The following is from Sydney Schanberg's column in NEW YORK NEWSDAY, March 1: Now that the

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The following is from Sydney Schanberg's column in NEW YORK NEWSDAY, March 1: Now that the war with former friend Iraq is over, I got to wondering whether President George Bush would ride the momentum and take our troops directly to Cambodia to wipe out yet another embarrassment. I speak of the Khmer Rouge, like Iraq a foul regime to which Washington has given aid and comfort. And think of the certain moral high ground to be gained, for Pol Pot's genocidal atrocities make Saddam Hussein look like, well, a wimp. It was only a thought. I know George Bush isn't going after the Khmer Rouge. That's because they're the creatures of our good friends, the dictators of China - and George wants to keep the dictators of China happy, no matter how many students they slaughter. To get back to the Khmer Rouge, who saw to the deaths of perhaps 2 million Cambodians between 1975 and 1979, George says he doesn't like them, but the trouble is, he likes the Vietnamese less. The Vietnamese are the ones who drove the Khmer Rough out of power in Cambodia in 1979 and installed a friendly government in Phnom Penh. The Khmer Rough now operate as a guerrilla army in the remote areas and jungles of Cambodia, attacking government troops and sowing thousands of land mines that blow up Cambodian civilians on a daily basis. . For many more examples of U.S. support for assorted bad guys around the world, read Noam Chomsky's books. . Our government will nonetheless use humanitarian rhetoric to justify what is, in fact, nothing more than our government's own economic and geopolitical self-interest. Take it with a grain of salt. If you want to oppose atrocities by ALL countries, join Amnesty International.


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