[On this veteran's day, it's not only important to remember the veterans who saved the wor

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[On this veteran's day, it's not only important to remember the veterans who saved the world during WWII, but also to remember that our nation's war machine is an *offensive* weapon which is both destructive to the nations which "we" conquer and also destructive to the young people who are duped into joining our country's war machine. Another example: ] /* ---------- "DESERT STORM "GUINEA PIGS"" ---------- */ RESEARCHER CHARGES DOD LABS USING GULF WAR VETS FOR PURPOSE OF HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION CONTACT: PATRICIA AXELROD, 301-270-2650 WASHINGTON, Oct. 31...A John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur researcher said today the Department of Defense is using her work to experiment on U.S. Desert Storm verterans. Patricia Axelrod, a 1991 recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship, asserts that the DNA diagnostic test she proposed to Gen. Ronald Blanck, the commander of Walter Reed Army Hospital, has been secretly implemented by Pentagon laboratories for purposes of conducting "research" on Desert Storn Syndrome sufferers. Desert Storm Syndrome DNA Protocol as devised by the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory will screen blood, hair, urine, sperm or vaginal discharge for exposure to parasites, depleted uranium and/or chemical, bacterial or viral warfare agents. Armed with the results a physician can then diagnose and treat the sufferer. Axelrod says, "I proposed the test to help the Gulf War vets, not to reduce them to lab rats." Citing the cases of two Desert Storm veterans Candy Lovett and Selina Nelson, an outraged Axelrod now states that the Department of Defense is using the test results to monitor the effects of biological warfare agents on humans, withholding the results from the soldiers while incorporating the findings into biological weapons programs. "Gen. Ronald Blanck and others have duped me into assisting them in their plans to deceive Gulf War veterans, and I am now examining legal recourse against them," she said. Lovett, newly released from Brooks Army Hospital, is wheelchair-bound and brain-damaged, she says, as a result of chemical warfare poisoning, and offers her Army medical records to support her charge. Doctors at Brooks disagree with her conclusiions and have diagnosed her as suffering from war stress, a condition known medically as Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. She was given a medical discharge from the Army effective Oct. 28. Broke, with her son Leon in foster care, Lovett says she will go home to Martha's Kitchen, a homeless shelter in Temple, Texas. Lovett says, "I was patriotic. I trusted the U.S. Army, and they played me for a fool." ****************************************************************** Editors note: For more information contact Patricia Axelrod at 301-270-2650.


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