This leap of faith, from +quot;an expert says that....+quot; to +quot;it is true that ...+

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This leap of faith, from "an expert says that...." to "it is true that ..." is what I call the "emporer's new clothes effect." Rather than being allowed to examine the evidence to make up your own mind, you are enticed into believing what amounts to "expert hearsay." Expert hearsay is then taken for "truth." It is the primary device by which the creators of the Warren Commission and the purveyors of its message hoped to play with our trust in order to create the impression of truth. It is very seductive. This, in my opinion, was the method behind the formation of the Warren Commission which turned it into a "pick-a-card, any card" kind of trick by which the FBI and other executive agencies were able to force a card, their card, that Oswald was the lone gunman, onto a group of otherwise unwitting politicians (redundant). In other words, the WC was set up as a pseudo jury. We were supposed to, and did, trust the reputation and integrity of those on that jury. The only problem was that this jury didn't operate with the high standards employed by ordinary citizens when acting as jurors. We observe those standards not because we are good people, but because it is not possible to arrive at anything resembling the truth without doing so. The quality of the results of the Warren Commission directly reflects the quality of its standards and methods -- the pseudo jury arrived at a pseudo truth. Subsequent attempts to shore up the conclusions of the WC have been built upon the same technique. The Clark panel, Rockefeller Commission, etc. are all attempts to wow us with expert hearsay. We are still unable to examine first-hand much of the evidence in this case. The real truth is that to some there is plenty of evidence to indicate that the photos are fakes and to others there is not. To me, what the Clark panel, or Rockefeller Commission thinks is irrelevant. What do YOU think? Are you able to get access to the data needed to make an intelligent decision? Paul Collacchi


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