Msg # 86 Date: 05 Jun 91 15:04:00 To: All Subj: GREEN GIANT RELOCATES TO MEXICO __________

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Msg # 86 Date: 05 Jun 91 15:04:00 From: Nyt News To: All Subj: GREEN GIANT RELOCATES TO MEXICO ____________________________________________________________________________ Via NY Transfer News Service 718-448-2358, 718-448-2683 Conf: carnet.mexnews: 58.0 Topic: Green Giant Relocates to Mexico Written: 4:45 pm Jun 4, 1991 by hfrederick in cdp:carnet.mexnews --FOR JOBS, JUSTICE, AND ENVIRONMENT-- BOYCOTT PILLSBURY-GREEN GIANT AND GRAND MET PRODUCTS: BURGER KING AND HAAGEN DAZS David versus Goliath...Trabajadores Desplazados, a group of laid-off Green Giant frozen food workers from Watsonville California, has begun a boycott campaign for "Jobs, justice, and environment" against Pillsbury-Green Giant and its parent company, Grand Metropolitan of Great Britain. After averaging 14 years, on-call day and night, processing and packaging locally grown vegetables and earning $7.61 per hour with medical and retirement benefits under union contract, hundreds of Green Giant workers in Watsonville learned their jobs were gone. Pillsbury-Green Giant announced relocation of vegetable production to Irapuato, Mexico, paying employees there about $4 a day with few benefits. The Grand Met-Pillsbury-Green Giant global strategy is to sell brand name food products at high prices that are grown, processed, and exported from countries where wages and costs of environmental protections are the lowest. The profits and impacts from this strategy foretell the effects of a U.S.-Mexico free trade agreement. By relocating to Mexico, Pillsbury-Green Giant increases annual profits by $6 million on reduced wages alone, according to Teamsters Local 912, representing the laid-off workers. The company also profits from lower operating costs because of Mexico's minimal enforcement of environmental protections. Pillsbury-Green Giant's run-away to Mexico is "avarice, pure greed," say union officials. While company profits grow, Pillsbury-Green Giant workers, their families, and communities are left with unemployment in Watsonville, or starvation wages in Irapuato. "We helped them make their millions, now we are left with nothing but backaches and twisted fingers," said a 15-year Green Giant worker laid off in Watsonville. In Irapuato, a Green Giant employees says, " If Green Giant were here to help us, they would pay a decent wage. We have no hopes for improving our lives." Irapuato workers tell of being unable to feed their families on Pillsbury-Green Giant paychecks, and of other workers being fired for attempting to organize a union. Pillsbury-Green Giant operations in Mexico -- the cultivation for export of non-indigenous crops with massive usage and disposal of scarce water resources for irrigation and food processing -- contributes to hunger, illness, and significant environmental impacts for the people of Mexico. "FOR JOBS, JUSTICE, AND ENVIRONMENT" The displace workers of Watsonville ask you to boycott all products of the Pillsbury-Green Giant corporation, and Grand Met's Burger King and Haagen Dazs. TRABAJADORES DESPLAZADOS BOYCOTT PILLSBURY-GREEN GIANT 434 MAIN ST. #222, WATSONVILLE, CA. 95076 (408) 728-5671 End of text from cdp:carnet.mexnews --- Tm_Write Version 1.00 --- Defend the Right to Arm Bears * Origin: NY Transfer News of The Alien Nation (1033/1) SEEN-BY: 13/13 112/9 151/223 503 1003 363/320 374/1 14 PATH: 1033/0 208/1 203/53 396/1 13/13 151/1003 374/1 14


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