Subject: PERU: Abuse of the Rights of Women 4:38 pm Sep 12, 1991 Source: Peacenet (Fido:25

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From: William Bowles Subject: PERU: Abuse of the Rights of Women 4:38 pm Sep 12, 1991 Source: Peacenet (Fido:250/222) igc:aicoord Conf:ai.general Teachers in Peru: BERTHA ROJAS LOPEZ Amnesty International is concerned about the physical safety of BERTHA ROJAS LOPEZ, a school teacher, and her sons Fritz Elias, Vladimir Roy and Waldemar Jose Cerron Rojas. According to reports, Bertha Rojas and her sons have been subject to death threats from unidentified persons after she began pressing for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the abduction and subsequent killing of her husband, Jaime Cerron Palomino. Her husband, who was Vice- Rector of the Universidad Nacional del Centro, the National Central University in the city of Huancayo, Junin Department, was found dead on June 17, 1990, together with his driver. The body of Jaime Cerron had multiple gunshot wounds and his hands and feet had been cut off. His abduction was carried out by armed and hooded men believed to be members of security forces, or men acting with the acquiescence of the security forces. He had been arrested previously, accused of being linked to "terrorist" activities, but released due to lack of evidence. He had also received anonymous death threats. The telephone threats to Bertha Rojas reportedly began in June 1990. She believes that the threats are an attempt to stop her from reporting her husband's illegal detention, and subsequently to prevent her from demanding an investigation by the authorities. She believes that they are from the same people that killed her husband. In a written testimony to a human rights group Bertha Rojas states: "The tragedy began for us on June 8, 1990, when they abducted my husband while on his way to work at the National Central University. Since then things have been terrible, especially because of the threats I am getting." As a result of the threats, Bertha Rojas and her sons had to abandon their home in Huancayo to take refuge in Lima. But, as a result of economic difficulties, they were forced to return to Huancayo. According to reports, in June 1991 the family started to receive death threats again on a daily basis, sometimes as much as three times a day. In her testimony Bertha Rojas states: "I had a terrible shock because they started calling me again and they said to me: good night because you may never see day break again". The case has been reported to the Fiscalia Provincial de Huancayo, the Provincial Attorney of Huancayo and to the Policia Tecnica, the investigative police, but no response has been received. Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Bertha Rojas and her sons. Background: Amnesty International continues to receive reports of threats and attacks on those trying to make inquiries about their "disappeared" or dead relatives, as well as on witnesses, those carrying out investigations, lawyers, judges and human rights defenders. The day after the "disappearance" of Jaime Cerron a bomb was planted in the house of Rosa Mandujano, the human rights secretary of the Frente de Defensa de Huancayo, a human rights group. More recently Amnesty has received reports of the intimidation on the part of the armed forces of Dr. Moies Ochoa, Inspecting Judge of Huanta. The danger involved in reporting "disappearances" and extrajudicial executions often stops relatives from directly denouncing the facts to the authorities. This, in turn, contributes to the pattern of impunity which so often surrounds human rights violations in Peru. Action Request: Please write courteously worded letters/faxes/telegrams; -expressing concern at the death threats received by Bertha Rojas Lopez and her sons; -asking that all the necessary measures be urgently taken to guarantee their physical safety; -asking for an investigation into the threats and that those responsible be brought to justice; -asking for guarantees that Bertha Rojas Lopez may carry out her legitimate attempts to press for an investigation into the death of her husband, Jaime Cerron Palomino. Appeals to: Presidente Alberto Fujimori, Presidente de la Republica, Palacio de Gobierno, Plaza de Armas, Lima 1, Peru Telegrams: Presidente Fujimori, Lima, Peru Telexes: 394 20167 PE PALACIO; 394 20331 PE SEC PRE Copies to: Ambassador Roberto McLean, Embassy of Peru, 1700 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20036 Senores, CEAPAZ, Centro de Estudios y Accion para de PAZ, Apartado 11-0764, Lima 11, Peru


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