James +quot;Bo+quot; Gritz +quot;Bo+quot; has announced his canidancy for President of the

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James "Bo" Gritz "Bo" has announced his canidancy for President of the United States. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and this great country, to look and listen to what Bo has to say and offer. He is running as a Patriot. Can we do less in our voting? Here are some of his plans for this country when he is elected President. I challenge you, to find one, just one, of the others running to show anything near what "Bo" is offering. * 1 ESTABLISH DEBT FREE CONSTITUTIONAL CURRENCY AND ELIMINATE THE FEDERAL RESERVE. (The Federal Reserve Act was not radified properly by all 50 States and thus is unconstitutional) * 2 STOP THE INCOME TAX AND GET RID OF THE IRS. (If the Federal Reserve is eliminated, we have no need for the IRS. The government is quite capable or running on the tariffs and duties that we take in, just as it did prior to 1913. If there is an over expenditure, then the states will be asked to pay their fair share) * 3 BALANCE THE FEDERAL BUDGET (Pay off the original loan to the Federal Reserve Bank=Balanced Budget) * 4 HALT RUNAWAY SPENDING BY CAPITOL HILL (The 17th Amendment should be revoked) * 5 END FOREIGN AID AND THE BUY OUT OF AMERICA. (Once we have gotten back on our feet, we will be able to help others. Until then we have to fix Amercia in order to exist) * 6 OPPOSE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT AND BUSH'S "NEW WORLD ORDER" (This is an attempt to do away with the Sovereignty of the United States. It is going to turn complete control of the United States over to the United Nations) * 7 INSTITUTE "WORKFARE" IN LIEU OF WELFARE. (Stop paying farmers not to produce. Stop issuing stamps and instead offer food and opportunity to the truly poor. Enforce immigration laws and quotas) * 8 ROLL BACK BIG BROTHER. THE FEDERAL BUREAUCRACY AND LEGISLATIVE STATUES. (Pull the fangs on the FDA and Engergy Department so alternative fuels and medical cures can be advanced) * 9 RESTORE STATES RIGHTS AND PERSONAL LIBERTY. (Replace submissive manipulation with motivated learning in competent schools and eliminate the Education Department) * 10 SECURE THE AMERICAN DREAM. (Stopping all farm foreclosures and sponsoring a law that protects the "home" from government seizure) * 11 RESCUE OUR PRISONERS OF WAR. (U.S. Senate report released on May 23, 1991, reports 25,000 POW's U.S. Servicemen were liberated on the Eastern Front by the Soviets in 1945, but NEVER REPATRIATED! The Russians wanted $6 billion for their release in 1945 money. Stop all Foreign Aid until our POW's are returned) * 12 LIFT THE LID ON WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS. (Expose those guilty of overdosing America for personal gain. National Security has become a synonym for cover-up) * 11 CUT COST AND REQUIRE CONTRIBUTIONS FROM FEDERAL OFFICALS. (Public servants should perform out of patriotism rather than for profit. He will issue an Executive Order cutting the pay of every elected and appointed offical from the President and cabinet through Congress and the courts) * 12 INITIATE "FULLY INFORMED JURY" LEGISLATION. (A fully informed jury knows they have the duty to judge the spirit as well as the letter of the law) * 13 BRING BACK HIGH STANDARD OF DECENCY. (America is drowning in a sewer of decadence and immoratlity promoted by the liberal and corporate elites that own the politicians and run our country. He will renew our pledge as a nation under God) +++AND+++MORE+++MUCH+++MORE+++ Let's do something NOW, while we still can, to save this great country of ours!


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