BO GRITZ AND GOVERNMENT SECRECY Date: 12 Oct 92 Col. James 'Bo' Gritz is was an independen

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BO GRITZ AND GOVERNMENT SECRECY ------------------------------- Date: 12 Oct 92 From: Gregory B Lush Col. James 'Bo' Gritz is was an independent candidate for President and n was on the ballot in a couple dozen or so states. The following is an excerpt from a question and answer session following a speech he gave in Tehachapi, California. I think it is of interest to you readers. Begin quoting. Question: What about William Cooper and his claims about extraterrestrials and the Kennedy assassination? Bo: It's a great and a good question and a fair one about Bill Cooper and all that he says including the part about when I was Commander of Special Forces in Latin America, I had something to do with the alien stuff. Here's the real quick run down... First of all, Bill Cooper caught himself in a terrible lie. He shot himself. We didn't do it to him. Bill Cooper had been selling a tape made by someone who worked for me by the name of Lars Hansen. Allegedly, it shows the driver, Bill Greer, turning around and killing the President, but, Bob Groden is a friend of mine, he was the man for the Congressional Assassinations Committee who was their technical film advisor. Life magazine bought up the Zapruder film, but, Groden had access to it for the Congressional Investigations. So, Groden made himself a first generation copy. I told Lars, when he showed me that, I said, 'Lars, you got big trouble. We never shoot anybody with a chrome-plated 45. We've got so much stuff we could use, you'd never use something that would reflect like that.' Secondly, the driver impossible. The reason is because the driver has got to control that vehicle. If you're going to kill the President, I don't care how hypnotized you've been or how little blood you've got in your veins, you don't kill the President every day and turn around and have to direct your attentionyou know what happens when you turn around if you drop a cigarette butt between your knees or you turn around to get something that falls off the seatand so, I said, 'It's just too tricky and you don't need it because there's enough ways to get him without using the driver.' So Lars went to Bob Groden and when he went there Bob Groden laughed and pulled out his 1st generation and gave us a copy of it and it very clearly shows that it is Kellerman. Kellerman is in the right-hand seat. Kellerman gets down when the bullets start flying, then just as the President is killed, Kellerman raises up. When he raises up, the sun reflects off of Kellerman's hair. The same as it's reflecting off the other peoples hair, but, the bar is kind of a bright bar, It's slanted up this way and Greer, on the 1st generation film, has both hands on the wheel just like this (Bo demonstrates hand position). He is turned and looked at the President, but, both hands are locked, just like they're taught to be locked, so the vehicle isn't going to veer. He turns around, looks at the Presidentno question, I think Greer is probably in on it, 'cause he's slowing the vehicle downbut, Kellerman lifts up, the bar of light shows off his hair, the President is hit in the head. I believe from the right front, and, of course, you all know the result of it. Now, Cooper, of course, has said that he saw that and all the secret documents. Let me give you some logic. Does anybody believe that I was a Chief of Congressional Relations in the Office of Secretary of Defense? Does anybody believe that I was an Army General Staff Officer in the Pentagon? I have been there at the highest levels of classification. As a Chief of Congressional Relations, there were almost no documents that weren't available because you have to be there to determine whether Congress has the clearance to see the stuff that they request. Like when Senator Barry Goldwater wanted to go into Hangar 18 at Wright Patterson, somebody had to see whether or not it was all right and they said, 'No, you can't go.' Somebody was authorized to look and see. I didn't know anything about flying saucers in those days, or aliens and so I didn't go looking around, but, I guess I probably could have. Here's my point. Cooper says that when the watch officer Cooper's never claimed to be an officer. He keeps saying he's been a Naval Intelligence Officer. That's a lie. Cooper's been an enlisted man, there's no question. He was an enlisted man in the Navy and in the Air Force. Cooper said that when the Naval Watch Officer went for coffee that he grabbed a file and copied it. Now, here's the problems with that. See, Cooper's never been around classified information. First of all, Watch Officers don't go for coffee. They send the enlisted man, probably, to get it. Secondly, if you do go, every safe has a red and green tag. It says 'Open' or it says 'Closed'. On every safe there is a place to sign in and sign out. If you even take your eyes off those containers, you spin all the dials, you put the green tags in and you sign them and then you go to the men's room or to get coffee. Nobody leaves those safes open. Secondly, there is no Xerox machine authorized anywhere around classified information containers. Can you understand why? Xerox almost put us out of the security business anyway, but, you can understand why you couldn't have a Xerox. Thirdly, and here's the greatest problem with his logic can you imagine having in one file that a Navy person could go through and look and find one file that tells everything from the aliens to government drug trafficking, to who killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy, to everything else that he says. It was all in one file? Give me a break. It would be in probably twenty five files and it would be all over the place and why would they have that kind of information in Hawaii? You see, they don't copy this stuff and put it all over. If it is 'code word', if it is coded, then sometimes an Admiral may have to fly all the way from Hawaii to Washington in order to see a 'code word' document that is S.I. Special Intelligence, Above Top Secret, because they don't let these things out, they don't Xerox them and send them all out. When I was in command of Special Forces Latin America, I knew a lot about what was going on within the CIA and our covert operations. My efficiency report is right in here. It says, 'This officer is responsible for unconventional warfare in Latin America.' Unconventional warfare, guerilla warfare, subversion, sabotage, assassinations, direct action missions, all of those were within my scope of responsibilities. I didn't know anything about aliens. I had never heard anything about them. I knew about the government drug operations. I didn't like it, but, as a commander, you are always taught you keep your eye on your mission. So, when Manuel Noriega turns up dirty dealing in Operation Watch Tower, we're going to kill him and that's what we send back. Then, when I'm ordered by a three star general, Harold Arons says, 'You keep your hands off Manuel Noreiga. He has immense value at the highest levels.' What are you going to do? You don't know how this thing is interfacing with the world. You have to have some faith in great white father and big brother. That's why there is no original thought in uniform. If you've got people in uniform looking like Schwarzkopfpeople saying, 'Make Schwarzkopf President.' Maybe in three or four years if Schwarzkopf will start getting his head up and learning what's going on, he might make a good President. But, coming out of uniform, friends, you know far more than General Schwarzkopf right now about what's real in the world. So, that's the story. I think Cooper got caught and I think he got mad. He put on his phone answering machine, 'If you support Bo Gritz, Jesus Christ will not claim you.' (Crowd laughter) I don't know what Cooper knows about Jesus. I know this if you looked, for example, at my files, it says very clearly, 'This officer is given Top Secret clearance, background investigation this date...' It's easy to show. It's no big deal. But, Cooper has never produced a single document that has ever shown that he has even had access. Your assignments say, 'This officer was a Chief of Congressional Relations... this period of time.' Cooper has no documents that show or he's ever presented I've got his file that shows he had any kind of assignment that would allow him to have any other clearance than maybe he turned the lights on and off for a briefing one time. Here is what we're going to do. You see, if the alien thing is real you know, about The Grays and The Reptilians here's what happens: Who created us? God. Thank you. Who created government? We the people created government. Now, if we created the government, should there be secrets? There is a need for national security, but, friends, if there are aliens and when I say, 'I'm going to open up Hangar 18' that doesn't mean that's all. When I say, 'If you want to go into Hangar 18, we're taking volunteers.' I mean that we are going to open the book, because I don't care what's in there. Don't you think America should know what is going on? We need to know the history, all the way back from the very beginning. We need to know whether it was Nazis flying saucers or whether it was from outer space. We need to know what landed at Roswell (New Mexico) or crashed and that they were so secret that they wouldn't let Barry Goldwater look at it. We need to know these things. Why? It's our country. Who are we keeping the secrets from? The Russians? Mikhail Gorbachev perhaps? No, and so, do you understand when I say, 'We're going to open the doors to Hangar 18', what does that mean? It doesn't mean that we say, 'Hide everything in Hangar 18, we're getting ready to open the doors.' It means the whole program gets their doors opened. If you want to be part of it, if you've got some skill and knowledge, you make sure we get your name and address. I'll guarantee you that when we're in the office, you'll be one that will be one of a party of a hundred. You think that this inspection in Iraq is going to be in detail? We're going to get to the bottom. We need to know if the aliens are here to help us GOOD. If they are here to not nibble on our ankles, we need to know that, don't we? So let's just get to the truth. Isn't the truth a very precious commodity? But, it sure isn't easy. -------------------------------End of included text---------------------------


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