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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10-16-91 2200HRS. CDT MADMAN KILLS TWENTY THREE, WOUNDS 20 MORE Killeen, TX. An angry man with a semiautomatic 9mm pistol crashed his pickup truck into a Killeen, Texas cafeteria and opened fire on the lunch time crowd. Witnesses describe the man as having fired his weapon until it was empty, reloading and firing many additional shots. The man may have continued to shoot and kill people for as much as ten to fifteen minutes. Emergency medical and law enforcement officials describe a total of twenty- three (23) people being killed and another twenty (20) wounded. The gunman reportedly was also found dead at the scene, possibly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Killeen Police are investigating the incident, but have released little information about the motive or cause for the shooting. Reportedly, the assailant's name was given as George Menard of Belden, Texas. Little is known about the man, except that he made a statement prior to the start of the shooting, which accused "Bell County of ruining his life". Bell county is the Texas county where the incident occured. Reportedly, the man had been unemployed for as much as six months prior to the incident, and several local people speculated that the man's financial situation might have contributed to the fatal outcome. According to Clark Staten, Executive Director of the Emergency Response and Research Institute in Chicago,IL, "This appears to be the deadliest shooting incident of the past twenty-five years". "It brings to mind another incident of many years ago involving a gunman who was firing from a tower at the University of Texas", the former police officer continued. "This level of violence appears to be an unfortunate, but increasingly common event", Staten continued. "Incidents like that which occured today, last year in a McDonald's restaurant, and on a California schooyard point out the vulnerability of anyplace that people gather", he added. "The next biggest problem that will face the citizens of Killeen, is that of critical incident stress; in a town the size of Killeen everybody knows somebody who was involved in the shooting or is even related to a victim", Staten said. "Following a large scale, tragic event like this, many people will will [sic] eventually experience what is commonly called `Post-Traumatic Stress Syn- drome', he added. "Mental health professionals will need to begin the process of debriefing those that have lived through this horrendous afternoon, and much follow-up care may be neces- sary to help ease the psychologic trauma that will undoubtedly occur", Staten added. An initial assessment of the emergency response to the incident shows that the U.S. Military contributed a great deal to the rescue effort. According to an local Emergency Medical Techni- cian (EMT), a military unit from nearby Ft. Hood sent several medical evacuation helicopters to the scene and they immediately transported several critical patients to nearby civilian and military hospitals. A number of physicians were also transported to the scene of the shooting within a few minutes, and a triage/- treatment area was established in a nearby store. Local fire, police and emergency medical service workers report that their normal systems were overwhelmed for a period of time at the onset of the incident, but that an extraordinary effort on the part of the rescuers minimized the loss of life to the highest degree possible. "Almost any emergency medical service would have been pushed to it's limits by an incident like this"; Staten, a veteran paramedic, observed. "Considering the circum- stances, it would appear that they did a commendable job while in the most difficult of predictaments", he concluded. -30- By: Emergency Response & Research Institute All rights reserved, except as assigned. For More information: EMERGENCY BBS - w/ modem 312-631-3467 Voice: 312-631-1101 Mobile: 312-720-7982


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