tell you what you didn't hear in New York. We're only five percent of the world's population, but we produce 25 percent of the world's output -- twice that of Japan and four times that of Germany. You didn't hear that last month in New York. We export more today in American products than when George Bush took office. You didn't hear that last month in New York. We have the world's most productive workforce, the highest standard of living, and a university system that is the envy of the world. You didn't hear that last month in New York. And you helped create 20 million new jobs in America these past 12 years, enabling us to welcome into the workforce record millions of people like me, and you women pursuing careers, immigrants starting businesses, minorities seeking and getting that first long overdue chance. Your demands to lower the cost of living and mortgage rates, were heeded. And of course, you sure didn't hear any of that last month in New York. Because the Democrats truly think our best days are behind us. Their nominee, Gov. Clinton, was quoted as saying that America was being ridiculed around the world. Who is telling him this? Is it the same people from his Democratic party the same blame America firsters? Could it be the Democratic leaders of Congress? Those aging punjabs who evidently so embarrassed the Democratic nominee that they were erased -- made non-people for the New York convention? One thing I do know, Gov. Clinton never talked to the millions of people who, thanks to the leadership of George Bush, are basking in the glow of freedom and who see the United States as the beacon of hope and opportunity, guiding their path towards individual liberty and justice for the first time in their lives. It was George Bush who had the vision when those King Lears of the Democratic Party were blindly foundering in the sea of might-have-beens. Unable then and now to grasp the real source of America's greatness -- you. Thank God America has had and will have a leader who believes in you. I said I'm from Chicago. It's a wonderful, muscular kind of city. An Illinois poet Carl Sandburg, who wrote about our America and about my city with such insight said: "All we need to begin with is a dream that we can do better than before." That's your dream. That's George Bush's dream. That's America's dream. We, the American people, who have dared to dream, have made America special. And we Americans believe we will make a better tomorrow. We possess what everyone else is trying to get: freedom, opportunity, a future full of hope. We are the yardstick by which all other countries measure themselves. As a nation of many different people, we believe in one another, in our talents, our creativity, in our decency, our ability to build on all our dreams. Surely we have problems. We must confront them honestly. We must debate our differences, and then we must move ahead. We must never let our vision become clouded, even when the constant braying of those preaching a return to the old and failed ways fills the air. And so we must re-ask the question. Is America better off today than she was four years ago? Remember President Bush standing in the Rose Garden with Boris Yeltsin and making the most sweeping nuclear arms cuts in history. Our children can now go to bed in peace and not wake to the fear of nuclear war. Are we better off than four years ago? Of course we are. We have moved from an age of building bomb shelters and missiles that could end our future in a moment, to a chance to restore our precious land and to rejuvenate this entire planet. Are we better off than four years ago? Of course we are. For now we can enter an era that is truly a Pax Americana -- the American Peace -- initiated by the policies of our leader, George Bush. With the valor and values of a country that echo in all of us, George Bush is the right man on our march to the 21st century. Because with this peace, a once murky future rings with clarity. We can and must secure a different future. A future America where debt and deficits are conquered, where compassion and competency buttressed by common sense are not exceptions, but the standard for all Americans. A future America where creations of value are respected. A future America where each individual has the security we have provided the world. A future America where the worth of each person is a sign of our glory and each person glories in the worth of the future. There is one fact that we all know as we begin this often tortured route to choose that one person to lead this America to that future. You can't be one kind of man and another kind of president. Inside George Bush is the heart of an 18-year-old fighter pilot who risked his life for his country, who did not run from his responsibilities then and does not now. You can't be one kind of man and an other kind of president. Who could forget George Bush showing his American Express card to a small child who didn't think he was president. He said to him, "What did you think? Did you think I was a pretend kind of guy?" This president has never been "a pretend kind of guy." This is such a decent man, an honest man, a modest man, a man who saw his mission four years ago as peace -- and who has delivered this dividend every day since. No, you can't be one kind of man and another kind of president. George Bush believes in you. He believes in individuals. He has travelled to our factories that take on foreign competition and win. And he has seen factories that close, leaving working men and women adrift in a world -- a world of change where they feel forgotten. He has walked in neighborhoods where ordinary people are doing heroic things to fight gangs and drugs, refusing to give into thugs and thieves. And he has also seen the shadowy streets of broken glass where the suffocating smell of defeat permeates the air around vacant lots and boarded apartments. He has sat in schools where the extraordinary is ordinary, where the future shines in the eyes of children. And he has watched other schools take eager minds and produce not excellence and excitement, but sullen survivors sometimes lacking in skills and too often lacking belief in themselves or in our country. And that is why today George Bush has a new mission. That's why today George Bush is fighting a new revolution for the future of our country. That's why George Bush is working to win the next war. Our grandparents, our sons deserve a safe way to grow up and to grow old -- that's why he fights for tougher laws against criminals. Our children won't have one job, they'll have four careers -- that's why he fights for change in education and for training. Our daughters and cousins have seen opportunities stolen -- that's why George Bush fights to shatter the glass ceiling and empower the disabled. Our grandchildren deserve to live where fresh water glitters in the new day's sun -- that's why he fights for clean air now and a greener planet forever. Our uncles and aunts, our neighbors, need jobs -- and that's why George Bush fights for new investment policies, for tax cuts, and for a growing share of world markets. He knows you can't win when you can't take a new job because you're son has that rheumatic heart, when you can't enjoy retirement because your company doesn't have a pension, when you worry about AIDS and when you struggle to live with a mom who has Alzheimer's. That's why he fights for humanizing our health care, for real pension reform, for investments in research and answers to life's real nightmares. You know you won't win, unless he does. He knows he can't win, unless you do. Is this the stuff of headlines? Is this the simple sound bite? George Bush doesn't govern by sound bites. He knows the more you talk, the less you get done. He knows it means he hasn't received credit: he knows it often means he has taken blame and he knows we haven't even known about some of the battles. In exactly 76 days, we're going to elect our next President, a decision as serious and weighty as any choice America faces. In a changing and sometimes dangerous world, we can not risk the inexperienced or the inept. We in this convention hall know America needs a fighter. A fighter whose quiet strength produced peace. A fighter who does not speak with honeyed words but with a full heart. A fighter who with measured steps moves us to a new century. A fighter who understands in the solitude of the Oval Office the difficulty of decisions. A fighter who holds our trust, our hopes. A fighter proven, battle hardy, but not weary. A fighter -- with mind, heart and soul devoted to this glorious experiment, this human kaleidoscope, this halcyon place, this America. A fighter who is the same kind of man as he is our President. Ladies and Gentleman, I nominate for president of the United States, a man who is the same kind of man as he is our president, George Bush.


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