Several years ago the National Public Telecomputing Network began looking at ways in which

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<<< ABOUT CAMPAIGN '92 >>> Several years ago the National Public Telecomputing Network began looking at ways in which this new medium of telecomputing could be used to enhance the democratic process. To explore this area we created the "Teledemocracy Project" which has resulted in a number of major new services for our affiliates. Included in these have been "Project Hermes" where we were selected by the U.S. Supreme Court to be among 12 information providers in the country to electronically distribute full-text of Supreme Court decisions within minutes of their release; the "Congressional Memory Project" where bills from the U.S. House and Senate are summarized and the voting records of the representatives are attached; and several other initiatives. In 1990, in conjunction with the Ohio League of Women Voters, we conducted a statewide feature called "Campaign 90." During the campaign that Fall our community computer systems carried full- text of the position papers of both candidates for governor of Ohio, along with biographical and position information on every candidate from congress to local judgeships. For most of the voters on our systems, it was the first time they had ever even seen a candidate position paper, let alone have the opportunity to study one over prior to voting. It is our intention to replicate that project in 1992, only on a national level. Presented here is the full-text of all the major position papers, speeches, press releases, and other documents which define and illuminate the major candidates for President of the United States in this election. These groups will be carried on each of the NPTN affiliated community computer systems, on each NPTN educational affiliate, and will be given worldwide distribution through the Usenet feature on the Internet. All materials are obtained directly from campaign staff of the respective candidates and, except for occasional formatting changes, they are cybercast exactly as received. For more information on NPTN, the Teledemocracy program, or any of our other programs, please feel free to contact: T.M. Grundner, Ed.D National Public Telecomputing Network Box 1987 Cleveland, Ohio 44106 Voice: 216-368-2733 FAX: 216-368-5436 E.mail: In addition, NPTN operates an "ftp site" containing information about our organization. Simply do an "anonymous ftp" to:, type "cd /pub/info.nptn" and download at will.


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