Linda Thompson 21-Feb-93 01:59pm [cross-posted from AEN_NEWS Echo] To All Patriots: It is

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Linda Thompson 21-Feb-93 01:59pm [cross-posted from AEN_NEWS Echo] To All Patriots: It is clear that even with the so-called "pro-civil liberties" stance of Bill Clinton that it is and will continue to be business as usual in government. We are only two states away from having a "Constitutional Convention" -- whereby people will re-write the supreme laws governing this country and rest assured, it will not contain a right to defend yourself or your family. Rest assured it will allow taxation by the powerful against the unpowerful. Rest assured it will have a national religion test of some sort. At the present time, most people don't know how the money in this country works or how interest and inflation are controlled. A short version is that the "Federal Reserve" controls these things. The Federal Reserve actually isn't "federal" at all. It was established by an act of congress, but it is controlled by twelve private banks that comprise the board of directors and direct policy. These private banks cause the supply of money to go up or down, interest rates to go up or down, to control our country's economy. Tax laws are written for the wealthy to take advantage of these up or down fluctuations in money -- buy low, sell high, and in areas where there is the most to gain in tax advantages. Realistically, we, as a nation have no control of the choices of people who are put up for elections in this country. That, too, is controlled by the people who have the money and control the money. Realistically, we, as a nation, have no access to what is really happening in this country through an unbiased media. Stories are "selected" for release and controlled by the same people who have the money and control the money. As an example, you may notice that a "poll" showing "support" for Clinton's tax proposals was released throughout all the media the day of the state of the Union speech. Clinton has proposed putting 300,000 military into work as "police." He has also proposed an additional 100,000 police be added to the existing police forces. He has also advocated banning private gun ownership. The U.S. attorney he chose has been the prosecutor for 14 years in Miami -- a place where police routinely abuse people, break in homes, and falsify evidence, with impunity from the prosecutor's office. As a practicing attorney, I can tell you that existing instances of abuse by law enforcement and US Attorneys are no better and often worse than anything going on in Miami. It can only get worse. Our own government was primarily responsible for the importation of cocaine in this country and I have ample documentation to prove this if anyone is interested. It is part of the Congressional record -- public record, for anyone to see. Yet at the same time, our own government enacted laws that allow people to be incarcerated and all their property seized merely because a "reliable informant" tells the police the person has "talked about drugs." Our prisons are now overflowing with "drug dealers" many of whom are in fact innocent of any wrongdoing. There is presently a law that allows National Guard to be used by the federal government, with no limit to how many can be used. It is called the "drug interdiction act" but it was a clever way to fund a national gestapo force without being accountable for the actual numbers. If you have not been receiving AEN_News, then you may not be aware that seizures of people's property are occurring daily in this country and they need never be charged with any crime at all. People are being shot and killed in many of these seizures, too. It is time to take our country back. If you are interested, contact me at 1:231/110 by netmail.


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