BTW, here's that list I promised...unedited from the files.bbs including the standard disc

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BTW, here's that list I promised...unedited from the files.bbs including the standard disclaimer that I have at the top...enjoy, and let me know what you want... *** WARNING *** The following material is presented here in the interest of technical enlightenment only. This information, at the time of its writing, is as accurate as the Syhas knowledge of. This material is the result of years of experience and many hours of careful experimenting by others. The manufacture, transportation and detonation of explosives may be in violation of state, federal or local laws. The preparation and handling of potentially unstable explosive compounds is by its nature a DANGEROUS ACTIVITY and mishaps could result in injury or death. The SysOp cannot be hld liable for the use or misuse of this information. AFPO.ZIP Make AFPO and NI3 explosives AMMONIUM.ZIP Formulas for Ammonium Nitrate Compounds AMO-NIT1.ZIP How to Make Ammonium Nitrate ANARCHY1.ZIP The Anarchist's Handbook v ANARCHY2.ZIP Discussion of Bombs ANARCHY3.ZIP Making Nitroglycerin AOFA-1.ZIP The Anarchists Of America - Getting Even Wi Your Enemy AOFA-2.ZIP The Anarchists Of America - More Ways to Get Even AOFA-3.ZIP The Anarchists Of America - Ways to Use Really Neat Things AOFA-4.ZIP The Anarchists Of America - Ways to Get Things for Free ARMYIMH.ZIP Improvised Munitions Handbook ASTOLITE.ZIP Astrolite and Sodium Chlorate Explosives ATOMBOMB.ZIP Documentation andiagrams of the Atomic Bomb BADMIND1.ZIP Dr. Badminds Chemistry BADMIND2.ZIP Smoke Screens BADMIND3.ZIP Fast Burning Powders BADMIND4.ZIP Iron & Nitrate Acid BADMIND5.ZIP Mace / Poison Gas BADMIND6.ZIP Light Bulb Bomb BADMIND7.ZIP Chemical React BALLON1.ZIP Acetylene Balloon Bomb BALLON2.ZIP How to make a Hydrogen bomb BLAPOWDR.ZIP Black Powder : Grandpa's Recipe ASTGEL.ZIP How to Make Blasting Gelatin BOMB1.ZIP Improvised Explosives vol. 1 BOMBTRAP.ZIP "Bomb Traps" and Destruction in General BOOMBOOM.ZIP Making M-80s and M-100s BPOWDER.ZIP Formulas for Black Powder BRIDGE.ZIP Bridge Destruction CANBOMB.ZIP Soft Drink Can Bomb CARBOMB.ZIP Blowing Up a Car CHEMACBF.ZIP Errors List on the Anarchists Cookbook CHEMCO.ZIP Chemist's Corner #1 : Explosives CHEMCOR2.ZIP Chemist's Corner #2 : Household Chemicals CHEMICAL.ZIP Chemical Molecular r (EGA) CHLORATE.ZIP Chlorate and Perchlorate Explosives CHLORIDE.ZIP Chloride of Azode CHLORINE.ZIP How to Make Chlorine Gas CHLOROX.ZIP Chlorox-Draino Bomb DEMOLIT1.ZIP Demoltion #1 DEMOLIT2.ZIP Demolition #2 DETONATO.ZIP Detonators DISKBOMB.ZIP Disk Bomb DRAINO.ZIP Draino Bomb DUSTEXPL.ZIP Initiator For Dust Explosions DYNAMIT2.ZIP American Dynamite DYNAMITE.ZIP Formulas from the Straight Formula Series EXPLODE.ZIP Explosives and Other Fun EXPLODE1.ZIP Explosives [1/3] EXPLODE2.ZIP Explosives [2/3] EXPLODE3.ZIP Explosives [3/3] EXPLOPEN.ZIP The Firey Explosive Pen EXPLOSIV.ZIP Explosives and Incendiaries FIREBOMS.ZIP Miscellaneous Nasties FIREBOTL.ZIP Fire Bottle Bombs FLAME.ZIP How to Build a Flamethrower FORMULAS.ZIP Basic Formulas for Demolitions GEL-BOMB.ZIP Gelled Flame Fuels GELDYN.ZIP Formulas for Gelatin Dynamite GRENADE.ZIP ExpedienGrenades H-BOMB.ZIP Making Your Bomb HOMEEXPL.ZIP Home Explosives HOUSEHOL.ZIP Household Substitutes ICEGUN.ZIP A Step y Step Guide to Making a Dry Ice Gun IMP-EXPL.ZIP Improvised Explosives KNO3.ZIP Extraction of Potassium Nitrate from Soil LAUNCHER.ZIP Build a Tennis Ball Launcher LETBOMB.ZIP How to Make a Working Letter Bomb LOWEXPLO.ZIP How to Make Low Explosives LSD.ZIP How to make LSD M-80.ZIP How to Make the M-80 MAC'S#1.ZIP Mac'Guivers Guide To Anarchy 1 - String Fuse, Sugar Chlorate MAC'S#2.ZIP Mac'Guivers Guide To Anarchy 2 - Black Powder, Smoke Screens MAS#3.ZIP Mac'Guivers Guide To Anarchy 3 - Flash Powder, Plastique, Smokeless Powder MAC'S#4.ZIP Mac'Guivers Guide To Anarchy 4 - Mercury Fulminate, Nitrogen TriIodide MAC'S#5.ZIP Mac'Guivers Guide To Anarchy 5 - Solid Nitromethane Explosives, Explanation of Liquid Explosives, Astrolite G MAC'S#6.ZIP Mac'Guivers Guide To Anarchy 6 - Equipment, Really Improvised Smoke Screen, Nitroglycerine MATCHBMB.ZIP Sulpher Bomb made from Kitchen Matches MATCHES.ZIP Fuse Ignitor from Book Matches MERCBOMB.ZIP Merc Battery Bomb MERCFULM.ZIP How to Make Mercury Fulminate MILKBOMB.ZIP How to Make a Milk-Carton Bomb NAPALM.ZIP Napalm Made Easy NASTYBOM.ZIP How to Build an Atom Bomb NINJA1.ZIP Ninja Warrior : Poison #1 NINJA2.ZIP Ninja Warrior : Smoke Screen #1 NINJA3.ZIP Ninja Warrior : Shuriken NINJA4.ZIP Ninja Warrior : Climbing Tutorial 1 NINJA5.ZIP Ninja Warrior : Room Entry/Lock Picking Techniques NINJA6.ZIP Ninja Warrior : Room Entry/Lock Picking Techniques II NITEFUN.ZIP Thing's to do When You're Bored NITRO1.ZIP How to Make Nitroglycerin NITRO2.ZIP How to Make Nitroglycerin AGAIN NITRO3.ZIP How to Make EVEN MORE Nitroglycerin NITRO4.ZIP How to Make Nitroglycerin NITROGEN.ZIP How to Make Nitrogen Tri-Iodide PICRIC.ZIP How to Make Picric Acid PIPEBOM1.ZIP How to Make a Nice Pipe Bomb PIPEBOM3.ZIP REAL Pipe Bombs PIPEBOM4.ZIP Make an Easy Pipe Bomb PLACEMEN.ZIP Placement of Demolition Charges PLASTIC2.ZIP Recipe for a Standard Plastic Explosive PRESBOMB.ZIP Pressure Devices PYRO-1.ZIP Preparation of Contact Explosives PYRO-2.ZIP Touch Paper, Self-Igniting Mixtuercussion Exp. PYRO-3.ZIP Stars, Flares, and Color Mixtures PYRO-4.ZIP Casings and General Construction Part I PYRO.ZIP Pyrotechnical Delights PYRO1.ZIP Preparation of Contact Explosives PYRO2.ZIP Touch Paper, Self Igniting Mixtures, Percussion Explosives PYRO3.ZIP Stars, Flares and Color Mixtures PYRO4.ZIP Casings and General Construction Part 1 PYRO5.ZIP Casings and General Construction Part 2 PYROFUN.ZIP Bombs and Chemicals RRG-KA0S.ZIP How to Kawz Ka0s at Sk00l SCREENS.ZIP Formulas for Different-Colored Smoke Screens SKLSAB1.ZIP 20 Ways to Sabotage Your School 1 SKLSAB2.ZIP 20 Ways to Sabotage Your School Part 2 SMOKE.ZIP Smoke Bombs SUBURB.ZIP Anarchy in the Suburbs TAMPING.ZIP Tamping : Regulate Destructive Power TBBOM12.ZIP The Big Book of Mischief v. 1.2 TEARGAS.ZIP Tear Gas TERROR.ZIP Terrorist's Handbook THIEF.ZIP Thieve's Handbook Vol. I TIMEDELA.ZIP Time Delay Devices TNT.ZIP How to Make TNT TPBOMB.ZIP Toilet Paper Bomb TRAPS.ZIP Booby Traps TRIPWIRE.ZIP making tripwires VULCAN.ZIP Make the ultimate molotov cil - the vulcan bomb WHERETGW.ZIP where to get weapons ZIPGUN.ZIP Homemade guns, Including Zip Guns --- Hail Eris! * Origin: Yellow Submarine / 404-587-3073 / 14.4/HST/V32b/V42b (93:9020/0)


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