To: All Mar-21-94 18:25:54 Subject: Censors Subj : SB#040194 Computer Censors The April is

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From: Larry Sites To: All Mar-21-94 18:25:54 Subject: Censors Subj : SB#040194 Computer Censors The April issue of _PC Computing_ magazine has an article on page 88 by John C. Dvorak about a new senate bill #040194 that would make using a computer while intoxicated or to discuss sex illegal! Apparently congress is so stupid that they think driving drunk on the Information Highway is so dangerous that it must be prohibited! According to Dvorak, the FBI hopes to do routine wiretaps if a person "uses or abuses alcohol and has access to a modem". He says they are allready advertising for more employees with wiretap skills. This bill also makes it a felony to discuss sexual matters on any public-access network and he specifically names Internet, America Online and CompuServe. He doesn't say so, but I assume that this would also apply to BBS nets such as Fido and RelayNet. Apparently this is being backed by the Fundi Christians and a Georgia group has already forced the Georgia based Hayes modem maker to stop opposing it. Do you know how absurd this might become? I have already been banned from a Fundi conference on FamilyNet because I broke their rule that sex wasn't to be discussed. I quoted an encyclopedia article about condom effectiveness! Because this article refers to human sexual body parts in medical terms, I was banned for discussing "sexual matters!" According to Dvorak, the only people opposing this bill are the ACLU and the Washington law firm of Bernstein, Bernstein and Knowles. He also claims to have discussed the bill with CA senator Barbara Boxer. I just called my 2 CA senators offices and Fienstiens office thought the bill number was bogus and called Patrick Leahy's office, the sponsor ided by Dvorak, and they claim no knowledge. So what's up, has someone pulled a hoax on PC Computing or is Big Brother out to get us? You decide. Peace, Larry * Wave Rider 1.10 [NR] * ... UNREGISTERED EVALUATION COPY --- Blue Wave/TG v1.10 [NR] * Origin: SHENK'S EXPRESS 619-697-8873 San Diego CA 9600v32 (1:202/102.0)


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