Declaration of Intransigence WHEREAS we the people, being sleek of lip and glib of life do

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Declaration of Intransigence WHEREAS we the people, being sleek of lip and glib of life do declare that WHEREAS the current "government" of the entity and environs comprising the United States and her colonies, terrritories, possesions and principalities is owned by Banks, Crimminals, Cowards and Incompetents and WHEREAS the Constitution of the United States of America is based upon a government by and for the people and not upon dollars and WHEREAS the pirates and banditos who own the machinery of "government" have proved their gross dereliction of station through the enormous bungling evident in every aspect of our nation's economic and social fabric, and WHEREAS these same con-men and figureheads who be our nations statesmen, warriors and captians of industry cannot even properly and efficiently cover up their scandalous and illegal activities, but must continually resort to the most ridiculous, transparent charades and mega-billion dollar barbarities so that even Machiavelli would be embarrassed, and WHEREAS all these things be so, we the people of the United States and her colonies, territories, possesions and principalities, do declare, collectively and individually, as one voice and as many Non Servium We the people do declare that we hereby sever all allegiance, trust, faith and support to, in and of the current "government" and will supervise and manage our own affairs, both foriegn and domestic from where the sun now stands, forever. We will cooperate with the present "government" to the extent that it is prudent, wise and just to do so, recognizing absolutely that the authority of this "government" rests upon coercion and nothing else. Even as the "government" will disintegrate and fade away, as have all governments, we the people will endure. No Blame.


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