From _Soldier of Fortune_ This may sound familiar: Operating on a +quot;tip+quot;, flack-j

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From _Soldier of Fortune_ ------------------ This may sound familiar: Operating on a "tip", flack-jacketed federal Treasury agents with assault rifles at the ready, plus heavily armed state and local officials, stormed the Magic Valley outlet store in Jackson, Tennessee, to seize contraband and arrest store owner David Woods. The threat to society? Alleged counterfeit Barney dinosaur dolls. The premise? Total bullshit. The upshot (pardon the pun)? Fortunately, none. Store-owner Woods produced invoices showing the purple dolls came from an authorized distributor, and Our Protectors saddled up to go fight crime elsewhere. No women or kids shot in the back, no women or kids burned to death. But the only customer in the store -- who assumed it was the Dalton Gang riding again -- was not reassured when one of the armed intruders said, "I think this is the only customer: You take her and I'll take the door." I love you, you love me, we're a contraband fam-i-ly... -------------------


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