FOOD + DRUGS? A friend of mine suffered minor heart damage during the influenza season a f

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FOOD & DRUGS? A friend of mine suffered minor heart damage during the influenza season a few years ago. Today, he is having trouble breathing properly. I received a report which showed a Japanese scientist had discovered a natural substance which occurs in garlic, ginseng and other herbs. This discovery was made several years ago and had been extensively tested on himself and others in Japan and Europe. Results were amazing. It reduced and eliminated many of the symptoms my friend exhibited. It was being sold in this country as a food supplement in health food stores. I called Jack as soon as I finished reading. I told him what I had read and we decided to meet for coffee the next morning so he could read the report. He was as impressed as I when he was finished. We drove straight from the coffee shop to a health food store to purchase a bottle of this supplement. There we were informed they had been told to pull it from the shelves. I asked who had ordered it be pulled and was told that the FDA issued the order. I muttered something about this g.. d... government under my breath . . . Just who is this outfit called the Food and Drug Administration? Where is their right to tell you what medicine you can or cannot use? My friends, they don't have it! Yet people familiar with FDA politics and natural foods industry claim that the FDA has threatened to destroy the health food industry for more than 20 years. This is a contemptuous violation of constitutional power. We have been warned that the selling of food supplements which have not been approved by the FDA (which they call medicines) is illegal and will stop. How about that? A sight to see on the tube one evening when the FDA, like gangbusters, invaded a health food store and seized what they claimed were illegal drugs. I guess the commissioners wife must have said NO the night before . . . Where is the law breaking really? The selling of the medicines or the admonition by an unconstitutional con- glomeration of idiots that they will not be sold? And how many good drugs and medicines are being used in other countries which are being withheld from citizens of this country by an outfit which has no right to prohibit their use? Is it an exercise to protect the multi-billion drug industry? Why should Americans be forced to go to foreign countries (if they can even afford it) for treatment of an illness because the jokers, right out of thin air, tell them the treatment is not allowed here? Land of the free and the home of the brave . . . snicker, snicker. Reports have surfaced that medical doctors (MD) who use both conventional medicine and, as they call it, alternative medicines have been forcibly shut down by our friends at the FDA. These alternate medicines include items which are sold  in health food stores. What a crock . . . if they speak out against the FDA, they risk losing a practice. By what right do these clowns tell anyone how to practice medicine? They don't have any right or power for anything of the sort. We are now at the point in time where they feel might and power make right and they have the power. They come in with guns drawn, herd patients and staff out into the parking lot and steal any prescription or correspondence from the doctor which strikes their fancy. Another incident of gangbusters . . . in the state of Washington, the FDA seized records and medications without the doctor being charged with anything. God's gift to humanity (FDA) announced that this raid was part of a stepped-up effort to protect the public from what they say are empty claims that vitamins and other dietary supplements can treat or prevent cancer, Aids and just about any disease doctors treat. As the epitome of absurdity, the FDA commissioner said that Wright (the doctor) was using injectable drugs (in reality, it was vitamins) that HE MAY BE MANUFACTURING. (Maybe he's not!) We will not allow people to do dangerous things, he said. What a yoyo! If we are not going to 'allow people to do dangerous things', then this character should be in a cage! People who work at the FDA admit there is a stepped up campaign against nutritional supplements. Under recently proposed regulations, the FDA can begin wholesale seizures of all kinds of dietary supplements after May, 1993. In 1991, Congress passed and little George signed into law the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990. (NLEA). The FDA was given the task of developing regulations to enforce the NLEA. However, when the regulations came out in November 1991, it was discovered that the FDA exceeded the intent of Congress by interweaving regulations that give it broad enforcement powers. Three bills are now before Congress which threaten to impose severe civil penalties for any person, doctor or business violating NLEA regulations . . . up to TWO MILLION dollars. Buffalo chips! When do we say enough? When do we stop this onslaught on our rights? Is the Fourth Amendment completely dead now? Is due process of law now only something we read about in history books? We better stop it soon or the entire Bill of Rights will be dead. Then we will get exactly what we deserve! Even with the onslaught of AIDS, the FDA continues to pussy-foot around and hold up drugs which may help some poor soul. Their initial invasion of our rights began in 1883 when the importation of tea was regulated. In 1890 the regula- tions were expanded to cover imported foods. What I am about to relate comes from the Encyclopedia Americana (Vol 11, pg 449). I want to point out that the article was written by the Chief, Boston District, Food and Drug Administration and is slanted to the extreme (as you  might expect . . . he is justifying his job and those of others in the FDA.) In 1906 the control began in earnest. They passed the Federal Food and Drug Act which was entitled "An Act for Preventing the manufacture, sale or transportation of adulterated or misbranded or poisonous or deleterious food, drug, medicines, and liquors and for regulating traffic therein, and for other purposes." (Isn't it cute how lawyers always add those catch-all phrases at the end?) Big wigs in the Dept of Agriculture complained they had 'no power to promulgate legal standards of identity and quality for foods in general'. Lordy . . . we must have legal standards! To plug loopholes, another act was passed in 1938 (after floating around Congress for five years before they could muster the votes necessary to pass it) which was called Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. There must have been a few in Congress who felt they had no right or power to pass this type legislation. It took five years of arm twisting to get it through. Note this was during the reign of His Majesty Franklin Roosevelt when the push to exercise control over Americans was in full swing. All the states had enacted special laws to regulate the purity and content of foods. Occasionally, there were conflicts from one state to the next. So what? It was a state function then and still is today. The federales got into the act in order, as they put it, to make the laws uniform. They use Art I, Sec 8, cl 3 which authorizes the central government to regulate commerce with foreign nations and among the several states. They have decided that power means they can determine how far those regulations extend. What a load of gobbledygook! This fiasco with foods and later drugs shows how adept these clowns are at assuming a power. Notice, it started with checking the importation of tea. Simple enough. I can just hear the people . . . "Boy, this is great. Now we don't have to worry about anymore bad tea." Then it was expanded to foods . . . "Now at least we know the government is watching that our imported foods will be pure." No one complained or challenged the seizure of these powers. Next it was enlarged to cover drugs . . . then to cosmetics and finally to confiscation of homes, planes, money and etc. You can see this pattern in every usurpation of power that has occurred. If a challenge should happen to get to the Supreme Court, what do we find there? More lawyers who will decide what is best for us and the hell with the specific authority to do so. They love to use terms like 'overriding public needs' or 'in the best interest of the government' and etc. Those people in the black robes are no more the protectors and defenders of the Constitution than is Howdy Doody. Probably less. There was so much far left socialist legislation being spewed out by Congress during the 1930's that the Supreme  Court was being overwhelmed by challenges. They solved that problem very easily in 1935. In a decision concerning the Tennessee Valley Authority, their sick minds opened the door which enabled them to ignore constitutional questions altogether. They decided that if there was some way to dispose of a case without considering the constitutionality of whatever was being challenged, that's the way they would go. What is the easiest way to get rid of such a case? Ignore it and not allow it to get onto the docket! Works beautifully. That TVA case was another disaster. They decided the federal government could run the Tennessee Valley Dam and power plant to generate and sell electricity. Where the hell does it say the feds can be in any kind of business in competition with private enterprise? No where, my friends, NO WHERE! Let's take a quick look at dates . . . first attempt to control food or drugs happened in 1883. For 100 years we were able to survive without government snoopervision! But at that point, they had one foot in the proverbial door and it gave them the 'right' (they feel) to expand their control over these items. Do you feel we are any better off 100 years later? Checking The Federalist Papers for reasoning as to why the federal government was to regulate commerce, we will find that under the Articles of Confederation, each state was free to tax articles being brought into the state. This included articles from another state or from a foreign country. It was a disaster and occasionally created dissatisfaction between the states . . . as Hamilton put it in Paper No. 22, this was contrary to the true spirit of the Union. It had even been a block to the formation of beneficial treaties with foreign powers. The whole point for this power to regulate commerce was to achieve uniform economic conditions throughout the country in general. It also was important source of external taxation and stability in the value of money which a thriving economy promotes. (Hamilton, No. 12) They were sure the federal government would have to depend on import taxes as their chief source of revenue for a long time. Hamilton pointed out that in France, at the time, an army of patrols were employed to secure her fiscal regula- tions against dealers in contraband. They didn't want that here because "[T]he arbitrary and vexatious powers with which the patrols are necessarily armed would be intolerable in a free country." I'll bet he is rolling over in his grave today. Another reason it was given to the feds over the state governments is that the federales could more easily patrol the Atlantic coast making certain ships made it all the way into ports. Thus duties would be reported and collected. This prevented ships from trying to unload off shore. They had problems with smuggling back then also. The reason for checking the old writings was to see if  there was even a remote suggestion that the Framers intended the federal government could assume police powers and tell you and me that we can't use a certain food, drug or cosmetic. As James Madison pointed out in Paper No. 45, "The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined." If we didn't give the power and that power is not specifically spelled out, THEY DON'T HAVE IT! If that isn't plain and simple enough for the bureau- crats, they need to be reminded that the Tenth Amendment spells it out in very clear language. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, they tell us. What's their excuse? Where have they assumed the right to make such decisions concerning food and drugs? Because we allow it! Simply, we are being told it is for our own good. These are police powers which have been denied the national government. If the states want to exercise such powers, we have another ball game but to allow the weirdos in DC to exceed their powers is bad news. The process to amend the Constitution is in place . . . make them use it before we submit to unconstitutional control. Let's take a curtsy look at the police arm called the Drug Enforcement Agency . . . This enforcement arm is under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department .. what else? (Justice . . . now that's a joke!) In spite of all the damage they inflict everyday, there is no authority for this bunch of creeps! There was no amendment proposed nor approved to allow for any organization to determine that the sale or use of a drug can be criminal. The Federal Govern- ment has NO power to determine what is a criminal act. There are four crimes listed in the Constitution and that is the extent of their criminal jurisdiction. (See the chapter in this book entitled People Control.) Yet we all know they do enforce criminal penalties concerning drugs . . . how come? Primarily because they have convinced us that they have the power to do whatever they decide to do and that's a pile of el toro caca. They don't want you or anyone to have any knowledge about the extent of their power nor how anyone can challenge the illegal use of powers. We are all supposed to be dumb, fat and happy country bumpkins . . . that's all. If you take an honest look at their arrogance, you'll have to admit it's the truth. Now these illegal police activities have assumed a new power . . . they call it surreptitious entry. They broke into what they called a drug 'factory', looked the whole place over, closed it back up and raided it the next day. No matter what you call it, it's an illegal entry. They break the law and give it a George Orwell newspeak name. It's a blatant violation of law and obviously has been given the blessing of the courts. What a crock! And we keep hearing that ignorance of the law is no excuse . . . There is another facet in their operations which is a real crime . . . forfeiture laws. The Fifth Amendment is crystal clear about that when it says, "No Person . . . shall  be deprived of . . . property, without due process of law;" OK, what does that mean? It means they have to have OUR permission in the document before they can take life, liberty or property. Simple enough. Somewhere in there, in clear language, (not abstract or perhaps it's there vagueness) it has to show that we said the feds can seize homes, money, boats, cars, planes or whatever. It does NOT mean they can pass a law outside the power we granted and take property. (Or do anything for that matter.) Due process of law means they have the authority in our Constitution. If the power is not there, due process of law is not there either. If any link in the functioning of a law violates constitutional commands, it's defective and due process of law ceases at that point. We often will hear our magicians in the black robes say that we must have and have always had the power of distraint (seizure). True . . . our Founding Fathers knew that too but they decided no royalty (including US) would be able to come along, decide they didn't like you and could steal property under the guise of law. This is precisely why the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment was born and precisely the reason we gave our approval to the amendment. THE FEDS CANNOT TAKE PROPERTY UNLESS DUE PROCESS OF LAW IS BEING FOLLOWED TO THE LETTER. If I am forbidden by law from stealing something from you, what gives us the right, collectively as a group called government, to do it legally? Ask our elected representatives (if you can get them away from their checkbooks) where they have found the right to pass a bill allowing for both the Food and Drug Ad- ministration and the Drug Enforcement Agency. I'll bet that you will not even receive an answer. (Because even they don't know the answer.) Yet they have done it without the slightest hint of a grant of power from us. It might be an interesting point for the readers to look at the budgets of these unauthorized organizations to see how much of our money is being wasted. Another expose which is unfolding concerning food is the importation of meat from Canada. Would you believe it's not inspected? There is only an insignificant inspection of certain boxes after we inform the Canadian authorities we are going to inspect. They tell us which shipment we can look at . . . we are eating all sorts of tainted meat and there is no way for any of us to tell which meat came from Canada when we are at the supermarket. The way it works now, they are inspecting about 7% of all imported Canadian meats! What kind of nonsense is going on? The yoyo's in Congress are the culprits in this fiasco. They are the ones who will have to rescind the law and restore some sanity in our country. They need to be flooded with phone calls, with millions of letters and Petitions for Redress of Grievances. (There is one included at the end of this book.) Make certain you complain loudly at these new proposed regulations before all health food stores will have  to close their doors. This is the intent of the FDA! The filing of a Federal Question Action lawsuit under Bivens vs Six Unknown Narcotics Agents for violation of your/our constitutional rights is an alternative. These people are really doing a royal number on all of us today. They will claim they have 'sovereign immunity' but it's a bunch of buffalo chips. Our Constitution gives no one any immunity from law suits when they violate the authority we doled out for government. They are not the sovereigns, we are. If things reported in this article make you angry, you must get over the anger and work for changes for the better. These things get more and more serious . . . we HAVE to exert our sovereign power and make them obey our laws. These people are drunk with power which in itself is a sickness. This will not go away by itself, it will only get worse. The future does not look favorable . . . let's go after them now! SPECIAL NOTE . . . If the FDA continues with their plans to shut down all health food stores, here are two mail order firms where you should be able to get vitamins, food supplements and also prescription drugs for your personal use. In Home Health Services Box 3112 CH - 2800 Delemont Switzerland and Interlab BCM Box 5890 WCIN 3XX England It is my understanding that both of these firms will send you a price list. It would be wise for you to ask specifically for the item you are searching for. REGISTRATION IS ONLY $19.95 


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