Subject: Oka: brief report for Monday, 24 September Date: 25 Sep 90 10:39:35 GMT There was

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Path: gnosys!gst From: (Gary S. Trujillo) Newsgroups: web.native,soc.rights.human,misc.headlines,alt.activism,alt.native Subject: Oka: brief report for Monday, 24 September Message-ID: <> Date: 25 Sep 90 10:39:35 GMT Lines: 36 There wasn't as much coverage of the Oka situation Monday as I might have expected, what with the reconvening of Parliament and all. There were the expected angry denunciations of the government's handling of the situation and the retorts about not negotiating until the arms were laid down, and Mulroney saying that the government had purchased the land and intended to sign it over to the folks at Kanesatake once they had laid down their arms. There was a ten-minute interview with Jesse Jackson on "As It Happens." Rev. Jackson was in Montreal, hoping to be allowed to actually visit the site and speak with the folks there. Apparently he was not successful in that attempt, but did get to meet with Quebec Native Affairs Minister John Ciaccia. During the conversation with the CBC host on "As It Happens," Jackson stressed the importance of re-opening negotiations. Interestingly, he said: I was impressed with the sincerity expressed by government officials in the quest for common ground. Similarly, I was impressed with the strong procession (?) of Mohawk and other Indian leadership who are likewise searching for a solution with honour and dignity. When asked whether it was not important that it he meet also with Mr. Bourassa, the Provincial Premier, he said ....I do hope that the Premier of this great Province, and Mr. Mul- roney will take the necessary steps early on to protect everybody from the worst scenario. I think that this problem can be resolved without any further bloodshed and the cessation of hostilities. Rev. Jackson had hoped to do an interview with the Mohawk Warriors in the treatment centre for his new television program, but was unable to do so. This first program is scheduled to be broadcast this coming Sunday evening. (Check your local listings for details.) -- Gary S. Trujillo Somerville, Massachusetts {wjh12,,spdcc,ima,cdp}!gnosys!gst


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